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Three Imprisoned After 'Crash for Cash' Plot on English Road

Three London men have been jailed after they deliberately caused a collision on a busy English roadway. Police said the incident caused “an innocent driver” to plow “into the back of a car at around 50 miles per hour.”

Footage released on September 21 shows two cars position themselves on a road joining the A1 motorway. Both can be seen abruptly slowing, forcing a third car to crash into the back of one of the cars.

Police said the trio made claims following the collision “which could have resulted in a loss of £49,869.50 (about USD$68,000) to the insurer.”

The claims were made up of a number of personal injury claims and for the cost of a hire car.

Police said two of the men, named Ghulem Haider and Kudrat Azizi, had claimed for money after they said they had been off work for four weeks and four months, respectively, following the collision.

The group were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud in July 2021 and were sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on Friday, September 17, 2021, police said. Credit: City of London Police via Storyful

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