Thursday’s top stories: White House banking regulation, Roku layoffs, EVgo earnings beat

The Yahoo Finance Live team breaks down the top three stories from Thursday.

Video transcript


- All right, well, it is closing time here at Yahoo Finance. Let's get you caught up on some of the biggest stories of the day. The White House unveiling its plan to strengthen banking regulations in the wake of Silicon Valley and Signature Banks' collapses. Now, among the proposals, to reinstate some of the rules that were rolled back under the Trump administration and also strengthening the bank stress tests.

- And more layoffs in the tech sector. Streaming device maker Roku announcing a second round of job cuts. The company will cut about 6% of its staff or around 200 jobs in order to trim costs. The move sent shares lower. The stock closing down nearly 4%.

- And finally, one of the big winners of the day EVgo. Now, shares of the EV charging company soaring today, closing up 22% after reporting its fourth-quarter results that beat the Street's expectations. The company's CEO telling us that the need for fast chargers is, quote, "immense," and that the company is focused on putting chargers in places that people are visiting such as grocery stores and big-box retailers. Makes a lot of sense.

- Indeed.