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'Whoa, Weird': Affectionate Goat Makes Friends With Videographer Near Fawn Fire

A videographer made an unexpected friend in an overly affectionate goat while he was working to document the Fawn Fire burning in Redding, California, on Friday, September 24.

Alekz Londos can be heard telling the goat “well I didn’t say that was alright” as his new pal stroked his leg with his head, before sighing and saying “I feel kinda violated right now” in a mockingly unamused tone.

Londos suspected the goat had been set free by its owner so it could run from the approaching flames, should the wildfire encroach upon the land.

The Fawn Fire reached 9,850 acres on Friday, according to officials, with at least 25 structures destroyed, and new mandatory evacuation orders issued. Credit: Alekz Londos via Storyful

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