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Woman of Color Told Wearing a COVID-19 Mask Is Like Slavery in Standoff at Florida Bus Stop

A confrontation over COVID-19 masks became heated, this July 9 video shows, after one woman, who said she was Mexican, told Megan Charleton, a black American, that wearing a mask was tantamount to slavery.

“You’re wearing a mask like all the rest of the slaves out there,” the woman tells Charleton in this video of the incident, which took place while they were waiting for a bus in New Port Richey, in Pasco County, Florida.

Following an executive order from late June, the citizens of Pasco County were required to use “face coverings while indoors at a public business or county government facility.”

This clip does not show the encounter leading up to the incident, but Charleton told Storyful that she took particular offense to the use of the racially charged term “slave.” " I am called a slave, for following a mandate, and CDC recommendations to keep those around me safe," she wrote.

“You’re telling me, a woman of color, ‘be a good little slave’”, Charleton asks in the video. “I’m a woman of color too I’m a Mexican woman of color too,” the woman replies. Credit: Megan Charleton via Storyful