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Woman Cries for Her Toddler as Knife-Wielding Thieves Drag Her From Car

Three men were jailed on September 17 for their involvement in an armed carjacking involving a mother and her toddler in Manchester, England.

Footage released by Greater Manchester Police shows the knife-wielding thieves pull the mother from her car, which had her child strapped in the back seat, on June 17.

In a statement, police said the woman and her boyfriend were lured to Clumber Road under the guise of an arranged sale of Louis Vuitton sunglasses and a bag, with the thieves responding to the man’s advertisement on social media.

After the victim, a man in his 20s, got out of his partner’s car, leaving her and the child in the vehicle, to speak with Kaydn Jones, police said Tyrese Chisholm “ran up behind him and demanded he hand over all his possessions before lunging him at with a knife.”

The armed men then turned to the car, dragging the woman out. She can be heard in the footage released by police screaming: “let me get my kid”. She can then be seen safely removing her son from the vehicle just before the men drove away.

Brandon Smith, Kaydn Jones, and Tyrese Chisholm were jailed for their involvement the armed carjacking. Credit: Greater Manchester Police via Storyful

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