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Woman wants boyfriend of six years to finally propose: ‘Don’t let him take you along for the ride’

A woman is seeking advice on how to tell her boyfriend of six years that she’s ready for him to propose, and people were happy to share some tough love in the comments section.

The Reddit user took her predicament to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum, hoping to get some guidance on how to handle the delicate situation.

Young couple arguing
Young couple arguing

The woman, 26, explains that she and her boyfriend, also 26, have been dating for six years.

“I have always been straightforward about wanting to get married one day, and when we started getting serious, my boyfriend asked if we could wait until after college,” explains the Redditor. The woman agreed, but then after college, the boyfriend wanted to wait until they both had jobs before getting married.

“It’s been over two years now, and he keeps pushing the timeframe back,” she writes, before adding that she’s had conversations about it with him, but feels as if he keeps agreeing with her just so she’ll drop it.

“I don’t know what to do next,” the woman shares. “I don’t know if he’s changed his mind about me, about marriage, or if I’m just reading way too much into it. Help?”

Redditors recommend having a serious conversation

The woman’s fellow Redditors jumped into the comments section to offer their advice, many of whom advised the poster to have a stern, honest conversation with her boyfriend about marriage.

“Have a very blunt conversation with him. Ask him to be totally honest with you. Does he want to get married at all? Like ever? And separately, does he want to get married to you? See where the conversation goes from there,” suggested one reader.

“You have to give him a definite deadline. He might be stringing you along until he finds someone else or he might be the type that coasts along because it’s easier than actually moving and doing something and making decisions about his life. Don’t let him take you along for the ride,” wrote another Redditor.

“If you want to marry someone, ask them to marry you,” suggested another user, urging the woman to challenge social norms and tradition.

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