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04 Mar 2018 - 10 Mar 2018

Economic events on Fri, 09 Mar1-100 of 150 results

EventCountryEvent timeForActualMarket expectationPrior to thisRevised from
WPI Inflation YYIN1:30AM ESTFeb2.482.52.84-
HICP Final YYDE2:00AM ESTFeb-1.21.2-
HICP Final MMDE2:00AM ESTFeb-0.50.5-
Current AccountDK2:00AM ESTJan--13.8-
Producer Price Index YYNO2:00AM ESTFeb4.7-10.3-
Consumer Price Index YYNO2:00AM ESTFeb2.21.81.6-
Consumer Price IndexRO2:00AM ESTFeb4.74.74.3-
Core Inflation MMNO2:00AM ESTFeb0.80.8-0.8-
Core InflationNO2:00AM ESTFeb1.41.31.1-
Imports MM SADE2:00AM ESTJan--1.4-
CPI Final MMDE2:00AM ESTFeb-0.50.5-
Industrial Output MMDE2:00AM ESTJan---0.6-
CPI YYDK2:00AM ESTFeb0.60.80.7-
CPI Final YYDE2:00AM ESTFeb-1.41.4-
Consumer Price Index MMNO2:00AM ESTFeb0.90.7-0.1-
Exports MM SADE2:00AM ESTJan--0.3-
Trade Balance, EUR, SADE2:00AM ESTJan-2121.4-
Inflation (HICP) YYDK2:00AM ESTFeb0.50.70.6-
Industry Output YYFI2:00AM ESTJan4.8-4.27.8
Trade BalanceFI2:00AM ESTJan-0.15--0.34-
Current Account BalanceTR2:00AM ESTJan-7.1-6.9-7.7-
Forex ReservesTH2:30AM EST-212.7-213.3-
Currency SwapsTH2:30AM EST-36.1-36.4-
Industrial Output MMFR2:45AM ESTJan--0.5-
CPI (EU Norm) Final MMFR2:45AM ESTFeb---0.1-
CPI (EU Norm) Final YYFR2:45AM ESTFeb-1.31.3-
Budget BalanceFR2:45AM ESTJan-10.76--67.8-
Core Inflation MMSK3:00AM ESTFeb0.20.30.8-
Core Inflation YYSK3:00AM ESTFeb2.32.52.7-
CPI YYES3:00AM ESTFeb-1.10.6-
CPI YYCZ3:00AM ESTFeb--2.2-
Ftrade Bal NRACZ3:00AM ESTJan11.920.5-2.2-2.9
Trade Balance Mth PrilimHU3:00AM ESTJan676606513-
HICP MMES3:00AM ESTFeb-0.1-1.5-
CPI MMCZ3:00AM ESTFeb00.20.6-
Trade BalanceAT3:00AM ESTDec-746-12.2-
EU Norm Inflation YYSK3:00AM ESTFeb2.22.32.6-
Industrial Output YYSK3:00AM ESTJan2.20.6-1.1-0.1
Headline Inflation YYSK3:00AM ESTFeb2.12.22.4-
CPI MMES3:00AM ESTFeb-0.1-1.1-
EU Norm Inflation MMSK3:00AM ESTFeb0.20.20.9-
Ind Output Cal Adj YYES3:00AM ESTJan--6.1-
Headline Inflation MMSK3:00AM ESTFeb0.20.20.8-
Foreign Trade BalanceSK3:00AM ESTJan-43.61708.5-63
HICP YYES3:00AM ESTFeb-1.21.2-
CPI MMSE3:30AM ESTFeb0.70.7-0.8-
CPIF MMSE3:30AM ESTFeb0.70.8-0.9-
CPI YYSE3:30AM ESTFeb-1.61.6-
CPIF YYSE3:30AM ESTFeb-1.71.7-
Producer Price Index YYLT4:00AM ESTFeb1-3.13.3
Producer Prices YYIT4:00AM ESTJan1.7-2-
Foreign TradeLT4:00AM ESTJan-0.26--0.07-0.07
Producer Price Index MMLT4:00AM ESTFeb-1.9-0.81
CPI (EU Norm) Final MMIT4:00AM ESTFeb--0.3-0.3-
GDP YYIS4:00AM ESTQ41.5-3.13.4
Key Policy RateNO4:00AM ESTN/A0.50.50.5-
Producer Prices MMIT4:00AM ESTJan0.7-0-
GDP QQIS4:00AM ESTQ40.6-2.23.1
CPI (EU Norm) Final YYIT4:00AM ESTFeb-0.70.7-
Industrial Output YYGB4:30AM ESTJan--0-
Industrial Output MMGB4:30AM ESTJan-1.1-1.3-
Construction O/P Vol MMGB4:30AM ESTJan-3.4-0.31.6-
Goods Trade Bal. Non-EUGB4:30AM ESTJan---5.18-
Manufacturing Output YYGB4:30AM ESTJan--1.4-
Manufacturing Output MMGB4:30AM ESTJan--0.3-
Construction O/P Vol YYGB4:30AM ESTJan-3.9-0.5-0.2-
Mining Production YYZA4:30AM ESTJan-1.050.1-
Goods Trade Balance GBPGB4:30AM ESTJan---13.58-
Inf Ex Eng,Fd,To&Al FinalEU5:00AM ESTFeb-11-
Inflation Final MMEU5:00AM ESTFeb-0.2-0.9-
Industrial Production MMEU5:00AM ESTJan--0.40.4-
Industrial Production YYEU5:00AM ESTJan-4.75.2-
Infl Exenerfoodalctob MMEU5:00AM ESTFeb-0.4-1.7-
CPI YYGR5:00AM ESTFeb0.1--0.2-
HICP ex F&E MMEU5:00AM ESTFeb0.30.3-1.3-
Harmonised CPI YYGR5:00AM ESTFeb0.4-0.2-
Unemployment RateSK5:00AM ESTFeb5.75.85.9-
Inflation, Final YYEU5:00AM ESTFeb-1.21.2-
Infl Ex Food & Energy YYEU5:00AM ESTFeb-1.21.2-
CPI YYNG6:00AM ESTFeb-14.415.13-
Retail Sales MMIE6:00AM ESTJan-0.6--0.1-
Retail Sales YYIE6:00AM ESTJan1.3-7.2-
Manuf. Prod. Index YYZA6:00AM ESTJan-2.52-
Industrial Output YYIN6:30AM ESTJan7.56.77.1-
FX Reserves, USDIN6:30AM EST-420.76-420.59-
IPCA Inflation Index MMBR7:00AM ESTFeb-0.320.29-
Retail Sales YYBR7:00AM ESTJan-2.553.3-
Retail Sales MMBR7:00AM ESTJan-0.6-1.5-
Consumer Price Index YYIN7:00AM ESTFeb4.444.85.07-
IPCA Inflation Index YYBR7:00AM ESTFeb2.842.852.86-
Philly Fed Business IndxUS7:30AM ESTMar-23.325.8-
Initial Jobless ClaimsUS7:30AM EST--225231-
CPI MM, SAUS7:30AM ESTFeb-0.20.5-
Export Prices MMUS7:30AM ESTFeb-0.30.8-
Import Prices MMUS7:30AM ESTFeb-0.31-
Retail Sales MMUS7:30AM ESTFeb-0.3-0.3-
PPI exFood/Energy YYUS7:30AM ESTFeb-2.52.2-
Building Permits: NumberUS7:30AM ESTFeb-1.321.38-
NY Fed ManufacturingUS7:30AM ESTMar-1513.1-
Core CPI MM, SAUS7:30AM ESTFeb-0.20.3-
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