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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
XEL.LXCITE ENERGY LIMITED ORD SHS NP2.23 30 Sep 17:07Up 1.02 (85.42%)14,632,607Chart, Profile, More
CSFG.LCSF GROUP PLC ORD 10P1.40 30 Sep 16:07Up 0.33 (30.23%)1,603,406Chart, Profile, More
ASBE.LASSOCIATED BRITISH ENGINEERING 60.00 30 Sep 13:06Up 10.00 (20.00%)200Chart, Profile, More
SIM.LSIMIGON LTD. ORD ILS0.01 (DI)24.50 30 Sep 17:05Up 4.00 (19.51%)6,581,171Chart, Profile, More
ASA.LASA RESOURCE GROUP PLC ORD 1P2.55 30 Sep 16:25Up 0.40 (18.60%)6,457,589Chart, Profile, More
SMA.LSOVEREIGN MINES OF AFRICA PLC O0.68 30 Sep 16:22Up 0.11 (18.42%)8,546,534Chart, Profile, More
LIFE.LLIFE SCIENCE DEVELOPMENTS LIMIT2.50 30 Sep 14:36Up 0.38 (17.65%)1,120,028Chart, Profile, More
BNR.LBLENHEIM NATURAL RESOURCES PLC 0.41 30 Sep 16:13Up 0.06 (17.39%)7,463,517Chart, Profile, More
WAFM.LWEST AFRICAN MINERALS CORPORATI1.75 30 Sep 16:28Up 0.25 (16.67%)52,202Chart, Profile, More
CCAP.LCHARLEMAGNE CAPITAL LIMITED ORD13.63 30 Sep 15:58Up 1.63 (13.54%)4,201,467Chart, Profile, More
JIL.LJURIDICA INVESTMENTS LIMITED OR16.75 30 Sep 16:29Up 1.88 (12.61%)821,873Chart, Profile, More
CGNR.LCONROY GOLD & NATURAL RESOURCES27.50 30 Sep 16:28Up 3.00 (12.24%)102,936Chart, Profile, More
TYRU.LTYRATECH INC COM SHS USD0.001 (2.38 30 Sep 15:19Up 0.25 (11.76%)1,826,874Chart, Profile, More
RUR.LRURELEC PLC ORD 2P1.25 30 Sep 16:20Up 0.13 (11.11%)200,000Chart, Profile, More
VIS.LVITESSE MEDIA PLC ORD 1P3.75 30 Sep 13:06Up 0.38 (11.11%)110,026Chart, Profile, More
KGLD.LKOLAR GOLD LIMITED ORD NPV1.78 30 Sep 15:02Up 0.18 (10.94%)6,197,114Chart, Profile, More
TET.LTREATT PLC ORD 2P210.00 30 Sep 16:29Up 20.50 (10.82%)74,580Chart, Profile, More
CTAG.LCLOUDTAG INC ORD 0.1P (DI)19.75 30 Sep 17:25Up 1.88 (10.49%)14,048,686Chart, Profile, More
CGH.LCHAARAT GOLD HOLDINGS LTD ORD U6.41 30 Sep 17:35Up 0.59 (10.14%)794,010Chart, Profile, More
CNEL.LCHINA NEW ENERGY LIMITED ORD 0.1.65 30 Sep 16:29Up 0.15 (10.00%)25,732,533Chart, Profile, More
SRC.LSIGMAROC PLC ORD 0.1P0.39 30 Sep 16:17Up 0.04 (10.00%)10,853,455Chart, Profile, More
IME.LIMMEDIA GROUP PLC ORD 10P39.00 30 Sep 15:07Up 3.50 (9.86%)26,889Chart, Profile, More
THS.LTHARISA PLC ORD USD0.001 (DI)95.00 30 Sep 16:18Up 8.50 (9.83%)84,367Chart, Profile, More
FLX.LFALANX GROUP LIMITED ORD NPV (D4.38 30 Sep 16:34Up 0.38 (9.38%)582,457Chart, Profile, More
SGZ.LSCOTGOLD RESOURCES LIMITED ORD 0.60 30 Sep 16:31Up 0.05 (9.09%)5,582,868Chart, Profile, More
CRND.LCENTRAL RAND GOLD LIMITED ORD 11.23 30 Sep 16:13Up 0.10 (8.89%)1,457,051Chart, Profile, More
CROS.LCROSSRIDER PLC ORD USD0.000136.75 30 Sep 17:07Up 3.00 (8.89%)104,200Chart, Profile, More
BEM.LBEOWULF MINING PLC ORD 1P4.63 30 Sep 16:29Up 0.38 (8.82%)271,955Chart, Profile, More
RLD.LRICHLAND RESOURCES LTD COM SHS 1.63 30 Sep 16:03Up 0.13 (8.33%)97,453Chart, Profile, More
BOX.LBOXHILL TECHNOLOGIES PLC ORD 0.0.20 30 Sep 15:40Up 0.02 (8.11%)8,675,948Chart, Profile, More
PPIX.LPROPHOTONIX LIMITED COM SHS $0.5.00 30 Sep 16:44Up 0.38 (8.11%)404,013Chart, Profile, More
DCI.LDOLPHIN CAPITAL INVESTORS LIMIT5.75 30 Sep 16:35Up 0.43 (7.98%)1,445,946Chart, More
FOX.LFOX MARBLE HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P10.25 30 Sep 16:23Up 0.75 (7.89%)100,254Chart, Profile, More
KIBO.LKIBO MINING PLC ORD EUR0.0158.63 30 Sep 17:07Up 0.63 (7.81%)1,398,496Chart, Profile, More
ENGI.LEnergiser Investments Ord1.75 30 Sep 12:48Up 0.13 (7.69%)336,155Chart, Profile, More
ZOL.LZOLTAV RESOURCES INC ORD SHS US22.00 30 Sep 17:31Up 1.50 (7.32%)85,433Chart, Profile, More
EXI.LEXILLON ENERGY PLC ORD USD0.000129.00 30 Sep 16:35Up 8.75 (7.28%)955,178Chart, Profile, More
GRL.LGOLDSTONE RESOURCES LIMITED ORD2.35 30 Sep 16:13Up 0.15 (6.82%)256,888Chart, Profile, More
GBGR.LGOLDBRIDGES GLOBAL RESOURCES PL1.73 30 Sep 15:59Up 0.11 (6.79%)222,358Chart, Profile, More
MONI.LMONITISE PLC ORD 1P2.55 30 Sep 16:56Up 0.16 (6.69%)6,522,288Chart, Profile, More
DDDD.L4D PHARMA PLC ORD 0.25P810.00 30 Sep 16:57Up 50.00 (6.58%)3,422Chart, Profile, More
SRSP.LSIRIUS PETROLEUM PLC ORD 0.25P0.43 30 Sep 16:07Up 0.03 (6.25%)20,181,059Chart, Profile, More
ALBA.LALBA MINERAL RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.26 30 Sep 16:58Up 0.02 (6.25%)79,433,695Chart, Profile, More
ARTA.LARTILIUM PLC ORD 5P6.38 30 Sep 09:14Up 0.38 (6.25%)215,906Chart, Profile, More
PAF.LPAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC ORD 121.25 30 Sep 16:57Up 1.25 (6.25%)3,400,980Chart, Profile, More
ETO.LENTERTAINMENT ONE LTD. COMM SHS226.40 30 Sep 16:53Up 13.30 (6.24%)1,651,408Chart, Profile, More
AVS.LAVESCO GROUP PLC ORD 10P315.00 30 Sep 17:18Up 18.50 (6.24%)67,087Chart, Profile, More
WTG.LWATCHSTONE GROUP PLC ORD 10P203.75 30 Sep 16:35Up 11.75 (6.12%)196,253Chart, Profile, More
SMS.LSMART METERING SYSTEMS PLC ORD 593.50 30 Sep 17:10Up 34.00 (6.08%)210,480Chart, Profile, More
VAL.LVALIRX PLC ORD 0.1P8.75 30 Sep 16:24Up 0.50 (6.06%)3,012,591Chart, Profile, More
ONZ.LONZIMA VENTURES PLC ORD 0.1P1.33 30 Sep 15:15Up 0.08 (6.00%)3,147,934Chart, More
SDY.LSPEEDY HIRE PLC ORD 5P35.75 30 Sep 17:01Up 2.00 (5.93%)551,660Chart, Profile, More
OBT.LOBTALA LIMITED ORD 1P13.50 30 Sep 16:28Up 0.75 (5.88%)2,269,197Chart, Profile, More
PCGE.LPCG ENTERTAINMENT PLC ORD 0.1P 0.28 30 Sep 15:19Up 0.02 (5.77%)2,938,118Chart, Profile, More
UJO.LUNION JACK OIL PLC ORD 0.025P0.19 30 Sep 17:12Up 0.01 (5.56%)89,092,148Chart, Profile, More
MOS.LMOBILE STREAMS PLC ORD 0.2P9.63 30 Sep 17:18Up 0.50 (5.48%)2,385,716Chart, Profile, More
EGL.LECOFIN GLOBAL UTILITIES AND INF121.25 30 Sep 16:15Up 6.25 (5.43%)29,752Chart, More
TLW.LTULLOW OIL PLC ORD 10P253.10 30 Sep 17:03Up 13.00 (5.41%)13,676,776Chart, Profile, More
SAV.LSAVANNAH RESOURCES PLC ORD 1P3.90 30 Sep 16:37Up 0.20 (5.41%)9,660,885Chart, Profile, More
AGM.LAPPLIED GRAPHENE MATERIALS PLC 147.50 30 Sep 15:40Up 7.50 (5.36%)2,892Chart, Profile, More
AUE.LAUREUS MINING INC. COM SHS NPV 2.50 30 Sep 16:11Up 0.13 (5.26%)1,560,528Chart, Profile, More
HVN.LHARVEY NASH GROUP PLC ORD 5P63.13 30 Sep 15:56Up 3.13 (5.21%)47,428Chart, Profile, More
CLIN.LCLINIGEN GROUP PLC ORD 0.1P717.00 30 Sep 17:12Up 34.00 (4.98%)403,364Chart, Profile, More
ZAM.LZAMBEEF PRODUCTS PLC ORD ZMW0.016.00 30 Sep 16:35Up 0.75 (4.92%)1,031,415Chart, Profile, More
NUOG.LNU-OIL AND GAS PLC ORD 0.1P0.11 30 Sep 15:51Up 0.01 (4.76%)4,912,233Chart, Profile, More
AAI.LATLAS AFRICAN INDUSTRIES LIMITE0.11 30 Sep 16:28Up 0.01 (4.76%)16,037,093Chart, Profile, More
BVS.LBOVIS HOMES GROUP PLC ORD 50P875.00 30 Sep 17:01Up 39.00 (4.67%)782,150Chart, Profile, More
WRL.LWENTWORTH RESOURCES LIMITED COM25.38 30 Sep 15:20Up 1.13 (4.64%)352,911Chart, Profile, More
BDEV.LBARRATT DEVELOPMENTS PLC ORD 10494.30 30 Sep 17:01Up 21.40 (4.53%)8,554,084Chart, Profile, More
TST.LTOUCHSTAR PLC ORD 5P81.00 30 Sep 16:27Up 3.50 (4.52%)29,681Chart, Profile, More
GLR.LGALILEO RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P1.20 30 Sep 15:35Up 0.05 (4.35%)375,000Chart, Profile, More
ASY.LANDREWS SYKES GROUP PLC ORD 1P362.50 30 Sep 16:38Up 15.00 (4.32%)13,132Chart, Profile, More
PSN.LPERSIMMON PLC ORD 10P1,815.00 30 Sep 17:09Up 74.00 (4.25%)2,111,819Chart, Profile, More
BKIR.LBANK OF IRELAND (GOVERNOR & COM0.19 30 Sep 17:01Up 0.01 (4.23%)29,340,803Chart, Profile, More
FDL.LFINDEL PLC ORD 10P215.00 30 Sep 16:35Up 8.50 (4.12%)105,486Chart, Profile, More
AAZ.LANGLO ASIAN MINING PLC ORD 1P15.88 30 Sep 16:15Up 0.63 (4.10%)199,426Chart, Profile, More
BLUR.LBLUR GROUP PLC ORD 1P6.38 30 Sep 16:21Up 0.25 (4.08%)187,949Chart, Profile, More
ESG.LESERVGLOBAL LIMITED ORD NPV (DI6.38 30 Sep 17:07Up 0.25 (4.08%)1,014,345Chart, Profile, More
MOSB.LMOSS BROS GROUP PLC ORD 5P105.00 30 Sep 16:39Up 4.00 (3.96%)97,670Chart, Profile, More
BMN.LBUSHVELD MINERALS LIMITED ORD 11.33 30 Sep 17:58Up 0.05 (3.92%)6,649,323Chart, Profile, More
TRAK.LTRAKM8 HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P200.00 30 Sep 17:10Up 7.50 (3.90%)65,998Chart, Profile, More
EKT.LELEKTRON TECHNOLOGY PLC ORD 5P6.75 30 Sep 14:45Up 0.25 (3.85%)5,500Chart, Profile, More
OPM.L1PM PLC ORD 10P68.50 30 Sep 17:31Up 2.50 (3.79%)112,405Chart, Profile, More
PXOG.LPROSPEX OIL AND GAS PLC ORD 1P2.38 30 Sep 16:28Up 0.09 (3.71%)8,999,558Chart, Profile, More
SIHL.LSYMPHONY INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS0.77 30 Sep 16:05Up 0.03 (3.70%)257,395Chart, Profile, More
BWY.LBELLWAY PLC ORD 12.5P2,369.00 30 Sep 17:04Up 84.00 (3.68%)577,582Chart, Profile, More
HGM.LHIGHLAND GOLD MINING LD ORD 0.1157.00 30 Sep 17:11Up 5.50 (3.63%)3,274,809Chart, Profile, More
COPL.LCANADIAN OVERSEAS PETROLEUM LIM7.50 30 Sep 17:07Up 0.25 (3.45%)767,847Chart, Profile, More
ACRL.LACCROL GROUP HOLDINGS PLC ORD G135.00 30 Sep 17:15Up 4.50 (3.45%)144,264Chart, Profile, More
NSH.LNORISH PLC ORD EUR0.2545.50 30 Sep 12:37Up 1.50 (3.41%)10,796Chart, Profile, More
MDZ.LMEDIAZEST PLC ORD 0.1P0.15 30 Sep 15:45Up 0.01 (3.39%)1,911,181Chart, Profile, More
SLE.LSAN LEON ENERGY PLC ORD EUR0.0146.88 30 Sep 16:56Up 1.50 (3.31%)635,490Chart, Profile, More
SNG.LSYNAIRGEN PLC ORD 1P32.50 30 Sep 10:58Up 1.00 (3.17%)76,971Chart, Profile, More
BGO.LBANGO PLC ORD 20P98.00 30 Sep 17:56Up 3.00 (3.16%)509,788Chart, Profile, More
TSG.LTRANS-SIBERIAN GOLD PLC ORD 10P50.50 30 Sep 16:13Up 1.50 (3.06%)62,992Chart, Profile, More
GFM.LGRIFFIN MINING LIMITED ORD $0.043.50 30 Sep 17:07Up 1.25 (2.96%)332,411Chart, Profile, More
NGR.LNATURE GROUP PLC ORD 0.2P4.88 30 Sep 15:40Up 0.13 (2.63%)255,000Chart, Profile, More
WSG.LWESTMINSTER GROUP PLC ORD 10P28.50 30 Sep 17:08Up 0.50 (1.79%)1,439,965Chart, Profile, More
WHI.LW.H. IRELAND GROUP PLC ORD 5P124.50 30 Sep 16:33Up 2.00 (1.63%)19,862Chart, Profile, More
LKOH.LPJSC LUKOIL ORD RUB0.02548.63 30 Sep 16:47Up 0.68 (1.42%)710Chart, Profile, More