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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
IDP.LINNOVADERMA PLC ORD EUR0.10136.95 14:15Up 37.95 (38.33%)446,841Chart, Profile, More
CTAG.LCLOUDTAG INC ORD 0.1P (DI)7.75 14:11Up 1.63 (26.53%)20,029,984Chart, Profile, More
MEDI.LMEDILINK-GLOBAL UK LIMITED ORD 2.00 13:57Up 0.38 (23.20%)255,000Chart, Profile, More
FLTA.L110.00 14:03Up 18.50 (20.22%)351,449Chart, Profile, More
AGTA.LAGRITERRA LD ORD 0.1P0.19 13:56Up 0.03 (17.57%)139,464Chart, Profile, More
PURP.LPURPLEBRICKS GROUP PLC ORD 1P123.24 14:11Up 17.99 (17.09%)797,024Chart, Profile, More
FIPP.LFRONTIER IP GROUP PLC ORD 10P38.00 13:50Up 5.50 (16.92%)70,000Chart, Profile, More
TRC.LTRINITY CAPITAL PLC ORD 1P1.15 12:57Up 0.15 (15.00%)124,985Chart, More
URU.LURU METALS LIMITED ORD USD0.01 0.80 14:06Up 0.10 (14.29%)37,282,524Chart, Profile, More
EME.LEMPYREAN ENERGY PLC ORD 0.2P1.70 14:07Up 0.20 (13.33%)3,394,202Chart, Profile, More
GNGL.LGN GROUP LTD ORD 0.5P (DI)3.25 13:37Up 0.38 (13.04%)1,864,701Chart, Profile, More
BOOM.LAUDIOBOOM GROUP PLC ORD SHS NPV2.40 09:57Up 0.28 (12.94%)429,478Chart, Profile, More
D4T4.LD4T4 SOLUTIONS PLC ORD 2P170.00 14:15Up 19.00 (12.58%)861,344Chart, Profile, More
ARC.LARCONTECH GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.1248.85 13:31Up 5.35 (12.30%)53,783Chart, More
CGW.LCHELVERTON GROWTH TRUST PLC ORD70.00 12:45Up 7.50 (12.00%)285Chart, Profile, More
WTI.LWEATHERLY INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD0.95 11:38Up 0.10 (11.75%)1,378,358Chart, Profile, More
NWT.LNEWMARK SECURITY PLC ORD 1P1.34 13:29Up 0.14 (11.67%)949,539Chart, Profile, More
AMYT.LAMRYT PHARMA PLC ORD 1P18.18 14:13Up 1.68 (10.18%)1,272,417Chart, Profile, More
OXB.LOXFORD BIOMEDICA PLC ORD 1P3.81 14:05Up 0.34 (9.64%)12,727,127Chart, Profile, More
AYM.LANGLESEY MINING PLC ORD 1P4.09 13:38Up 0.34 (9.07%)471,601Chart, Profile, More
UJO.LUNION JACK OIL PLC ORD 0.025P0.17 13:43Up 0.01 (8.75%)7,260,734Chart, More
BOR.LBORDERS & SOUTHERN PETROLEUM PL2.69 13:44Up 0.21 (8.59%)275,705Chart, Profile, More
JLH.LJOHN LEWIS OF HUNGERFORD PLC OR1.14 08:08Up 0.09 (8.57%)230,838Chart, Profile, More
HAWK.LNIGHTHAWK ENERGY PLC ORD 0.25P1.35 14:05Up 0.11 (8.43%)1,832,068Chart, Profile, More
OPP.LORIGO PARTNERS PLC ORD 0.01P1.76 12:32Up 0.14 (8.31%)9,038Chart, Profile, More
ZOO.LZOO DIGITAL GROUP PLC ORD 15P10.42 13:28Up 0.80 (8.26%)50,731Chart, Profile, More
ITQ.LINTERQUEST GROUP PLC ORD 1P35.67 13:56Up 2.67 (8.11%)117,532Chart, Profile, More
SDM.LSTADIUM GROUP PLC ORD 5P87.90 13:16Up 6.40 (7.85%)63,872Chart, Profile, More
URA.LURANIUM RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P0.35 13:17Up 0.03 (7.69%)168,888Chart, Profile, More
MATD.LPETRO MATAD LIMITED ORD USD0.015.29 14:05Up 0.37 (7.41%)2,618,291Chart, Profile, More
UKOG.LUK OIL & GAS INVESTMENTS PLC OR1.47 14:12Up 0.10 (7.13%)23,084,238Chart, Profile, More
SXX.LSIRIUS MINERALS PLC ORD 0.25P18.93 14:15Up 1.18 (6.68%)51,345,772Chart, Profile, More
BOIL.LBARON OIL PLC ORD 0.025P0.40 13:23Up 0.03 (6.67%)1,285,000Chart, Profile, More
STGR.LSTRATMIN GLOBAL RESOURCES PLC O1.47 12:54Up 0.09 (6.62%)33,291Chart, Profile, More
EUA.LEURASIA MINING PLC ORD 0.1P0.61 13:51Up 0.04 (6.61%)3,667,904Chart, Profile, More
ARS.LASIAMET RESOURCES LIMITED COM S2.61 13:27Up 0.16 (6.53%)1,041,828Chart, Profile, More
AMC.LAMUR MINERALS CORPORATION ORD N14.36 14:11Up 0.86 (6.39%)17,640,434Chart, Profile, More
CMBN.LCAMBIAN GROUP PLC ORD 1P138.85 14:14Up 8.10 (6.20%)1,209,201Chart, Profile, More
MIN.LMINOAN GROUP PLC ORD 1P6.90 11:46Up 0.40 (6.15%)62,496Chart, Profile, More
AEG.LACTIVE ENERGY GROUP PLC ORD 1P3.00 13:44Up 0.17 (6.02%)856,376Chart, Profile, More
GBGR.LGOLDBRIDGES GLOBAL RESOURCES PL1.80 08:58Up 0.10 (5.88%)554,850Chart, Profile, More
FXPO.LFERREXPO PLC ORD 10P135.75 14:15Up 7.50 (5.85%)1,998,255Chart, Profile, More
PUB.LPUNCH TAVERNS PLC ORD SHS 0.957133.25 14:15Up 7.25 (5.75%)408,171Chart, Profile, More
SUN.LSURGICAL INNOVATIONS GROUP PLC 3.25 11:20Up 0.18 (5.69%)482,984Chart, Profile, More
BLP.LBLUE PLANET INVESTMENT TRUST PL40.60 14:15Up 2.10 (5.45%)15,000Chart, Profile, More
KGLD.LKOLAR GOLD LIMITED ORD NPV1.24 09:19Up 0.06 (5.45%)404,550Chart, Profile, More
UVEL.LUNIVISION ENGINEERING LIMITED O0.79 08:59Up 0.04 (5.33%)185,000Chart, Profile, More
CPX.LCAP-XX LIMITED ORD NPV5.47 14:11Up 0.27 (5.19%)4,268,539Chart, Profile, More
REDX.LREDX PHARMA PLC ORD 1P45.22 13:20Up 2.22 (5.17%)26,492Chart, Profile, More
ALT.LALTITUDE GROUP PLC ORD 0.4P83.03 14:14Up 4.03 (5.10%)238,857Chart, Profile, More
LEG.LLEGENDARY INVESTMENTS PLC ORD 00.25 14:11Up 0.01 (5.00%)9,140,358Chart, Profile, More
TST.LTOUCHSTAR PLC ORD 5P84.00 11:55Up 4.00 (5.00%)1,200Chart, Profile, More
ZOL.LZOLTAV RESOURCES INC ORD SHS US21.00 13:36Up 1.00 (5.00%)5,342Chart, Profile, More
POG.LPETROPAVLOVSK PLC ORD 1P7.30 14:15Up 0.35 (5.00%)1,294,570Chart, Profile, More
POL.LPOLO RESOURCES LIMITED ORD NPV 8.00 14:01Up 0.38 (4.92%)247,608Chart, Profile, More
SDY.LSPEEDY HIRE PLC ORD 5P48.50 14:03Up 2.25 (4.86%)792,006Chart, Profile, More
NTQ.LENTEQ UPSTREAM PLC ORD 1P19.40 08:11Up 0.90 (4.86%)15Chart, Profile, More
DTC.LDATATEC LIMITED ORD ZAR0.01(DI)270.00 08:00Up 12.50 (4.85%)851Chart, Profile, More
JOUL.LJOULES GROUP PLC ORD 1P196.60 14:00Up 9.10 (4.85%)123,521Chart, Profile, More
MCON.LMINCON GROUP PLC ORD EUR0.0176.00 11:24Up 3.50 (4.83%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
BPC.LBAHAMAS PETROLEUM COMPANY PLC O1.20 14:14Up 0.06 (4.80%)1,549,977Chart, Profile, More
LRM.LLOMBARD RISK MANAGEMENT PLC ORD8.25 09:42Up 0.38 (4.76%)124,853Chart, Profile, More
RXP.LROXI PETROLEUM PLC ORD 1P11.25 13:58Up 0.50 (4.65%)454,650Chart, Profile, More
SULA.LSULA IRON & GOLD PLC ORD 0.1P0.25 13:50Up 0.01 (4.64%)88,131,848Chart, Profile, More
VLTY.LVELTYCO GROUP PLC ORD NPV34.00 08:05Up 1.50 (4.62%)5,000Chart, Profile, More
DDDD.L4D PHARMA PLC ORD 0.25P740.00 13:41Up 32.50 (4.59%)1,924Chart, Profile, More
MPO.LMACAU PROPERTY OPPORTUNITIES FU135.92 11:40Up 5.92 (4.55%)41,112Chart, More
SAL.LSPACEANDPEOPLE PLC ORD 1P23.50 13:17Up 1.00 (4.44%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
EVRH.LEVR HOLDINGS PLC ORD GBP0.013.89 13:58Up 0.17 (4.43%)1,974,317Chart, Profile, More
UTL.LUIL LIMITED ORD 10P (DI)146.20 11:03Up 6.20 (4.43%)8,464Chart, More
FLOW.LFLOWGROUP PLC ORD 5P7.70 13:54Up 0.32 (4.38%)815,424Chart, Profile, More
PIRI.LPIRES INVESTMENTS PLC ORD 0.25P3.00 12:34Up 0.13 (4.35%)1,168,888Chart, Profile, More
RENE.LRENEURON GROUP PLC ORD 1P3.00 14:14Up 0.13 (4.35%)14,169,327Chart, Profile, More
THS.LTHARISA PLC ORD USD0.001 (DI)136.67 12:48Up 5.67 (4.33%)51,546Chart, Profile, More
NAH.LNAHL GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.0025144.10 12:30Up 5.85 (4.23%)93,661Chart, Profile, More
PRSM.LBLUE PRISM GROUP PLC ORD 1P420.00 14:00Up 17.00 (4.22%)208,772Chart, Profile, More
SAV.LSAVANNAH RESOURCES PLC ORD 1P5.99 13:56Up 0.24 (4.17%)826,573Chart, Profile, More
FCRM.LFULCRUM UTILITY SERVICES LD ORD51.00 10:34Up 2.00 (4.08%)54,516Chart, Profile, More
WRES.LW RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P0.49 14:11Up 0.02 (4.04%)3,127,577Chart, Profile, More
GTLY.LGATELEY (HOLDINGS) PLC ORD 10P112.85 10:31Up 4.35 (4.01%)4,816Chart, Profile, More
OCT.LOCTAGONAL PLC ORD 0.05P2.52 12:06Up 0.10 (4.01%)2,449,186Chart, Profile, More
IDOX.LIDOX PLC ORD 1P65.50 14:07Up 2.50 (3.97%)355,895Chart, Profile, More
STI.LSTRATEX INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 11.98 10:31Up 0.08 (3.95%)139,744Chart, Profile, More
SERV.LSERVELEC GROUP PLC ORD 18P241.08 11:55Up 9.08 (3.91%)6,124Chart, Profile, More
PRP.LPRIME PEOPLE PLC ORD 10P94.52 08:13Up 3.52 (3.87%)298Chart, Profile, More
AFC.LAFC ENERGY PLC ORD 0.1P22.85 14:08Up 0.85 (3.86%)444,603Chart, Profile, More
PPC.LPRESIDENT ENERGY PLC ORD 1P5.95 13:34Up 0.22 (3.84%)1,126,202Chart, Profile, More
KDR.LKARELIAN DIAMOND RESOURCES PLC 0.52 08:08Up 0.02 (3.84%)93,255Chart, Profile, More
NPT.LNETPLAY TV PLC ORD 1.071429P8.70 13:29Up 0.32 (3.82%)1,032,731Chart, Profile, More
UTW.LUTILITYWISE PLC ORD 0.1P187.13 14:15Up 6.88 (3.81%)198,137Chart, Profile, More
KAZ.LKAZ MINERALS PLC ORD 20P389.60 14:15Up 14.30 (3.81%)989,190Chart, Profile, More
LGO.LLGO ENERGY PLC ORD 0.05P0.11 13:56Up 0.00 (3.72%)22,626,599Chart, Profile, More
BMN.LBUSHVELD MINERALS LIMITED ORD 11.48 13:30Up 0.05 (3.72%)1,637,425Chart, Profile, More
ZIN.LZINC MEDIA GROUP PLC ORD 0.00020.70 14:10Up 0.03 (3.70%)3,351,096Chart, More
ENQ.LENQUEST PLC ORD 5P36.81 13:55Up 1.31 (3.70%)5,818,069Chart, Profile, More
STY.LSTYLES & WOOD GROUP PLC ORD 1P394.00 13:24Up 14.00 (3.68%)14,863Chart, Profile, More
OPG.LOPG POWER VENTURES PLC ORD 0.0168.68 13:58Up 2.43 (3.67%)179,962Chart, Profile, More
PHTM.LPHOTO-ME INTERNATIONAL PLC ORD 148.50 14:15Up 5.25 (3.66%)265,000Chart, Profile, More
VED.LVEDANTA RESOURCES PLC ORD USD0.877.00 14:13Up 31.00 (3.66%)384,109Chart, Profile, More
S32.LSOUTH32 LIMITED ORD NPV (DI)170.75 14:15Up 6.00 (3.64%)2,535,571Chart, Profile, More