Symbols similar to 'barc'

SymbolNameLast priceIndustry/categoryTypeExchange
^BXRTUSTPBarclays Capital US Treasury 2Y3.76N/AIndexNYS
^SFLAFPT-NVBarclays Bank PLC iPath Long Ex1.37N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTTEUSBarclays Capital Long-bond US T913.47N/AIndexNYS
^XXVFFPT-NVBarclays Bank PLC iPath Inverse0.00N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTTEFVBarclays Capital 5Y US Treasury1,393.50N/AIndexNYS
^ATMP-CVBarclays ETN+ Select MLP ETN0.37N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTCUSUShiller Barclays CAPE US Sector735.66N/AIndexNYS
^FLEU-LFBarclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europ2.12N/AIndexNYS
^BFCEWTRBarclays Fortune 100 Equal Weig8,785.03N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTGMA8Barclays Capital GEMS Asia-8 In107.97N/AIndexNYS
^BFDPPBarclays Fortune 500 Positive P5,538.35N/AIndexNYS
^BFDBarclays Fortune 500 Index4,870.54N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTGEMPBarclays Capital GEMS Pegged Cu112.04N/AIndexNYS
^BCNYCLPTBarclays Capital WTI Crude Oil 255.75N/AIndexNYS
^BFDRTRBarclays Fortune 500 Revenue We8,350.19N/AIndexNYS
^BFDEWTRBarclays Fortune 500 Equal Weig10,707.17N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTCESEShiller Barclays CAPE Europe Se340.23N/AIndexNYS
^BFDRBarclays Fortune 500 Revenue We5,232.02N/AIndexNYS
^BFDNPBarclays Fortune 500 Normalized6,916.57N/AIndexNYS
^BFDEWBarclays Fortune 500 Equal Weig7,001.01N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTGEM1Barclays Global Emerging Market261.95N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTTETUBarclays Capital 2Y US Treasury1,316.42N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTCIUSBarclays Capital Intelligent Ca208.36N/AIndexNYS
^BFCBarclays Fortune 100 Index4,096.66N/AIndexNYS
^BXRTCCSTShiller Barclays CAPE US Core S807.75N/AIndexNYS
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