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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
VLK.LVISLINK PLC ORD 2.5P9.13 30 Sep 16:26Down 6.88 (42.97%)7,580,657Chart, Profile, More
IOG.LINDEPENDENT OIL & GAS PLC ORD 116.75 30 Sep 17:15Down 10.75 (39.09%)8,736,867Chart, Profile, More
ZMNO.LZAMANO PLC ORD EUR0.0017.00 30 Sep 16:27Down 3.25 (31.71%)561,017Chart, Profile, More
AERO.LSTRAT AERO PLC ORD 0.1P0.57 30 Sep 17:22Down 0.18 (23.33%)22,610,021Chart, Profile, More
ALO.LALECTO MINERALS PLC ORD 0.01P0.08 30 Sep 16:41Down 0.02 (21.43%)428,808,878Chart, Profile, More
BOD.LBOTSWANA DIAMONDS PLC ORD 0.25P1.18 30 Sep 15:44Down 0.28 (18.97%)1,430,000Chart, Profile, More
FKE.LFISKE PLC ORD 25P45.00 30 Sep 11:00Down 10.00 (18.18%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
ZZZ.LSNOOZEBOX HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P0.46 30 Sep 16:35Down 0.10 (17.12%)1,708,156Chart, Profile, More
UEN.LURALS ENERGY PUBLIC COMPANY LIM2.63 30 Sep 16:18Down 0.50 (16.00%)1,453,766Chart, Profile, More
WEB.LWEBIS HOLDINGS PLC ORD 1P0.93 30 Sep 16:14Down 0.18 (15.91%)1,272,334Chart, Profile, More
NHY.LNORSK HYDRO A.S.A ORDS NOK1.098306.50 30 Sep 17:11Down 52.75 (14.68%)339,620Chart, Profile, More
REVO.LREVOLYMER PLC ORD 1P29.00 30 Sep 16:34Down 4.50 (13.43%)114,465Chart, Profile, More
SGM.LSIGMA CAPITAL GROUP PLC ORD 1P72.50 30 Sep 17:07Down 11.00 (13.17%)501,283Chart, Profile, More
HNL.LHAGUE AND LONDON OIL PLC ORD 4P10.75 30 Sep 15:51Down 1.63 (13.13%)217,582Chart, Profile, More
NCCL.LNCONDEZI ENERGY LIMITED ORD NPV5.00 30 Sep 15:27Down 0.75 (13.04%)1,436,286Chart, Profile, More
RCI.LRAPIDCLOUD INTERNATIONAL PLC OR15.50 30 Sep 16:10Down 2.25 (12.68%)118,064Chart, Profile, More
MKA.LMKANGO RESOURCES LTD CMN SHS NP4.50 30 Sep 17:27Down 0.63 (12.20%)2,282,192Chart, Profile, More
MBT.LMOBILE TORNADO GROUP PLC ORD 2P3.75 30 Sep 11:16Down 0.50 (11.76%)114,295Chart, Profile, More
OPP.LORIGO PARTNERS PLC ORD 0.01P1.88 30 Sep 16:07Down 0.25 (11.76%)94,678Chart, Profile, More
SOLG.LSOLGOLD PLC ORD 1P15.25 30 Sep 16:33Down 1.88 (10.95%)21,550,223Chart, Profile, More
IGAS.LIGAS ENERGY PLC ORD 10P12.25 30 Sep 17:37Down 1.50 (10.91%)1,599,175Chart, Profile, More
RGM.LREGENCY MINES PLC ORD 0.01P0.43 30 Sep 17:19Down 0.05 (10.53%)25,068,577Chart, Profile, More
CLP.LCLEAR LEISURE PLC ORD 0.25P0.88 30 Sep 16:12Down 0.10 (10.26%)8,298,001Chart, Profile, More
CHA.LCONCHA PLC ORD 0.1P1.10 30 Sep 16:12Down 0.13 (10.20%)7,884,659Chart, Profile, More
BPC.LBAHAMAS PETROLEUM COMPANY PLC O1.31 30 Sep 13:11Down 0.14 (10.00%)1,663,176Chart, Profile, More
CLNR.LCLUFF NATURAL RESOURCES PLC ORD4.80 30 Sep 16:35Down 0.53 (9.86%)5,109,808Chart, Profile, More
JIGC.LJPMorgan Income & Growth Cap S3.75 30 Sep 15:31Down 0.38 (9.09%)177,938Chart, Profile, More
MXO.LMX OIL PLC ORD 0.01P1.27 30 Sep 16:20Down 0.13 (8.93%)7,655,963Chart, Profile, More
INSP.LINSPIRIT ENERGY HOLDINGS PLC OR0.26 30 Sep 12:24Down 0.03 (8.77%)1,104,824Chart, Profile, More
HYR.LHYDRODEC GROUP PLC ORD 0.5P2.63 30 Sep 16:05Down 0.25 (8.70%)244,511Chart, Profile, More
WSBN.LWISHBONE GOLD PLC ORD 0.1P (DI)0.85 30 Sep 16:22Down 0.08 (8.11%)20,199,479Chart, Profile, More
TUNG.LTUNGSTEN CORPORATION PLC ORD 0.64.00 30 Sep 16:56Down 5.50 (7.91%)169,880Chart, Profile, More
HNR.LHIGHLANDS NATURAL RESOURCES PLC32.75 30 Sep 17:32Down 2.75 (7.75%)7,700,302Chart, Profile, More
TE10.LTEST STOCKS ORD39.00 30 Sep 07:16 0.00 (0.00%)0Chart, More
GBP.LGLOBAL PETROLEUM LIMITED ORD NP1.50 30 Sep 11:55Down 0.13 (7.69%)50,000Chart, Profile, More
AVA.LAvanti Capital Ord6.00 30 Sep 16:21Down 0.50 (7.69%)23,958Chart, Profile, More
KEM.LKEMIN RESOURCES PLC ORD 1P1.50 30 Sep 10:33Down 0.13 (7.69%)76,360Chart, Profile, More
SEV.LSERVISION PLC ORD 1P1.50 30 Sep 15:50Down 0.13 (7.69%)1,401,952Chart, Profile, More
AFC.LAFC ENERGY PLC ORD 0.1P19.88 30 Sep 16:28Down 1.63 (7.56%)2,514,637Chart, Profile, More
MYSQ.LMYSQUAR LIMITED ORD NPV (DI)4.75 30 Sep 17:07Down 0.38 (7.32%)1,229,906Chart, Profile, More
TAL.LTEN ALPS PLC ORD 0.1P0.83 30 Sep 12:07Down 0.07 (7.30%)682,427Chart, Profile, More
BILB.LBILBY PLC ORD 10P97.50 30 Sep 16:13Down 7.50 (7.14%)65,886Chart, Profile, More
AMP.LAMPHION INNOVATIONS PLC ORD 1P3.25 30 Sep 16:29Down 0.25 (7.14%)187,680Chart, Profile, More
SRES.LSUNRISE RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P0.20 30 Sep 16:18Down 0.02 (6.98%)5,937,188Chart, Profile, More
NAK.LNAKAMA GROUP PLC ORD 0.01P1.70 30 Sep 13:20Down 0.13 (6.85%)2,500Chart, Profile, More
NIPT.LPREMAITHA HEALTH PLC ORD 10P10.38 30 Sep 16:35Down 0.75 (6.74%)2,450,616Chart, Profile, More
URU.LURU METALS LIMITED ORD USD0.01 0.35 30 Sep 16:29Down 0.03 (6.67%)2,208,796Chart, Profile, More
MCC.LMERCOM CAPITAL PLC ORD 0.1P3.50 30 Sep 16:28Down 0.25 (6.67%)498,256Chart, Profile, More
POL.LPOLO RESOURCES LIMITED ORD NPV 5.63 30 Sep 16:12Down 0.40 (6.64%)790,804Chart, Profile, More
RHL.LREDHALL GROUP PLC ORD 0.01P9.00 30 Sep 16:20Down 0.63 (6.49%)929,421Chart, Profile, More
TYM.LTERTIARY MINERALS PLC ORD 1P1.13 30 Sep 16:27Down 0.08 (6.25%)754,227Chart, Profile, More
MGHC.LM&G High Income Cap Share0.38 30 Sep 14:28Down 0.03 (6.25%)386,130Chart, Profile, More
RRR.LRED ROCK RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.010.38 30 Sep 14:26Down 0.03 (6.25%)1,879,565Chart, Profile, More
BMV.LBLUEBIRD MERCHANT VENTURES LTD 1.88 30 Sep 16:23Down 0.13 (6.25%)678,574Chart, Profile, More
SUMM.LSUMMIT THERAPEUTICS PLC ORD 1P131.50 30 Sep 15:39Down 8.00 (5.73%)133,642Chart, Profile, More
BOS.LBOS GLOBAL HOLDINGS NL ORD NPV 4.13 30 Sep 15:58Down 0.25 (5.71%)141,888Chart, Profile, More
LGO.LLGO ENERGY PLC ORD 0.05P0.10 30 Sep 16:22Down 0.01 (5.68%)105,926,358Chart, Profile, More
WAND.LWANDISCO PLC ORD 10P207.50 30 Sep 16:15Down 12.50 (5.68%)27,044Chart, Profile, More
BZT.LBEZANT RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.2P2.13 30 Sep 16:20Down 0.13 (5.56%)3,168,968Chart, Profile, More
MFX.LMANX FINANCIAL GROUP PLC ORD NP8.63 30 Sep 09:07Down 0.50 (5.48%)66,222Chart, Profile, More
MXCP.LMXC CAPITAL LIMITED ORD NPV3.03 30 Sep 16:28Down 0.18 (5.47%)2,481,567Chart, Profile, More
HAWK.LNIGHTHAWK ENERGY PLC ORD 0.25P1.04 30 Sep 15:47Down 0.06 (5.45%)3,918,405Chart, Profile, More
CHAR.LCHARIOT OIL & GAS LIMITED ORD 19.48 30 Sep 17:15Down 0.53 (5.25%)2,251,554Chart, Profile, More
ODX.LOMEGA DIAGNOSTICS GROUP PLC ORD16.00 30 Sep 16:25Down 0.88 (5.19%)132,648Chart, Profile, More
CZA.LCOAL OF AFRICA LIMITED ORD NPV2.85 30 Sep 15:29Down 0.16 (5.17%)624,161Chart, Profile, More
CER.LCERILLION PLC ORD 0.5P128.50 30 Sep 13:18Down 7.00 (5.17%)40,755Chart, Profile, More
LTI.LLINDSELL TRAIN INVESTMENT TRUST828.08 30 Sep 17:02Down 44.42 (5.09%)563Chart, Profile, More
EVR.LEVRAZ PLC ORD USD1.00161.00 30 Sep 17:07Down 8.50 (5.01%)2,207,915Chart, Profile, More
EUA.LEURASIA MINING PLC ORD 0.1P0.48 30 Sep 14:34Down 0.03 (5.00%)3,719,998Chart, Profile, More
ALF.LALTERNATIVE LIQUIDITY FUND LIMI0.15 30 Sep 16:44Down 0.01 (4.88%)133,230Chart, More
ATY.LAthelney Trust Ord246.00 29 SepUp 1.00 (0.41%)0Chart, Profile, More
TPG.LTP GROUP PLC ORD 10P4.88 30 Sep 15:52Down 0.25 (4.88%)2,567,910Chart, Profile, More
ARC.LARCONTECH GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.1249.50 30 Sep 16:05Down 2.50 (4.81%)16,078Chart, Profile, More
BOOM.LAUDIOBOOM GROUP PLC ORD SHS NPV2.50 30 Sep 16:40Down 0.13 (4.76%)1,732,195Chart, Profile, More
AMYT.LAMRYT PHARMA PLC ORD 1P17.63 30 Sep 15:50Down 0.88 (4.73%)108,721Chart, Profile, More
SECG.LSEC S.P.A. ORD NPV (CDI)142.50 30 Sep 08:31Down 7.00 (4.68%)6,626Chart, Profile, More
DJI.LDJI HOLDINGS PLC ORD 10P143.00 30 Sep 16:57Down 7.00 (4.67%)546,191Chart, Profile, More
PVCS.LPV CRYSTALOX SOLAR PLC ORD 5.2P18.00 30 Sep 16:59Down 0.88 (4.64%)252,033Chart, Profile, More
FAM.LFINNAUST MINING PLC ORD 0.01P6.20 30 Sep 14:22Down 0.30 (4.62%)296,439Chart, Profile, More
LAKE.LLAKEHOUSE PLC ORD 10P31.00 30 Sep 16:37Down 1.50 (4.62%)920,877Chart, Profile, More
AVO.LADVANCED ONCOTHERAPY PLC ORD 25108.00 30 Sep 16:23Down 5.00 (4.42%)97,694Chart, Profile, More
TDE.LTELEFONICA SA TELEFONICA ORD SH9.01 30 Sep 17:07Down 0.41 (4.38%)7,583,131Chart, Profile, More
FITB.LFITBUG HOLDINGS PLC ORD 0.1P0.23 30 Sep 16:29Down 0.01 (4.26%)2,074,410Chart, Profile, More
SQZ.LSERICA ENERGY PLC ORD USD0.1014.13 30 Sep 17:28Down 0.63 (4.24%)1,524,000Chart, Profile, More
SEPU.LSEPURA PLC ORD GBP0.000517.00 30 Sep 16:36Down 0.75 (4.23%)3,416,954Chart, Profile, More
STAR.LSTARCOM PLC ORD NPV2.88 30 Sep 16:29Down 0.13 (4.17%)1,044,523Chart, Profile, More
MWG.LMODERN WATER PLC ORD 0.25P5.75 30 Sep 15:39Down 0.25 (4.17%)28,865Chart, Profile, More
NRRP.LNORTH RIVER RESOURCES PLC ORD 011.50 30 Sep 15:19Down 0.50 (4.17%)11,905Chart, Profile, More
GDP.LGOLDPLAT PLC ORD 1P5.88 30 Sep 16:06Down 0.25 (4.08%)1,086,490Chart, Profile, More
KOOV.LKOOVS PLC ORD 1P59.00 30 Sep 16:17Down 2.50 (4.07%)89,884Chart, Profile, More
SIS.LSCIENCE IN SPORT PLC ORD 10P71.00 30 Sep 16:25Down 3.00 (4.05%)80,817Chart, Profile, More
THAL.LTHALASSA HOLDINGS LIMITED ORD S35.50 30 Sep 16:20Down 1.50 (4.05%)22,503Chart, Profile, More
CPI.LCAPITA PLC ORD 2.066666P670.00 30 Sep 17:03Down 28.00 (4.01%)8,682,263Chart, Profile, More
INM.LINDEPENDENT NEWS & MEDIA PLC OR0.12 30 Sep 15:42Down 0.01 (4.00%)77,260Chart, Profile, More
CIN.LCITY OF LONDON GROUP PLC ORD 103.00 30 Sep 14:42Down 0.13 (4.00%)46,435Chart, Profile, More
SAR.LSAREUM HOLDINGS PLC ORD 0.025P1.20 30 Sep 17:23Down 0.05 (4.00%)54,519,329Chart, Profile, More
TSTR.LTRI-STAR RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.000.13 30 Sep 15:48Down 0.01 (3.85%)11,218,657Chart, Profile, More
SRO.LSPITFIRE OIL LIMITED ORD USD0.03.38 30 Sep 08:49Down 0.13 (3.57%)10,000Chart, Profile, More
VAST.LVAST RESOURCES PLC ORD 0.1P0.28 30 Sep 16:29Down 0.01 (3.51%)16,392,218Chart, Profile, More
PPG.LPLUTUS POWERGEN PLC ORD 0.11.45 30 Sep 13:48Down 0.05 (3.33%)1,633,732Chart, Profile, More