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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
SAEXSAExploration Holdings, Inc.11.33 28 Jul 20:59Down 6.76 (37.37%)56,553Chart, Profile, More
INFNInfinera Corporation8.31 28 Jul 21:00Down 4.20 (33.57%)21,151,716Chart, Profile, More
NVCRNovoCure Limited8.09 28 Jul 21:00Down 3.35 (29.28%)2,304,521Chart, Profile, More
GNCGNC Holdings, Inc. Class A Comm20.28 28 Jul 21:02Down 6.95 (25.52%)11,673,366Chart, Profile, More
TGITriumph Group, Inc. Common Stoc29.93 28 Jul 21:02Down 9.38 (23.86%)5,579,886Chart, Profile, More
SCKTSOCKET MOBILE INC3.01 28 Jul 20:59Down 0.83 (21.61%)245,993Chart, Profile, More
AVXLANAVEX LIFE SCIENCES3.51 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.95 (21.30%)5,035,328Chart, Profile, More
BCORBlucora, Inc.10.39 28 Jul 21:00Down 2.60 (20.02%)3,247,736Chart, Profile, More
RRTSRoadrunner Transportation Syste7.27 28 Jul 21:02Down 1.72 (19.13%)1,512,502Chart, Profile, More
WRLDWorld Acceptance Corporation44.47 28 Jul 21:00Down 10.52 (19.13%)523,417Chart, Profile, More
DRAMDataram Corporation1.78 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.41 (18.72%)2,691,487Chart, Profile, More
WILNWi-LAN Inc2.12 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.46 (17.83%)273,313Chart, Profile, More
RCIIRent-A-Center Inc.10.92 28 Jul 21:00Down 2.34 (17.65%)3,676,338Chart, Profile, More
CNMDCONMED Corporation39.92 28 Jul 21:00Down 8.28 (17.18%)1,566,014Chart, Profile, More
ARGSArgos Therapeutics, Inc.5.37 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.09 (16.87%)1,562,789Chart, Profile, More
TMSTTimken Steel Corporation Common9.92 28 Jul 21:01Down 1.97 (16.57%)1,569,831Chart, Profile, More
LPSNLivePerson, Inc.6.53 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.29 (16.50%)1,289,139Chart, Profile, More
THSTTruett-Hurst, Inc.1.83 28 Jul 20:59Down 0.36 (16.44%)134,819Chart, Profile, More
FIFrank's International N.V. Comm12.37 28 Jul 21:00Down 2.42 (16.36%)5,822,622Chart, Profile, More
XCOMXtera Communications, Inc.1.91 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.34 (15.11%)1,267,896Chart, Profile, More
SMLRSemler Scientific, Inc.1.96 28 Jul 20:57Down 0.34 (14.74%)34,996Chart, Profile, More
ENRJ-PEnerJex Resources, Inc. 10% Ser0.90 28 Jul 18:53Down 0.15 (14.63%)252Chart, More
IVCInvacare Corporation Common Sto11.60 28 Jul 21:02Down 1.88 (13.95%)1,178,532Chart, Profile, More
THRMGentherm Inc32.78 28 Jul 21:00Down 5.22 (13.74%)1,451,743Chart, Profile, More
TOPSTOP Ships Inc.3.05 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.47 (13.35%)331,764Chart, Profile, More
PRLBProto Labs, Inc. Common stock53.29 28 Jul 21:02Down 8.04 (13.11%)2,657,121Chart, Profile, More
RGLSRegulus Therapeutics Inc.3.57 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.54 (13.05%)732,886Chart, Profile, More
STRPStraight Path Communications In15.83 28 Jul 21:00Down 2.32 (12.78%)378,794Chart, Profile, More
MMLPMartin Midstream Partners L.P.21.92 28 Jul 21:00Down 3.20 (12.74%)625,171Chart, Profile, More
MVISMicrovision, Inc.1.53 28 Jul 20:59Down 0.22 (12.57%)1,427,344Chart, Profile, More
NEFFNeff Corporation Common Stock9.15 28 Jul 21:02Down 1.30 (12.44%)207,318Chart, Profile, More
SINOSino-Global Shipping America, L1.07 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.15 (12.22%)202,997Chart, Profile, More
PESPioneer Energy Services Corp. C3.12 28 Jul 21:01Down 0.43 (12.11%)2,517,321Chart, Profile, More
NM-PHNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. S5.07 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.69 (11.98%)59,366Chart, More
SXCSunCoke Energy, Inc. Common Sto7.06 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.95 (11.86%)1,591,543Chart, Profile, More
CHCIComstock Holding Companies, Inc1.99 28 Jul 20:58Down 0.26 (11.56%)407,649Chart, Profile, More
CDTIClean Diesel Technologies, Inc.3.32 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.43 (11.47%)446,031Chart, Profile, More
WIREEncore Wire Corporation38.54 28 Jul 21:00Down 4.94 (11.36%)645,789Chart, Profile, More
MDGSMedigus Ltd.1.89 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.24 (11.27%)907,409Chart, Profile, More
PXSPyxis Tankers Inc.2.70 28 Jul 20:59Down 0.34 (11.18%)6,416Chart, Profile, More
NCITNCI, Inc.12.56 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.52 (10.80%)132,489Chart, Profile, More
CBDCompanhia Brasileira de Distrib14.67 28 Jul 21:02Down 1.75 (10.66%)1,489,772Chart, Profile, More
CCJCameco Corporation Common Stock9.50 28 Jul 21:04Down 1.13 (10.63%)8,261,323Chart, Profile, More
CIXCompX International Inc. Common12.25 28 Jul 21:02Down 1.45 (10.58%)7,696Chart, Profile, More
APDNWApplied DNA Sciences Inc1.15 28 Jul 15:29Down 0.13 (10.34%)2,007Chart, More
EVARLombard Medical, Inc.1.18 28 Jul 20:57Down 0.13 (9.92%)175,475Chart, Profile, More
TISOrchids Paper Products Company 30.47 28 Jul 21:01Down 3.13 (9.32%)492,583Chart, Profile, More
VRTBVestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc.2.02 28 Jul 15:17Down 0.20 (9.01%)300Chart, Profile, More
WFMWhole Foods Market, Inc.30.61 28 Jul 21:00Down 3.03 (9.01%)24,156,005Chart, Profile, More
BGIBirks Group Inc. Common Stock2.15 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.21 (8.90%)242,751Chart, Profile, More
NMNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. C0.94 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.09 (8.86%)1,140,214Chart, Profile, More
EYEGEyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.13 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.20 (8.58%)55,719Chart, Profile, More
GST-PAGastar Exploration 8.625% Serie10.85 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.01 (8.52%)20,789Chart, More
SONSSonus Networks, Inc.8.59 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.79 (8.42%)1,083,500Chart, Profile, More
TRSTriMas Corporation18.33 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.68 (8.40%)825,899Chart, Profile, More
HRTXHeron Therapeutics, Inc. 16.74 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.51 (8.27%)579,989Chart, More
NQNQ Mobile Inc. American Deposit3.25 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.29 (8.19%)974,249Chart, Profile, More
FFord Motor Company Common Stock12.71 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.13 (8.16%)142,178,594Chart, Profile, More
CIECobalt International Energy, In1.35 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.12 (8.16%)2,289,488Chart, Profile, More
NEWMNew Media Investment Group Inc.18.02 28 Jul 21:02Down 1.58 (8.06%)645,400Chart, Profile, More
FNFabrinet Ordinary Shares37.07 28 Jul 21:02Down 3.23 (8.01%)1,252,358Chart, Profile, More
KEXKirby Corporation Common Stock54.17 28 Jul 21:02Down 4.70 (7.98%)3,208,559Chart, Profile, More
LOBLive Oak Bancshares, Inc.13.03 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.12 (7.92%)355,040Chart, Profile, More
MWWMonster Worldwide, Inc. Common 2.57 28 Jul 21:01Down 0.22 (7.89%)395,324Chart, Profile, More
SHIPSeanergy Maritime Holdings Corp2.95 28 Jul 20:20Down 0.25 (7.88%)9,808Chart, Profile, More
MDVXMedovex Corp.1.32 28 Jul 20:58Down 0.11 (7.70%)66,979Chart, Profile, More
ARCIAppliance Recycling Centers of 1.39 28 Jul 20:37Down 0.12 (7.68%)13,243Chart, Profile, More
IVTYInvuity, Inc.10.50 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.87 (7.65%)972,542Chart, Profile, More
TORMTOR Minerals International Inc5.23 28 Jul 14:45Down 0.43 (7.60%)2,694Chart, Profile, More
KOOLCesca Therapeutics Inc.4.07 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.33 (7.50%)545,417Chart, Profile, More
TWERTowerstream Corporation2.49 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.20 (7.43%)307,112Chart, Profile, More
SDLPSeadrill Partners LLC Common Un3.99 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.32 (7.42%)1,394,602Chart, Profile, More
MTHMeritage Homes Corporation Comm37.54 28 Jul 21:02Down 3.01 (7.42%)841,070Chart, Profile, More
LEDSSemiLEDS Corporation5.90 28 Jul 20:59Down 0.47 (7.41%)154,173Chart, Profile, More
SQNSSequans Communications S.A. Ame1.87 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.15 (7.40%)117,210Chart, Profile, More
ONTXOnconova Therapeutics, Inc.3.55 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.28 (7.31%)34,707Chart, Profile, More
EIGEmployers Holdings Inc Common S29.65 28 Jul 21:02Down 2.32 (7.26%)518,523Chart, Profile, More
POTPotash Corporation of Saskatche15.91 28 Jul 21:01Down 1.24 (7.23%)29,075,335Chart, Profile, More
IIntelsat S.A. Common Shares2.19 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.17 (7.20%)595,179Chart, Profile, More
GM-WTB13.15 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.02 (7.20%)51,162Chart, More
MDMednax, Inc. Common Stock69.93 28 Jul 21:02Down 5.42 (7.19%)3,974,715Chart, Profile, More
KFRCKforce, Inc.18.07 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.39 (7.14%)501,701Chart, Profile, More
ALKSAlkermes plc48.13 28 Jul 21:00Down 3.65 (7.05%)1,712,971Chart, Profile, More
MINIMobile Mini, Inc.32.38 28 Jul 21:00Down 2.43 (6.98%)660,582Chart, Profile, More
CSGPCoStar Group, Inc.207.20 28 Jul 21:00Down 15.51 (6.96%)476,322Chart, Profile, More
IMNImation Corporation Common Stoc1.07 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.08 (6.96%)78,878Chart, Profile, More
WLLWhiting Petroleum Corporation C6.84 28 Jul 21:01Down 0.51 (6.94%)40,471,053Chart, Profile, More
AMCCApplied Micro Circuits Corporat6.71 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.50 (6.93%)1,737,682Chart, Profile, More
SIMGrupo Simec, S.A.B. de C.V. Ame6.59 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.49 (6.92%)11,664Chart, Profile, More
VSIVitamin Shoppe, Inc Common Stoc29.51 28 Jul 21:02Down 2.19 (6.91%)374,467Chart, Profile, More
UANCVR Partners, LP Common Units r7.45 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.55 (6.88%)700,396Chart, Profile, More
CPSHCPS TECHNOLOGIES CP1.76 28 Jul 20:38Down 0.13 (6.87%)2,321Chart, Profile, More
NYMXNymox Pharmaceutical Corporatio3.69 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.27 (6.82%)330,369Chart, Profile, More
NCTYThe9 Limited1.94 28 Jul 16:00Down 0.14 (6.73%)18,019Chart, Profile, More
KEMKemet Corporation New Common St3.37 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.24 (6.65%)160,009Chart, Profile, More
ACORAcorda Therapeutics, Inc.24.95 28 Jul 21:00Down 1.76 (6.59%)938,066Chart, Profile, More
TROVWTrovaGene, Inc.2.16 28 Jul 20:18Down 0.15 (6.49%)3,678Chart, More
LFVNLifevantage Corporation13.55 28 Jul 21:00Down 0.93 (6.42%)243,527Chart, Profile, More
CVRRCVR Refining, LP Common Units R6.14 28 Jul 21:02Down 0.42 (6.40%)1,418,221Chart, Profile, More
ANIKAnika Therapeutics Inc.49.22 28 Jul 21:00Down 3.36 (6.39%)380,470Chart, Profile, More