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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ESIITT Educational Services, Inc. 1.40 25 Aug 21:07Down 0.75 (34.88%)494,793Chart, Profile, More
DGDollar General Corporation Comm75.61 25 Aug 21:04Down 16.18 (17.63%)29,853,389Chart, Profile, More
SEVSevcon, Inc.8.64 25 Aug 20:59Down 1.26 (12.73%)5,807Chart, Profile, More
SIGSignet Jewelers Limited Common 83.44 25 Aug 21:02Down 12.06 (12.63%)10,811,041Chart, Profile, More
SMLRSemler Scientific, Inc.1.75 25 Aug 20:22Down 0.20 (10.26%)2,111Chart, Profile, More
RENResolute Energy Corporation Com16.08 25 Aug 21:02Down 1.79 (10.02%)3,193,152Chart, Profile, More
DLTRDollar Tree, Inc.85.50 25 Aug 21:00Down 9.43 (9.93%)15,534,348Chart, Profile, More
AMDAAmedica Corporation1.01 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.11 (9.82%)6,607,445Chart, Profile, More
DXLGDestination XL Group, Inc.4.88 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.53 (9.80%)126,407Chart, Profile, More
MARKRemark Media, Inc.4.24 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.46 (9.79%)189,804Chart, Profile, More
MXCMexco Energy Corporation Common3.63 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.39 (9.62%)8,001Chart, Profile, More
TRUETrueCar, Inc.9.60 25 Aug 21:00Down 1.02 (9.60%)2,057,882Chart, Profile, More
PXSPyxis Tankers Inc.2.36 25 Aug 20:57Down 0.25 (9.58%)12,219Chart, Profile, More
XRMXerium Technologies, Inc. New C8.02 25 Aug 21:02Down 0.83 (9.38%)104,967Chart, Profile, More
LENSPresbia PLC4.47 25 Aug 20:50Down 0.45 (9.22%)11,564Chart, Profile, More
ADVMAdverum Biotechnologies, Inc.3.68 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.37 (9.14%)238,569Chart, Profile, More
XTNTXtant Medical Holdings, Inc. Co1.23 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.12 (8.89%)18,832Chart, Profile, More
SXIStandex International Corporati83.83 25 Aug 21:02Down 8.07 (8.78%)174,002Chart, Profile, More
GALTGalectin Therapeutics Inc.1.77 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.17 (8.76%)270,165Chart, Profile, More
TECDTech Data Corporation73.28 25 Aug 21:00Down 7.02 (8.74%)1,239,460Chart, Profile, More
AVXSAveXis, Inc.36.35 25 Aug 21:00Down 3.45 (8.67%)336,674Chart, Profile, More
JASNJason Industries, Inc.2.01 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.19 (8.64%)69,238Chart, Profile, More
PTIProteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.14.77 25 Aug 21:00Down 1.39 (8.60%)155,010Chart, Profile, More
NVETNexvet Biopharma plc4.33 25 Aug 20:57Down 0.41 (8.57%)25,378Chart, Profile, More
MDGSMedigus Ltd.1.74 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.16 (8.53%)71,519Chart, Profile, More
CERCCerecor Inc.4.01 25 Aug 20:53Down 0.37 (8.52%)100,243Chart, Profile, More
NM-PHNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. S5.05 25 Aug 20:55Down 0.47 (8.51%)18,093Chart, More
SHLDWSears Holdings Corporation4.14 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.39 (8.51%)11,854Chart, More
TGTXTG Therapeutics, Inc.6.22 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.57 (8.39%)608,994Chart, Profile, More
DELTDelta Technology Holdings Limit1.43 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.13 (8.33%)55,001Chart, Profile, More
GFAGafisa SA Gafisa S.A. American 1.50 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.14 (8.28%)533,514Chart, Profile, More
AEGRAegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.60 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.14 (8.05%)398,477Chart, Profile, More
NVGSNavigator Holdings Ltd. Ordinar7.58 25 Aug 21:01Down 0.65 (7.90%)983,940Chart, Profile, More
EURNEuronav NV Ordinary Shares8.58 25 Aug 21:02Down 0.71 (7.64%)1,948,070Chart, Profile, More
SNDXSyndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.13.69 25 Aug 21:00Down 1.13 (7.62%)65,064Chart, Profile, More
FENXFenix Parts, Inc.4.44 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.36 (7.50%)50,916Chart, Profile, More
CIECobalt International Energy, In1.24 25 Aug 21:01Down 0.10 (7.46%)3,974,188Chart, Profile, More
SYMXSynthesis Energy Systems, Inc.1.12 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.09 (7.44%)185,689Chart, Profile, More
BGIBirks Group Inc. Common Stock1.90 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.15 (7.32%)127,298Chart, Profile, More
CYADCelyad SA25.09 25 Aug 20:59Down 1.96 (7.25%)4,335Chart, Profile, More
MTPMidatech Pharma PLC3.72 25 Aug 20:50Down 0.29 (7.23%)8,172Chart, Profile, More
QLTIQLT Inc.1.43 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.11 (7.14%)176,465Chart, Profile, More
RIBTRiceBran Technologies1.43 25 Aug 20:54Down 0.11 (7.14%)29,144Chart, Profile, More
SAEXSAExploration Holdings, Inc.11.25 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.86 (7.10%)238,508Chart, Profile, More
JKSJinkoSolar Holding Company Limi18.82 25 Aug 21:02Down 1.35 (6.69%)1,058,384Chart, Profile, More
BCRXBioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.4.10 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.29 (6.61%)1,624,500Chart, Profile, More
ASCArdmore Shipping Corporation Co7.11 25 Aug 21:02Down 0.50 (6.57%)989,430Chart, Profile, More
MRTXMirati Therapeutics, Inc.4.98 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.34 (6.39%)541,332Chart, Profile, More
PFIEProfire Energy, Inc.1.19 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.08 (6.30%)23,058Chart, Profile, More
FATEFate Therapeutics, Inc.2.60 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.17 (6.14%)300,890Chart, Profile, More
EGLTEgalet Corporation7.73 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.50 (6.08%)279,186Chart, Profile, More
GNCAGenocea Biosciences, Inc.4.95 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.32 (6.07%)234,253Chart, Profile, More
RVNCRevance Therapeutics, Inc.14.24 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.92 (6.07%)218,759Chart, Profile, More
CMRXChimerix, Inc.4.49 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.29 (6.07%)663,470Chart, Profile, More
OSNOssen Innovation Co., Ltd.2.57 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.17 (6.03%)18,838Chart, Profile, More
ESRXExpress Scripts Holding Company71.74 25 Aug 21:00Down 4.60 (6.03%)13,815,591Chart, Profile, More
SORLSORL Auto Parts, Inc.2.03 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.13 (6.01%)129,237Chart, Profile, More
IFMIInstitutional Financial Markets1.11 25 Aug 21:02Down 0.07 (5.93%)63,763Chart, Profile, More
GSMFerroglobe PLC9.40 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.59 (5.91%)1,411,110Chart, Profile, More
PCMIPCM, Inc.18.09 25 Aug 21:00Down 1.13 (5.88%)326,081Chart, Profile, More
NMNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. C0.97 25 Aug 21:02Down 0.06 (5.84%)1,457,226Chart, Profile, More
ZIONZZions Bancorporation1.64 25 Aug 20:44Down 0.10 (5.75%)1,900Chart, More
INVEIdentiv, Inc.1.98 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.12 (5.71%)46,333Chart, Profile, More
VTVTvTv Therapeutics Inc.5.33 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.32 (5.66%)66,818Chart, Profile, More
QRHCQuest Resource Holding Corporat2.35 25 Aug 20:17Down 0.14 (5.63%)29,111Chart, Profile, More
KODK-WTAEASTMAN KODAK CO. WARRANTS EXP3.04 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.18 (5.59%)2,649Chart, More
PARNParnell Pharmaceuticals Holding1.53 25 Aug 20:49Down 0.09 (5.46%)18,465Chart, Profile, More
SMITSchmitt Industries, Inc.1.56 25 Aug 20:58Down 0.09 (5.45%)18,165Chart, Profile, More
ADROAduro Biotech, Inc.13.77 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.79 (5.43%)476,041Chart, Profile, More
ASPSAltisource Portfolio Solutions 31.73 25 Aug 21:00Down 1.81 (5.40%)338,500Chart, Profile, More
PQPetroquest Energy Inc Common St1.76 25 Aug 21:02Down 0.10 (5.38%)181,684Chart, Profile, More
PRTSU.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc.3.37 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.19 (5.34%)241,382Chart, Profile, More
USAKUSA Truck, Inc.11.25 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.63 (5.30%)65,605Chart, Profile, More
AWXAvalon Holdings Corporation Com3.23 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.18 (5.28%)5,054Chart, Profile, More
MCURMacrocure Ltd.1.24 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.07 (5.27%)28,665Chart, Profile, More
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas, Inc. Comm3.26 25 Aug 21:01Down 0.18 (5.23%)1,507,341Chart, Profile, More
LCILannett Co Inc Common Stock34.83 25 Aug 21:00Down 1.92 (5.22%)4,312,543Chart, Profile, More
ABTLAutobytel Inc.16.07 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.88 (5.19%)100,704Chart, Profile, More
NAUHNational American University Ho2.02 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.11 (5.16%)6,155Chart, Profile, More
CRCCalifornia Resources Corporatio10.30 25 Aug 21:01Down 0.56 (5.16%)2,775,280Chart, Profile, More
KGJIKingold Jewelry Inc.2.23 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.12 (5.11%)273,833Chart, Profile, More
FIFrank's International N.V. Comm11.74 25 Aug 21:01Down 0.63 (5.09%)1,787,364Chart, Profile, More
WILNWi-LAN Inc1.68 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.09 (5.08%)81,020Chart, Profile, More
VMEMViolin Memory, Inc. Common Stoc1.69 25 Aug 21:02Down 0.09 (5.06%)292,951Chart, Profile, More
INTXIntersections, Inc.1.88 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.10 (5.05%)4,041Chart, Profile, More
IRGIgnite Restaurant Group, Inc.1.13 25 Aug 20:49Down 0.06 (5.04%)9,856Chart, Profile, More
AVGRAvinger, Inc.4.18 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.22 (5.00%)395,741Chart, Profile, More
TGENTecogen Inc.4.37 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.23 (5.00%)18,575Chart, Profile, More
GNRTGener8 Maritime, Inc. Common Sh5.15 25 Aug 21:02Down 0.27 (4.98%)262,252Chart, Profile, More
OREXOrexigen Therapeutics, Inc.3.82 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.20 (4.98%)196,966Chart, Profile, More
STJSt. Jude Medical, Inc. Common S77.82 25 Aug 21:02Down 4.06 (4.96%)33,125,804Chart, Profile, More
MNKMallinckrodt plc Ordinary Share75.24 25 Aug 21:02Down 3.90 (4.93%)4,428,797Chart, Profile, More
HNHHandy & Harman Ltd.22.59 25 Aug 21:00Down 1.17 (4.92%)3,948Chart, Profile, More
TCPITCP International Holdings Ltd.1.35 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.07 (4.92%)4,618Chart, Profile, More
CVTICovenant Transportation Group, 18.94 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.97 (4.87%)108,321Chart, Profile, More
MNTAMomenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.12.71 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.65 (4.87%)2,373,001Chart, Profile, More
OPXAOpexa Therapeutics, Inc.4.30 25 Aug 20:59Down 0.22 (4.87%)49,519Chart, Profile, More
GROWU.S. Global Investors, Inc.1.96 25 Aug 21:00Down 0.10 (4.85%)9,630Chart, Profile, More
LMFALM Funding America, Inc.8.08 25 Aug 20:56Down 0.41 (4.83%)851Chart, Profile, More
TWMCTrans World Entertainment Corp.3.62 25 Aug 20:57Down 0.18 (4.81%)32,625Chart, Profile, More