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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ESSXEssex Rental Corporation0.75 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.60 (44.44%)3,288,948Chart, Profile, More
CLRXCollabRx, Inc.1.41 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.82 (36.77%)8,915,065Chart, Profile, More
HMNYHelios and Matheson Analytics I3.50 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.30 (27.08%)193,479Chart, Profile, More
BIOCBiocept, Inc.3.50 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.25 (26.32%)14,320,924Chart, Profile, More
ILIntraLinks Holdings, Inc. Commo10.05 26 Feb 21:01Down 2.19 (17.89%)2,681,502Chart, Profile, More
CWEIClayton Williams Energy, Inc. C52.79 26 Feb 21:02Down 11.41 (17.77%)811,423Chart, Profile, More
IQNTInteliquent, Inc.14.55 26 Feb 21:00Down 3.05 (17.33%)1,295,682Chart, Profile, More
WACWalter Investment Management Co18.96 26 Feb 21:00Down 3.69 (16.29%)1,128,449Chart, Profile, More
TASRTASER International, Inc.22.68 26 Feb 21:00Down 4.37 (16.14%)13,127,592Chart, Profile, More
EYESSecond Sight Medical Products, 11.80 26 Feb 21:00Down 2.10 (15.11%)2,912,150Chart, Profile, More
CALIChina Auto Logistics Inc.1.07 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.18 (14.40%)65,872Chart, Profile, More
BLDPBallard Power Systems, Inc.2.36 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.38 (13.87%)4,043,213Chart, Profile, More
NSMNationstar Mortgage Holdings In27.05 26 Feb 21:00Down 4.24 (13.55%)4,903,008Chart, Profile, More
SGNLSignal Genetics, Inc.2.91 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.43 (12.87%)1,996,742Chart, Profile, More
MRGEMerge Healthcare Incorporated.3.95 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.55 (12.22%)2,841,414Chart, Profile, More
ATRMATRM Holdings, Inc.3.24 26 Feb 20:24Down 0.44 (11.96%)500Chart, Profile, More
BDBDBoulder Brands, Inc.10.13 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.35 (11.76%)3,124,814Chart, Profile, More
HNSNHansen Medical, Inc.0.90 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.12 (11.75%)463,771Chart, Profile, More
ANIKAnika Therapeutics Inc.39.96 26 Feb 21:00Down 5.25 (11.61%)622,911Chart, Profile, More
LKQLKQ Corporation24.78 26 Feb 21:00Down 3.07 (11.02%)15,292,617Chart, Profile, More
CRKComstock Resources, Inc. Common5.25 26 Feb 21:02Down 0.64 (10.87%)3,475,947Chart, Profile, More
APDNWApplied DNA Sciences Inc1.42 26 Feb 18:52Down 0.17 (10.69%)8,900Chart, More
BPTBP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Co66.43 26 Feb 21:00Down 7.82 (10.53%)1,439,030Chart, Profile, More
HAWKBBlackhawk Network Holdings, Inc35.65 26 Feb 21:00Down 4.09 (10.29%)732,864Chart, Profile, More
HAWKBlackhawk Network Holdings, Inc35.87 26 Feb 21:00Down 4.11 (10.28%)2,303,031Chart, Profile, More
ONEHigher One Holdings, Inc. Commo3.41 26 Feb 21:02Down 0.39 (10.26%)424,455Chart, Profile, More
SNMXSenomyx, Inc.5.57 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.63 (10.16%)591,355Chart, Profile, More
DRLDoral Financial Corporation NEW1.34 26 Feb 21:02Down 0.15 (10.07%)637,118Chart, Profile, More
GDPGoodrich Petroleum Corporation 4.24 26 Feb 21:08Down 0.47 (9.98%)3,983,582Chart, Profile, More
WPXWPX Energy, Inc. Common Stock10.75 26 Feb 21:01Down 1.19 (9.97%)9,667,383Chart, Profile, More
QKLSQKL Stores, Inc.2.03 26 Feb 20:09Down 0.22 (9.77%)577Chart, Profile, More
PWEPenn West Petroleum Ltd1.98 26 Feb 21:03Down 0.21 (9.59%)6,088,718Chart, Profile, More
AETIAmerican Electric Technologies,3.80 26 Feb 20:59Down 0.40 (9.52%)6,764Chart, Profile, More
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Cor188.30 26 Feb 21:00Down 19.70 (9.47%)32,483Chart, Profile, More
CVSLCVSL INC4.40 4 Dec 19:51Down 0.45 (9.28%)32,932Chart, Profile, More
PLKIPopeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.60.09 26 Feb 21:00Down 6.14 (9.27%)1,749,668Chart, Profile, More
APRIApricus Biosciences, Inc2.34 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.23 (8.95%)1,006,012Chart, Profile, More
EACErickson Incorporated6.34 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.62 (8.91%)114,563Chart, Profile, More
AGIIArgo Group International Holdin47.98 26 Feb 21:00Down 4.69 (8.90%)60,539Chart, Profile, More
BFRBBVA Banco Frances S.A. Common 17.00 26 Feb 21:02Down 1.64 (8.80%)827,920Chart, Profile, More
PRSSCafePress Inc.3.38 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.32 (8.65%)159,730Chart, Profile, More
SYRXSysorex Global Holding Corp.1.50 26 Feb 20:59Down 0.14 (8.53%)10,217Chart, Profile, More
AGENAgenus Inc.5.04 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.46 (8.36%)1,885,000Chart, Profile, More
PNRGPrimeEnergy Corporation54.87 26 Feb 20:17Down 4.99 (8.33%)490Chart, Profile, More
ATLCAtlanticus Holdings Corporation2.75 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.25 (8.33%)13,939Chart, Profile, More
KMI-WT3.90 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.35 (8.24%)2,597,954Chart, More
ORIGOcean Rig UDW Inc.7.60 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.68 (8.21%)1,071,544Chart, Profile, More
ESVEnsco plc Class A Ordinary Shar24.41 26 Feb 21:02Down 2.17 (8.16%)11,849,669Chart, Profile, More
GLBSGlobus Maritime Limited1.60 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.14 (8.05%)1,900Chart, Profile, More
LGCYLegacy Reserves LP11.93 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.04 (8.02%)960,524Chart, Profile, More
UBICUBIC, Inc.17.46 26 Feb 19:07Down 1.48 (7.83%)207Chart, Profile, More
SRPTSarepta Therapeutics, Inc.13.82 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.17 (7.81%)1,465,917Chart, Profile, More
MITLMitel Networks Corporation9.59 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.81 (7.79%)418,722Chart, Profile, More
CLWTEuro Tech Holdings Company Limi2.85 26 Feb 20:55Down 0.24 (7.76%)2,954Chart, Profile, More
SNSanchez Energy Corporation Comm13.42 26 Feb 21:04Down 1.12 (7.70%)3,245,789Chart, Profile, More
XTLBXTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.2.40 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.20 (7.69%)35,532Chart, Profile, More
STXSStereotaxis, Inc.2.43 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.20 (7.60%)621,922Chart, Profile, More
BNFTBenefitfocus, Inc.31.26 26 Feb 21:00Down 2.56 (7.57%)970,856Chart, Profile, More
TASTCarrols Restaurant Group, Inc.7.82 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.64 (7.57%)900,028Chart, Profile, More
WLLWhiting Petroleum Corporation C34.00 26 Feb 21:03Down 2.77 (7.53%)12,112,279Chart, Profile, More
FFBCWFirst Financial Bancorp.5.65 26 Feb 16:11Down 0.46 (7.53%)2,000Chart, More
PACDPacific Drilling S.A. Common Sh3.33 26 Feb 21:01Down 0.27 (7.50%)1,658,018Chart, Profile, More
ARDXArdelyx, Inc.16.01 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.29 (7.46%)116,215Chart, Profile, More
OASOasis Petroleum Inc. Common Sto14.56 26 Feb 21:03Down 1.17 (7.44%)13,353,255Chart, Profile, More
SDSandridge Energy Inc. Common St1.89 26 Feb 21:01Down 0.15 (7.35%)18,875,264Chart, Profile, More
SYNCSynacor, Inc.2.16 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.17 (7.30%)211,472Chart, Profile, More
INSIntelligent Systems Corporation2.06 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.16 (7.19%)7,361Chart, Profile, More
NADLNorth Atlantic Drilling Ltd. Co1.56 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.12 (7.14%)1,298,324Chart, Profile, More
EHTHeHealth, Inc.9.41 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.72 (7.11%)544,655Chart, Profile, More
MELAMELA Sciences, Inc1.84 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.14 (7.07%)205,862Chart, Profile, More
TRIL15.00 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.14 (7.06%)104,730Chart, Profile, More
DAKTDaktronics, Inc.10.24 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.77 (6.99%)668,354Chart, Profile, More
VBFCVillage Bank and Trust Financia16.05 26 Feb 15:02Down 1.20 (6.96%)201Chart, Profile, More
NENoble Corporation Ordinary Shar16.60 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.23 (6.90%)8,867,466Chart, Profile, More
DYN-WT3.78 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.28 (6.90%)4,651Chart, More
PERIPerion Network Ltd3.40 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.25 (6.85%)94,856Chart, Profile, More
NATRNature's Sunshine Products, Inc13.09 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.96 (6.83%)33,252Chart, Profile, More
XCOEXCO Resources, Inc. Exco Resou2.10 26 Feb 21:05Down 0.15 (6.67%)2,469,832Chart, Profile, More
NFXNewfield Exploration Company Co33.60 26 Feb 21:03Down 2.40 (6.67%)22,585,890Chart, Profile, More
CASMCAS Medical Systems, Inc.1.27 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.09 (6.62%)70,439Chart, Profile, More
CACQCaesars Acquisition Company7.52 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.53 (6.58%)44,927Chart, Profile, More
UECUranium Energy Corp. Common Sto1.43 26 Feb 21:02Down 0.10 (6.54%)557,215Chart, Profile, More
CZRCaesars Entertainment Corporati10.79 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.75 (6.50%)1,000,975Chart, Profile, More
TESSTESSCO Technologies Incorporate23.21 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.58 (6.37%)16,331Chart, Profile, More
IDNIntellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. Com1.47 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.10 (6.37%)81,607Chart, Profile, More
CNSLConsolidated Communications Hol21.84 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.48 (6.35%)748,998Chart, Profile, More
BTUPeabody Energy Corporation Comm7.43 26 Feb 21:02Down 0.50 (6.31%)8,533,296Chart, Profile, More
TICCTICC Capital Corp.7.31 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.49 (6.28%)1,513,204Chart, Profile, More
DNRDenbury Resources Inc. Common S8.38 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.56 (6.26%)11,374,622Chart, Profile, More
USMUnited States Cellular Corporat37.47 26 Feb 21:02Down 2.47 (6.18%)209,556Chart, Profile, More
ATNYAPI Technologies Corp.1.87 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.12 (6.03%)58,979Chart, Profile, More
CASICASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1.56 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.10 (6.02%)27,139Chart, Profile, More
LPILaredo Petroleum, Inc. Common S12.26 26 Feb 21:03Down 0.78 (5.98%)6,740,368Chart, Profile, More
SBSASpanish Broadcasting System, In3.41 26 Feb 20:53Down 0.22 (5.93%)16,866Chart, Profile, More
CNXCONSOL Energy Inc. Common Stock32.30 26 Feb 21:04Down 2.02 (5.89%)2,491,317Chart, Profile, More
AIXGAixtron SE8.16 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.51 (5.88%)80,029Chart, Profile, More
JASNJason Industries, Inc.6.80 26 Feb 21:00Down 0.42 (5.82%)222,937Chart, Profile, More
SEASSeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Co19.17 26 Feb 21:00Down 1.18 (5.80%)3,645,349Chart, Profile, More
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company Com26.35 26 Feb 21:02Down 1.62 (5.79%)9,672,861Chart, Profile, More
NKANiska Gas Storage Partners LLC 1.79 26 Feb 21:02Down 0.11 (5.79%)500,063Chart, Profile, More