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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
EVRYEveryWare Global, Inc.0.23 21:00Down 0.98 (81.25%)3,545,893Chart, Profile, More
CTSOCYTOSORBENTS COR9.02 21:00Down 4.17 (31.61%)2,307,158Chart, Profile, More
MVOMV Oil Trust Units of Beneficia11.59 21:07Down 3.74 (24.40%)814,071Chart, Profile, More
HKTVHong Kong Television Network Li7.54 21:00Down 2.03 (21.21%)158,125Chart, Profile, More
VTNRVertex Energy, Inc3.00 21:00Down 0.70 (18.92%)674,637Chart, Profile, More
UTIWUTi Worldwide Inc.9.98 21:00Down 2.32 (18.86%)8,191,558Chart, Profile, More
AKAOAchaogen, Inc.8.00 21:00Down 1.76 (18.03%)794,845Chart, Profile, More
NM-PGNavios Maritime Holdings Inc. S21.82 21:00Down 4.68 (17.66%)15,947Chart, More
INPHInterphase Corporation1.26 20:40Down 0.24 (16.00%)34,616Chart, Profile, More
WLDNWilldan Group, Inc.13.40 21:00Down 2.44 (15.40%)408,729Chart, Profile, More
GM-WTC1.12 21:00Down 0.20 (15.34%)60,624Chart, More
ICLDWInterCloud Systems, Inc1.39 19:10Down 0.25 (15.24%)1,698Chart, More
LIMELime Energy Co.3.10 21:00Down 0.53 (14.60%)59,710Chart, Profile, More
NWBOWNorthwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.3.85 16:11Down 0.65 (14.44%)501Chart, More
AKBAAkebia Therapeutics, Inc.9.51 21:00Down 1.60 (14.40%)269,725Chart, Profile, More
OGENOragenics, Inc. Common Stock0.88 21:01Down 0.14 (14.12%)23,634Chart, Profile, More
CCG-PACampus Crest Communities, Inc. 21.98 21:03Down 3.26 (12.92%)877,384Chart, More
RLJERLJ Entertainment, Inc.1.29 21:00Down 0.18 (11.99%)22,514Chart, Profile, More
CREGChina Recycling Energy Corporat0.90 20:57Down 0.12 (11.76%)155,936Chart, Profile, More
SKLNSkyline Medical Inc.3.05 20:57Down 0.40 (11.59%)13,551Chart, Profile, More
EGLTEgalet Corporation11.44 21:00Down 1.49 (11.52%)621,308Chart, Profile, More
VBLTVascular Biogenics Ltd.4.63 21:00Down 0.57 (10.96%)529,499Chart, Profile, More
CHRSCoherus BioSciences, Inc.27.28 21:00Down 3.30 (10.79%)2,501,972Chart, Profile, More
ASTIAscent Solar Technologies, Inc.1.00 20:59Down 0.12 (10.71%)1,299,033Chart, Profile, More
CERUCerulean Pharma Inc.8.05 21:00Down 0.96 (10.65%)133,453Chart, Profile, More
WGWillbros Group, Inc. (DE) Commo2.96 21:01Down 0.35 (10.57%)2,217,559Chart, Profile, More
CLDNCelladon Corporation16.97 21:00Down 1.97 (10.40%)2,512,237Chart, Profile, More
OVASOvaScience Inc.31.15 21:00Down 3.58 (10.31%)2,062,771Chart, Profile, More
RADARada Electronics Industries Lim2.61 20:59Down 0.29 (10.00%)1,174,766Chart, Profile, More
CTPCTPartners Executive Search Inc4.58 21:08Down 0.50 (9.84%)727,506Chart, Profile, More
ZAZAZaZa Energy Corporation1.47 20:58Down 0.16 (9.82%)101,697Chart, Profile, More
CCGCampus Crest Communities, Inc. 6.46 21:03Down 0.70 (9.78%)2,020,889Chart, Profile, More
INUVInuvo, Inc New1.88 21:00Down 0.20 (9.66%)715,277Chart, Profile, More
LINCLincoln Educational Services Co2.06 20:59Down 0.22 (9.65%)47,413Chart, Profile, More
MSBMesabi Trust Common Stock12.11 21:02Down 1.22 (9.15%)479,472Chart, Profile, More
SBSASpanish Broadcasting System, In3.68 18:30Down 0.36 (8.89%)1,134Chart, Profile, More
ELMDElectromed, Inc. Common Stock2.29 21:00Down 0.22 (8.76%)19,658Chart, Profile, More
NILEBlue Nile, Inc.29.07 21:00Down 2.77 (8.70%)187,382Chart, Profile, More
JSTJinpan International Limited4.20 21:00Down 0.39 (8.50%)161,057Chart, Profile, More
AMCFAndatee China Marine Fuel Servi1.08 20:55Down 0.10 (8.47%)27,865Chart, Profile, More
ARGSArgos Therapeutics, Inc.8.17 21:00Down 0.74 (8.31%)52,695Chart, Profile, More
CRSCarpenter Technology Corporatio35.69 21:06Down 3.19 (8.20%)1,580,578Chart, Profile, More
RPTPRaptor Pharmaceutical Corp.9.98 21:00Down 0.89 (8.19%)4,043,212Chart, Profile, More
CGNTCongentix Medical, Inc.1.61 20:59Down 0.14 (8.03%)93,991Chart, More
EYEGEyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.3.22 14:30Down 0.28 (8.00%)120Chart, Profile, More
RIBTRiceBran Technologies3.67 21:00Down 0.31 (7.79%)121,781Chart, Profile, More
CHMGChemung Financial Corp26.11 20:59Down 2.19 (7.74%)49,451Chart, Profile, More
ASTAsterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. 6.22 21:03Down 0.52 (7.72%)144,609Chart, Profile, More
ATRMATRM Holdings, Inc.3.16 18:37Down 0.25 (7.33%)300Chart, Profile, More
ONCE72.05 21:00Down 5.45 (7.03%)614,274Chart, Profile, More
MOLGMOL Global, Inc.2.13 21:00Down 0.16 (6.99%)162,284Chart, Profile, More
OXFDOxford Immunotec Global PLC13.10 21:00Down 0.98 (6.96%)87,727Chart, Profile, More
SSIStage Stores, Inc. Common Stock21.34 21:05Down 1.58 (6.89%)716,110Chart, Profile, More
BLFSBioLife Solutions, Inc.1.50 21:00Down 0.11 (6.83%)79,723Chart, Profile, More
SYPRSypris Solutions, Inc.2.05 21:00Down 0.15 (6.82%)11,381Chart, Profile, More
PBCPPolonia Bancorp, Inc.12.25 19:39Down 0.89 (6.77%)1,905Chart, Profile, More
SALTScorpio Bulkers Inc. Common Sto2.21 21:02Down 0.16 (6.75%)1,747,557Chart, Profile, More
SPPRPSupertel Hospitality, Inc.7.31 20:31Down 0.53 (6.72%)2,881Chart, More
SIENSientra, Inc.17.91 21:00Down 1.28 (6.67%)27,420Chart, Profile, More
MACMacerich Company (The) Common S78.73 21:03Down 5.60 (6.64%)8,036,700Chart, Profile, More
DANGE-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. 8.92 21:02Down 0.63 (6.60%)2,412,814Chart, Profile, More
ALGTAllegiant Travel Company179.65 21:00Down 12.64 (6.57%)207,440Chart, Profile, More
PHMDPhotoMedex, Inc.1.88 21:00Down 0.13 (6.47%)81,491Chart, Profile, More
ARCWARC Group Worldwide, Inc.5.00 21:00Down 0.34 (6.37%)52,354Chart, Profile, More
NRGNRG Energy, Inc. Common Stock23.60 21:01Down 1.59 (6.31%)9,692,947Chart, Profile, More
AMSAmerican Shared Hospital Servic2.38 21:00Down 0.16 (6.30%)3,303Chart, Profile, More
BVACordia Bancorp Inc.3.87 16:05Down 0.26 (6.30%)13,328Chart, Profile, More
ANCIAmerican Caresource Holdings In2.68 20:59Down 0.18 (6.29%)3,999Chart, Profile, More
SINOSino-Global Shipping America, L1.35 20:59Down 0.09 (6.25%)95,670Chart, Profile, More
IKNXIkonics Corporation15.00 20:12Down 1.00 (6.25%)1,061Chart, Profile, More
TAPRBarclays PLC27.80 19:10Down 1.85 (6.24%)6,865Chart, Profile, More
ZIOPZIOPHARM Oncology Inc10.10 21:00Down 0.67 (6.22%)7,765,998Chart, Profile, More
FORTYFormula Systems (1985) Ltd.26.27 20:49Down 1.71 (6.11%)407Chart, Profile, More
WSTLWestell Technologies, Inc.1.23 20:59Down 0.08 (6.11%)81,513Chart, Profile, More
PESPioneer Energy Services Corp. C5.09 21:01Down 0.33 (6.09%)2,480,725Chart, Profile, More
PSTRPostRock Energy Corporation1.70 21:00Down 0.11 (6.08%)28,506Chart, Profile, More
ENGENGlobal Corporation1.56 20:59Down 0.10 (6.02%)46,180Chart, Profile, More
GMANGordmans Stores, Inc.7.80 21:00Down 0.50 (6.02%)1,145,547Chart, Profile, More
SNXSynnex Corporation Common Stock72.61 21:03Down 4.64 (6.01%)958,641Chart, Profile, More
NEWRNew Relic, Inc. Common Stock32.62 21:01Down 2.08 (5.99%)177,599Chart, Profile, More
FCSCFibrocell Science Inc4.24 21:00Down 0.27 (5.99%)52,014Chart, Profile, More
DWCHDatawatch Corporation6.39 21:00Down 0.40 (5.89%)40,926Chart, Profile, More
PTNRPartner Communications Company 2.56 21:00Down 0.16 (5.88%)280,292Chart, Profile, More
CHNRChina Natural Resources, Inc.1.60 21:00Down 0.10 (5.88%)4,977Chart, Profile, More
GLMDGalmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.8.87 21:00Down 0.55 (5.84%)70,071Chart, Profile, More
FNJNFinjan Holdings, Inc.1.94 20:59Down 0.12 (5.83%)63,249Chart, Profile, More
GPROGoPro, Inc.40.89 21:00Down 2.52 (5.81%)6,844,067Chart, Profile, More
EMANeMagin Corporation Common Stock2.30 21:00Down 0.14 (5.74%)40,252Chart, Profile, More
LEUCentrus Energy Corp. Class A Co4.82 21:00Down 0.29 (5.64%)53,493Chart, Profile, More
ECTEEcho Therapeutics, Inc.2.01 21:00Down 0.12 (5.63%)69,797Chart, Profile, More
BOXBox, Inc. Class A Common Stock18.65 21:01Down 1.10 (5.57%)961,063Chart, Profile, More
GNCAGenocea Biosciences, Inc.11.20 21:00Down 0.66 (5.56%)193,275Chart, Profile, More
QTNTWQuotient Limited5.95 17:01Down 0.35 (5.56%)905Chart, More
WSTWest Pharmaceutical Services, I56.89 21:02Down 3.32 (5.51%)739,974Chart, Profile, More
SGASaga Communications, Inc. New C41.90 21:00Down 2.44 (5.50%)7,909Chart, Profile, More
GNMKGenMark Diagnostics, Inc.12.27 21:00Down 0.71 (5.47%)201,437Chart, Profile, More
UBNTUbiquiti Networks, Inc.27.95 21:00Down 1.60 (5.41%)2,094,574Chart, Profile, More
CLFCliffs Natural Resources Inc Co4.55 21:03Down 0.26 (5.41%)8,212,476Chart, Profile, More
GRIFGriffin Land & Nurseries, Inc.30.00 20:55Down 1.69 (5.33%)1,641Chart, Profile, More
BOSCB.O.S. Better Online Solutions1.96 21:00Down 0.11 (5.31%)14,900Chart, Profile, More