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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
HEROHercules Offshore, Inc.1.02 27 May 21:00Down 0.92 (47.42%)5,269,141Chart, Profile, More
TROVWTrovaGene, Inc.2.65 27 May 15:19Down 0.70 (20.90%)222Chart, More
CREGChina Recycling Energy Corporat2.00 27 May 20:59Down 0.47 (18.90%)107,067Chart, More
BGSFBG Staffing Inc Common Stock13.53 27 May 21:00Down 2.83 (17.30%)457,956Chart, Profile, More
DWSNDawson Geophysical Company6.37 27 May 21:00Down 1.13 (15.07%)304,446Chart, Profile, More
UNXLUni-Pixel, Inc.1.77 27 May 21:00Down 0.31 (14.90%)4,881,693Chart, Profile, More
PDVWpdvWireless, Inc.27.00 27 May 21:00Down 4.50 (14.29%)247,348Chart, Profile, More
TEXTerex Corporation Common Stock20.89 27 May 21:02Down 3.44 (14.14%)19,932,630Chart, Profile, More
CIECobalt International Energy, In2.07 27 May 21:01Down 0.33 (13.75%)9,355,500Chart, Profile, More
PESPioneer Energy Services Corp. C3.51 27 May 21:02Down 0.52 (12.90%)1,259,117Chart, Profile, More
PANWPalo Alto Networks, Inc. Common129.86 27 May 21:00Down 18.32 (12.36%)11,727,397Chart, Profile, More
REEDReeds, Inc. Common Stock3.40 27 May 21:01Down 0.45 (11.69%)165,050Chart, Profile, More
WOWOWowo Limited3.49 27 May 20:59Down 0.46 (11.65%)106,865Chart, Profile, More
PRGNParagon Shipping Inc.0.92 27 May 21:00Down 0.12 (11.54%)999,429Chart, Profile, More
SB-PBSafe Bulkers, Inc 8.00% Series 21.50 27 May 19:33Down 2.50 (10.42%)100Chart, More
FLXNFlexion Therapeutics, Inc.15.53 27 May 21:00Down 1.70 (9.87%)1,046,628Chart, Profile, More
KODK-WTEASTMAN KODAK CO. WARRANTS EXP2.63 27 May 16:01Down 0.27 (9.31%)307Chart, More
ESTEEarthstone Energy, Inc. Common 14.12 27 May 21:00Down 1.44 (9.25%)37,601Chart, Profile, More
SUMRSummer Infant, Inc.1.40 27 May 20:59Down 0.14 (9.08%)77,993Chart, Profile, More
DNAIProNAi Therapeutics, Inc.5.82 27 May 21:00Down 0.58 (9.06%)378,390Chart, Profile, More
AGIIArgo Group International Holdin52.86 27 May 21:00Down 5.10 (8.80%)96,011Chart, Profile, More
AKGAsanko Gold Inc.3.11 27 May 21:02Down 0.30 (8.80%)465,917Chart, Profile, More
BASIBioanalytical Systems, Inc.0.94 27 May 19:03Down 0.09 (8.73%)6,747Chart, Profile, More
AXSMAxsome Therapeutics, Inc.8.02 27 May 21:00Down 0.75 (8.55%)78,413Chart, Profile, More
INTGThe Intergroup Corporation27.66 27 May 20:52Down 2.56 (8.48%)307Chart, Profile, More
CELGZCelgene Corporation1.19 27 May 20:59Down 0.11 (8.46%)3,235Chart, More
IDSAIndustrial Services of America,2.17 27 May 20:59Down 0.20 (8.44%)18,640Chart, Profile, More
CRCCalifornia Resources Corporatio1.54 27 May 21:02Down 0.14 (8.33%)14,209,404Chart, Profile, More
EGTEntertainment Gaming Asia Incor1.85 27 May 15:03Down 0.16 (7.96%)2,161Chart, Profile, More
BASBasic Energy Services, Inc. Com2.00 27 May 21:02Down 0.17 (7.83%)1,293,892Chart, Profile, More
IDT-WIIDT Corporation Class B COmmon 12.00 27 May 20:36Down 1.02 (7.83%)100Chart, More
AXTIAXT Inc3.41 27 May 21:00Down 0.28 (7.59%)420,748Chart, Profile, More
MUXMcEwen Mining Inc. Common Stock2.21 27 May 21:01Down 0.18 (7.53%)2,224,538Chart, Profile, More
CLFCliffs Natural Resources Inc Co3.07 27 May 21:05Down 0.25 (7.53%)9,731,929Chart, Profile, More
BTGB2Gold Corp Common shares (Cana1.75 27 May 21:00Down 0.14 (7.41%)2,343,783Chart, Profile, More
MXCMexco Energy Corporation Common2.36 27 May 21:01Down 0.18 (7.25%)3,212Chart, Profile, More
SIDCompanhia Siderurgica Nacional 1.82 27 May 21:01Down 0.14 (7.14%)1,677,174Chart, Profile, More
VRMLVermillion, Inc.1.21 27 May 21:00Down 0.09 (6.92%)23,575Chart, Profile, More
CATBCatabasis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.6.47 27 May 21:00Down 0.47 (6.77%)12,472Chart, Profile, More
SSRISilver Standard Resources Inc.8.71 27 May 21:00Down 0.62 (6.65%)2,211,505Chart, Profile, More
NETENet Element, Inc.2.26 27 May 21:00Down 0.16 (6.61%)256,746Chart, Profile, More
LGLLGL Group, Inc. (The) Common St3.30 27 May 21:03Down 0.23 (6.52%)1,445Chart, Profile, More
CLUBTown Sports International Holdi3.02 27 May 21:00Down 0.21 (6.50%)53,276Chart, Profile, More
LGCYLegacy Reserves LP2.46 27 May 21:00Down 0.17 (6.46%)536,797Chart, Profile, More
EXKEndeavour Silver Corporation Or3.05 27 May 21:02Down 0.21 (6.44%)2,542,097Chart, Profile, More
LEILucas Energy, Inc. Common Stock3.93 27 May 21:02Down 0.27 (6.43%)117,816Chart, Profile, More
VISNVisionChina Media, Inc.7.53 27 May 20:59Down 0.52 (6.41%)1,485Chart, Profile, More
CRMDCorMedix Inc Common Stock2.83 27 May 21:02Down 0.19 (6.29%)396,351Chart, Profile, More
ROYTPacific Coast Oil Trust Units o1.79 27 May 21:02Down 0.12 (6.28%)86,810Chart, Profile, More
PVGPretium Resources, Inc. Ordinar7.04 27 May 21:02Down 0.47 (6.26%)1,503,830Chart, Profile, More
PPPPrimero Mining Corp. New Commo1.66 27 May 21:02Down 0.11 (6.21%)1,445,463Chart, Profile, More
GVGoldfield Corporation (The) Com2.87 27 May 21:02Down 0.19 (6.21%)753,684Chart, Profile, More
KGCKinross Gold Corporation Common4.23 27 May 21:00Down 0.28 (6.21%)17,679,159Chart, Profile, More
SCTYSolarCity Corporation22.26 27 May 21:00Down 1.47 (6.19%)5,615,220Chart, Profile, More
EPEEP Energy Corporation Class A C5.19 27 May 21:00Down 0.34 (6.15%)2,405,384Chart, Profile, More
RPRXRepros Therapeutics Inc.1.85 27 May 21:00Down 0.12 (6.09%)738,952Chart, Profile, More
TSLTrina Solar Limited Sponsored A8.18 27 May 21:04Down 0.53 (6.08%)2,246,519Chart, Profile, More
FNJNFinjan Holdings, Inc.1.40 27 May 20:59Down 0.09 (6.04%)45,608Chart, Profile, More
CLSNCelsion Corporation1.41 27 May 21:00Down 0.09 (6.00%)227,795Chart, Profile, More
LOVSpark Networks, Inc. Common Sto1.58 27 May 21:02Down 0.10 (5.95%)64,222Chart, Profile, More
IAGIamgold Corporation Ordinary Sh3.17 27 May 21:00Down 0.20 (5.93%)6,298,763Chart, Profile, More
SANDSandstorm Gold Ltd. Ordinary Sh3.49 27 May 21:01Down 0.22 (5.93%)1,270,484Chart, Profile, More
SPEXSpherix Incorporated2.38 27 May 21:00Down 0.15 (5.93%)237,017Chart, Profile, More
CAPNCapnia, Inc.1.28 27 May 20:53Down 0.08 (5.89%)59,167Chart, Profile, More
AXASAbraxas Petroleum Corporation1.14 27 May 21:00Down 0.07 (5.79%)1,295,778Chart, Profile, More
VIDEVideo Display Corporation0.96 27 May 14:52Down 0.06 (5.78%)1,001Chart, Profile, More
BIOABioAmber Inc. Common Stock3.76 27 May 21:02Down 0.23 (5.76%)31,958Chart, Profile, More
MCFContango Oil & Gas Company Comm11.16 27 May 21:02Down 0.68 (5.74%)126,653Chart, Profile, More
CDECoeur Mining, Inc. Common Stock7.28 27 May 21:00Down 0.44 (5.70%)3,860,647Chart, Profile, More
GOROGold Resource Corporation Commo2.98 27 May 21:00Down 0.18 (5.70%)915,731Chart, Profile, More
CHNRChina Natural Resources, Inc.1.51 27 May 20:27Down 0.09 (5.63%)7,900Chart, Profile, More
CMCMCheetah Mobile Inc. American De10.41 27 May 21:02Down 0.61 (5.54%)1,147,234Chart, Profile, More
ANFIAmira Nature Foods Ltd Ordinary7.43 27 May 21:02Down 0.43 (5.47%)153,789Chart, Profile, More
GGBGerdau S.A. Common Stock1.58 27 May 21:02Down 0.09 (5.39%)9,268,997Chart, Profile, More
FSMFortuna Silver Mines Inc Ordina5.49 27 May 21:02Down 0.31 (5.34%)783,751Chart, Profile, More
NDROEnduro Royalty Trust Trust Unit3.57 27 May 21:02Down 0.20 (5.31%)129,147Chart, Profile, More
GPLGreat Panther Silver Limited Or1.44 27 May 21:00Down 0.08 (5.26%)1,260,311Chart, Profile, More
PZGParamount Gold Nevada Corp. Com1.45 27 May 21:00Down 0.08 (5.23%)24,557Chart, Profile, More
CADCChina Advanced Construction Mat2.22 27 May 16:18Down 0.12 (5.21%)603Chart, Profile, More
SDPISuperior Drilling Products, Inc1.65 27 May 20:53Down 0.09 (5.17%)5,655Chart, Profile, More
AGFirst Majestic Silver Corp. Ord10.35 27 May 21:02Down 0.56 (5.13%)4,582,609Chart, Profile, More
FALCFalconStor Software, Inc.1.30 27 May 21:00Down 0.07 (5.11%)56,818Chart, Profile, More
RWLKReWalk Robotics Ltd8.18 27 May 21:00Down 0.44 (5.10%)126,291Chart, Profile, More
KLDXKlondex Mines Ltd. Common Stock3.18 27 May 21:00Down 0.17 (5.08%)104,690Chart, Profile, More
AUYYamana Gold Inc. Ordinary Share4.17 27 May 21:02Down 0.22 (5.01%)10,876,422Chart, Profile, More
XELBXCEL BRANDS, INC.5.92 27 May 21:00Down 0.31 (4.98%)18,565Chart, Profile, More
PSTGPure Storage, Inc. Class A Comm11.84 27 May 21:00Down 0.62 (4.98%)5,285,521Chart, Profile, More
GLMDGalmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.3.92 27 May 21:00Down 0.21 (4.97%)66,297Chart, Profile, More
NPTNNeoPhotonics Corporation Common8.99 27 May 21:02Down 0.47 (4.97%)1,165,390Chart, Profile, More
MEMPMemorial Production Partners LP2.11 27 May 21:00Down 0.11 (4.95%)969,703Chart, Profile, More
ISIGInsignia Systems, Inc.2.32 27 May 20:59Down 0.12 (4.92%)10,666Chart, Profile, More
PGHPengrowth Energy Corporation1.74 27 May 21:02Down 0.09 (4.92%)2,155,505Chart, Profile, More
ABEOWAbeona Therapeutics Inc.1.24 27 May 20:30Down 0.06 (4.85%)6,825Chart, More
ROSGRosetta Genomics Ltd.1.18 27 May 21:00Down 0.06 (4.84%)73,535Chart, Profile, More
ORPNBio Blast Pharma Ltd.1.98 27 May 21:00Down 0.10 (4.80%)347,940Chart, Profile, More
IKGHIao Kun Group Holding Company L1.61 27 May 20:59Down 0.08 (4.79%)12,450Chart, Profile, More
MEDMEDIFAST INC Common Stock32.78 27 May 21:02Down 1.65 (4.79%)311,766Chart, Profile, More
MTLMechel OAO American Depositary 1.79 27 May 21:02Down 0.09 (4.79%)60,718Chart, Profile, More
PLGPlatinum Group Metals Ltd. Ordi2.79 27 May 21:03Down 0.14 (4.78%)247,885Chart, Profile, More
NGNovagold Resources Inc.5.10 27 May 21:00Down 0.25 (4.67%)2,259,919Chart, Profile, More