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IF Sanofi Wants to Be Relavant in the World of Diabetes Again They'd Better

Feb 10, 2016 17:48 by Lo
3/0 5 3 minutes 20 seconds ago

The longs that stand with me will profit at 50.00 @ share

Jan 5, 2016 15:49 by Nascar101
30/11 51 10 minutes ago by Jerry


25 minutes ago by gil
0/0 2 10 minutes ago by gil

MNKD shares sure are popular today

4 hours ago by Kirk
3/1 1 10 minutes ago by Ken

Mannkind FAQ Q&A Response About Technovax, Rose Pharma, Colby, Torrey Pine & Toler...

17 minutes ago by kevinmik
0/0 0 17 minutes ago by kevinmik

Griffin Securities - Buy with $4 Target....just out

Jan 6, 2016 13:27 by KittyBearRN
51/6 53 17 minutes ago by Edward

$120/share may be too low Al

38 minutes ago by Scott
1/0 1 17 minutes ago by Edward

Why is SNY so desperate to belittle the value/benefits of Afrezza

Feb 10, 2016 17:30 by Mikie knows
25/7 75 20 minutes ago by Edward

~~~ Everyone Please report Flagslap for ABUSE I just did it ~~~

2 hours 56 minutes ago by Jerry
8/2 15 22 minutes ago by Jerry

MM's, (A.K.A. HACKS) ae throwing everything but the kitchen sink at MNKD and to no ava...

24 minutes ago by nnnnnnnnnnn
0/0 0 24 minutes ago by nnnnnnnnnnn

Sanofi and new Blackrock SEC filing

3 hours ago by JT
0/0 2 24 minutes ago by JT

Nodramanopressure22, We short are not all morons like our brethren opc11 and yourself

26 minutes ago by nnnnnnnnnnn
1/0 0 26 minutes ago by nnnnnnnnnnn

We longs that have stood with Habusa789 have virtually lost everything over the years.

27 minutes ago by nnnnnnnnnnn
0/0 0 27 minutes ago by nnnnnnnnnnn

Laura Kronen: "All that's Needed is Good Marketing and ....I Stand by this Life C...

Jan 8, 2016 00:36 by KittyBearRN
40/3 11 42 minutes ago by Deborah

Sam's Group of 9 Afrezza T1s @ Week 19...Avg.A1c B4 Afrezza: 7.98...Avg. A1c Now: 6.22

Jan 12, 2016 18:19 by Thadeuss
58/3 46 43 minutes ago by Deborah


43 minutes ago by gil
1/0 0 43 minutes ago by gil

In 20 days habusa789 will be rich!!!

1 hour 58 minutes ago by Jocko
1/2 2 47 minutes ago by Steve

Awwww. Where are all the loud mouths running their mouths this morning!

Feb 10, 2016 16:14 by colton
0/0 3 50 minutes ago by Angel


1 hour 0 minutes ago by gil
1/0 1 53 minutes ago by gil


1 hour 15 minutes ago by Dave Z
0/0 1 53 minutes ago by eva

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