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12 Best Prenatal Vitamins For Pregnant Women

In this article, we will be taking a look at the 12 best prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. If you are not interested in reading about the market insights, head straight to the 5 Best Prenatal Vitamins For Pregnant Women

Discovering the best prenatal vitamins is crucial for the well-being of expectant mothers and their growing babies. Pregnancy demands increased nutritional support, so choosing the right prenatal supplement becomes paramount. This guide will explore the top recommendations for prenatal vitamins including Ritual's prenatal vitamins and Smartypants Prenatal formula gummies, among others considering essential nutrients and factors contributing to a healthy pregnancy. Making informed choices in prenatal nutrition is critical to ensuring optimal maternal health and fetal development. 

The Importance of Prenatal Multivitamins and Considerations for Effective Use

Prenatal multivitamins play a crucial role in supporting the well-being of pregnant women and their unborn babies. Healthcare providers typically recommend a daily dosage, conveniently taken on an empty stomach with water, an hour before or two hours after meals. Flexibility in timing enhances compliance. These supplements, such as FullWell Prenatal Multivitamins, Thorne Basic Prenatal Vitamins, and Tend Complete Prenatal Nutrition Bar, prioritize nutrient bioavailability, ensuring optimal absorption.


The essential nutrient breakdown includes folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and more, meeting recommended daily allowances. The correct formulation, tailored to individual needs, is paramount. Exploring reputable brands from trusted manufacturers, like FullWell and Thorne, ensures product safety and efficacy. Studies emphasize the pivotal role of prenatal vitamins in supporting maternal and fetal health, preventing congenital disabilities, promoting growth, and reducing pregnancy complications.

Highlighting the urgency of prioritizing prenatal supplements, studies reveal their significant benefits. A study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that women taking prenatal vitamins had a lower risk of autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability in their children. Another study  showed that taking folic acid before and during pregnancy significantly reduced the risk of neural tube defects.

However, despite these benefits, survey indicates that only 34% of women in the United States took prenatal vitamins before pregnancy, and 97% during pregnancy. The CDC recommends all women of reproductive age take 400 micrograms of folic acid daily, even if they are not planning to become pregnant.

Affordability is a factor, but some manufacturers offer accessible options, such as the Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA supplement, priced at around $25 for a 150-count bottle. Additionally, health insurance plans may cover prenatal vitamin costs, making them more accessible to a broader demographic. The collective understanding of the importance of prenatal vitamins, coupled with accessibility, can enhance overall maternal and fetal health outcomes.

Market Trends: Prenatal Vitamin Industry Insights 

As market reports indicate, the prenatal vitamin industry has witnessed substantial growth in recent years. Between 2017 and 2021, the global prenatal vitamin supplements market experienced a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7%, and projections by Future Market Insights suggest it will surpass USD 1.04 billion by the end of 2032. 

The USA's prenatal vitamin supplements market is forecasted to exhibit a CAGR of 6.1%, reaching an estimated value of about USD 341.5 million by 2033. North America claims the highest share in the prenatal vitamin supplements market, with the region's shifting parental demographic anticipated to sustain this growth trend. 

The market's momentum is fueled by heightened health awareness surrounding prenatal care and an escalating demand for personalized prenatal vitamins. Various product types, such as folic acid, iron supplements, calcium supplements, and essential fatty acids, contribute significantly to the market's expansion. Distribution channels for prenatal vitamin supplements encompass supermarkets/hypermarkets, pharmacies and drug stores, direct selling, and online retail platforms. 

The industry's upward trajectory may find additional support from the rapid surge in online sales, expansion into new markets, and the diversification of product offerings. Furthermore, the market for prenatal vitamin supplements remains dynamic due to continuous launches of new products and ongoing technological advancements, reflecting a commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer needs in prenatal health. 

Dominance in Growth: Key Players and Market Dynamics in Prenatal Vitamin Manufacturing 

Leading prenatal vitamin manufacturers are experiencing substantial growth in the market, with key players such as Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE:CHD), Abbott Laboratories, Bayer AG, and Nestle SA making significant contributions. The market's upward trajectory is propelled by a heightened awareness of prenatal nutrition and a growing emphasis on the importance of prenatal supplements. Companies like Church & Dwight., Inc. (NYSE:CHD) New Chapter, and TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (NASDAQ:TXMD) have secured strong positions within the industry, attributed to innovation, product quality, and customer loyalty. 

In response to evolving consumer needs, the market is witnessing the introduction of innovative prenatal vitamin supplements, including those tailored for specific trimesters and formulations containing essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. The demand for natural and organic options is also a driving force behind market growth. 

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE:CHD) stands out because it owns the well-known Vitafusion and L'il Critters brands, renowned for their prenatal vitamins. The company reported a total revenue of $5.3 billion for 2022, showcasing its significant market presence. As for future trends, the company's focus on prenatal vitamins aligns with a growing trend of women opting for gummy and chewable prenatal vitamins due to their pleasant taste and ease of consumption. This trend is likely to continue, and Church & Dwight Co., Inc. seems well-positioned to benefit from it.

TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (NASDAQ: TXMD), although not exclusively a prenatal vitamin manufacturer, is recognized for its prescription prenatal vitamins. TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (NASDAQ:TXMD)'s total revenue for the full year 2022 was reported at $70 million, underlining its role in catering to specific healthcare needs related to prenatal care. The company announced a new innovation in compliance packaging for its vitaMedMD's, vitaPearl prenatal multivitamin and BocaGreen's Prena1 Pearl, which contain more folic acid and other essential nutrients compared to leading prescription prenatal vitaminsThese financial figures reflect these key players' robust performance and influence in the dynamic and expanding prenatal vitamin market. 

Let's now head over to the list of 12 Best Prenatal Vitamins For Pregnant Women.

12 Best Prenatal Vitamins For Pregnant Women
12 Best Prenatal Vitamins For Pregnant Women

A close up of a glass jar filled with colorful vitamin and mineral supplements.

Our Methodology  

Our methodology for identifying the best prenatal vitamins for pregnant women involved conducting thorough research using sources like Healthline, Medical News, Very Well Family, Forbes, Parents, and Baby List . We selected the top prenatal vitamins for pregnant women on a structured scoring system. Each vitamin received points based on the number of times it appeared in the research sources. By employing this approach, we created a definitive compilation of the 12 best prenatal vitamins for pregnant women and ranked them in ascending order of high scores.      

Here is our list of the 12 best prenatal vitamins for pregnant women.  

12. MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Multivitamin 

Insider Monkey Score: 2 

MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Multivitamin, one of the best prenatal vitamins for pregnant women is a doctor-formulated supplement catering to pregnant women's unique nutritional needs. Packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and natural food, it supports maternal and fetal health. Featuring critical nutrients like iron, vitamin B12, choline, and methylated folate, it aids fetal development and brain health.

Available in tablets, daily packs, and gummies, it offers flexibility in consumption preferences, including an option for an empty stomach. MegaFood recommends pairing it with their Prenatal DHA and choline for optimal brain development and transitioning to the Postnatal Multivitamin post-delivery. The product is conveniently accessible on Amazon and boasts certifications like Non-GMO Project verification, glyphosate residue-free, and gluten-free. 

11. New Chapter Advanced Perfect Prenatal Multivitamins  

Insider Monkey Score: 2 

Crafted explicitly for pregnancy, New Chapter Advanced Perfect Prenatal multivitamins support both maternal and fetal health. Packed with Methylfolate, Iron, Iodine, Calcium, and essential vitamins, they foster natural energy production, oxygen transport, and brain/spinal cord development. Made from high-quality organic, non-GMO ingredients and fermented with probiotics for optimal absorption, these vitamins are gentle on an empty stomach. Unique for being the first to use certified organic vegetables and herbs, they come in an easy-to-take form. Recommended for complete nutrition, these supplements should be started before conception and are considered as one of the best brands of folic acid to get pregnant. New Chapter also offers a One Daily Prenatal Multivitamin option with over 100% DV of methylfolate, suitable for pregnant women. 

10. Vitafusion Prenatal Gummies 

Insider Monkey Score: 2 

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummies are a popular choice for women throughout pregnancy and postpartum. These gummies offer essential nutrients, including folic acid, omega-3 DHA, and vitamin D, supporting maternal and fetal health. Notably gentle on the stomach due to the absence of iron, they are gluten-free and available in assorted flavors for a pleasant experience. The recommended dosage is two daily gummies, providing 50 mg of DHA and delivering 100% of the Daily Value of folic acid. While these gummies are a convenient option, it's essential to note potential deficiencies in iron and calcium. Allergic individuals should be cautious, as the gummies contain tuna and soy. 

9. Persona Nutrition Prenatal Packs 

Insider Monkey Score: 2 

Persona Nutrition Prenatal Packs offer personalized vitamin solutions tailored to the nutritional needs of pregnant women and stand ninth among the best prenatal vitamin for pregnant women. Packed with essential nutrients like folic acid, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and ginger for morning sickness, these capsules fill nutrient gaps, supporting the baby's nervous system and overall maternal and fetal health. The flexible daily routine integration allows personalized timing based on individual needs and lifestyles. In capsule form with 30 servings per container, the recommended dose is two capsules daily, providing 350 mg of DHA. The available flavors are Citrus Essenced and Mint Essenced, and the product is certified Non-GMO Project verified.  

8. Tend Complete Prenatal Nutrition Bar 

Insider Monkey Score: 2 

The Tend Complete Prenatal Nutrition Bar, one of the top prenatal vitamins for a pregnant woman provides essential vitamins and nutrients for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health. Loaded with essential nutrients like folate, iron, omega-3 DHA, magnesium, zinc, selenium, B12, and calcium, it plays a vital role in fetal development and maternal well-being. Specifically designed for pregnant women, these multivitamins address unique nutritional needs during pregnancy, promoting normal embryonic and fetal development, reducing the risk of complications, preventing deficiencies linked to adverse birth outcomes, and supporting protein synthesis, cell division, and DNA production.

Daily intake aligns with increased pregnancy demands, following dosage instructions on the label or healthcare professional guidance. To complement, supplementing with at least 400mcg of folic acid before and 600mcg during pregnancy, obtainable from various food sources, and a prenatal supplement is recommended. 

7. FullWell Prenatal Multivitamin 

Insider Monkey Score: 3 

FullWell Prenatal Multivitamin offers optimal evidence-based nutrients such as folate, B12, choline, calcium, and magnesium for healthy conception, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. Tailored for well-tolerance, it allows flexible dosing as recommended by healthcare practitioners. Allergen-free—gluten, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, sesame, corn, and soy—comes in a serving size of 8 capsules, best taken with plenty of water. The morning or early afternoon is the recommended intake time.

Each bottle provides a one-month supply, is FSA/HSA eligible, and has undergone third-party testing for transparency. Non-GMO and allergen-friendly, FullWell is a comprehensive choice for maternal and fetal health, incorporating recommendations from dietitian and fertility expert Ayla Barmmer. It covers 55% of choline needs and offers 4,000 IU of vitamin D per dose, utilizing methylfolate for enhanced absorption. Customer reviews praise its digestibility and note increased energy levels. 

6. Thorne Basic Prenatal Vitamins 

Insider Monkey Score: 3  

Thorne Basic Prenatal is a meticulously researched multivitamin designed for women in various stages, including conception, pregnancy, nursing, or basic nutrient needs, and stands among the best prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. It supports fetal development with essential nutrients such as folate, iron, vitamin C, B6, and B2. The recommended intake is one capsule three times a day, with a caution to consult a health professional during pregnancy. Thorne also offers a Prenatal DHA supplement enriched with omega-3s, choline, folate, calcium, and vitamin D for comprehensive support. Known for quality, Thorne ensures high absorbability, gentle stomach design, and rigorous testing, manufacturing in NSF International and TGA-certified facilities.

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