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15 Careers That Bilinguals and Multilinguals Will Excel in

In this article, we will look at the 15 careers that bilinguals and multilinguals will excel in. We have also talked about the benefits of learning multiple languages. If you want to skip our detailed analysis, head straight to the 5 Careers That Bilinguals and Multilinguals Will Excel in

How Does Being Bilingual Help Your Career?

Being bilingual enhances career prospects by opening doors to a wider range of job opportunities. It enables effective communication with different colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and understanding in multicultural environments. Bilingualism demonstrates valuable cognitive skills, such as problem-solving and adaptability, which are highly sought after in various industries. Additionally, it can lead to increased marketability and higher earning potential, as bilingual professionals often have a competitive edge in global markets. 

Is It Easier to Get a Job If You Speak Multiple Languages?

Job opportunities for bilingual and multilingual speakers are often more plentiful. Employers value language skills for different reasons like facilitating communication with international clients, expanding market reach, and enhancing cultural understanding. 


In today's global job market, the demand for multilingual speakers is skyrocketing, with a projected 42% increase in demand for interpreters as estimated by the US Department of Labor. Surprisingly, speaking a second language can boost your career prospects and salary by up to 35%, as highlighted by recent research

Moreover, 9 out of 10 employers rely on bilingual employees, particularly for business development and expansion into new markets, with 56% expecting a increase in demand for multilingual speakers over the next five years.

Notably, fluency isn't a prerequisite; even basic proficiency can open doors to international experiences and competitive advantages. Diversifying beyond popular languages like Spanish or French can further enhance your marketability, especially in niche contexts. By mastering language skills relevant to specific job contexts, individuals can significantly increase their employability and confidence, ultimately paving the way for career advancement and financial success in today's globalized economy.

How Can You Learn a New Language Today?

Learning a new language can be achieved through different methods, with technology playing a key role. Utilizing apps like Duolingo Inc (NASDAQ:DUOL), an American educational technology company, offers a convenient and interactive way to learn languages. With courses spanning over 40 languages, including less commonly studied ones like Welsh and Swahili, Duolingo Inc (NASDAQ:DUOL) caters to all kinds of learners. Its freemium model allows access to basic features, while premium services offer ad-free experiences and additional features. 

With a monthly user base of 83 million and a daily engagement of 24.2 million learners, the popularity of Duolingo Inc (NASDAQ:DUOL) has surpassed all other traditional educational platforms. Utilizing gamification techniques akin to mobile games, each lesson is meticulously crafted for maximum effectiveness, maintaining user interest with rewards and challenges. 

It is worth highlighting that Duolingo Inc (NASDAQ:DUOL)’s English proficiency certification exam is now accepted by thousands of universities worldwide and has therefore, democratized access to education by reducing costs and eliminating geographical barriers. 

On the other hand, Pearson Plc (NYSE:PSO) also has a major presence in language teaching materials and services, including English language learning resources. The company has recently opened bookings for its new English proficiency test, PTE Core, designed specifically for Canadian economic migration visa purposes. Approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), PTE Core assesses speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a two-hour, computer-based format. 

It is worth noting that Pearson Plc (NYSE:PSO) and Duolingo Inc (NASDAQ:DUOL) have teamed up to improve foreign language education for college and university students. DuoLingo's gamified platform offers interactive language lessons, and through this partnership, students can access personalized learning tools aligned with Pearson Plc (NYSE:PSO)’s content. These courses are available on iOS, Android, and web platforms and aim to improve students' language skills outside the classroom.

15 Careers That Bilinguals and Multilinguals Will Excel in
15 Careers That Bilinguals and Multilinguals Will Excel in

Our Methodology

To list the careers that bilinguals and multilinguals will excel in, we identified jobs with three main features. Firstly, we identified jobs that involved cross-cultural interaction. Secondly, we looked at jobs that have a language proficiency requirement. Thirdly, we analyzed jobs with a global focus. We identified 15 such jobs and scored each job out of 30 based on the presence of these features. A higher score means a higher probability that a multilingual or bilingual person will excel in that field. We utilized Reddit as our primary source to gauge the consensus.

By the way, Insider Monkey is an investing website that tracks the movements of corporate insiders and hedge funds. By using a similar consensus approach, we identify the best stock picks of more than 900 hedge funds investing in US stocks. The top 10 consensus stock picks of hedge funds outperformed the S&P 500 Index by more than 140 percentage points over the last 10 years (see the details here). Whether you are a beginner investor or a professional one looking for the best stocks to buy, you can benefit from the wisdom of hedge funds and corporate insiders.

The list is presented below in ascending order. 

15. Digital Marketer 

IM Score: 10

Multilingual professionals can tailor content for specific markets, ensuring messages are culturally relevant and accurately conveyed. Moreover, they possess a unique advantage in global campaigns, facilitating seamless communication and understanding among international audiences. The average salary of a digital marketer is $63,827.

14. Customer Service Representative

IM Score: 11

Customer service representatives are crucial for businesses because they serve as the primary point of contact between a company and its customers. While it is one of the highest-paying remote customer service jobs, it is also among the highest paying jobs for 18 year olds.

It is one of the bilingual jobs without a degree. To read more about customer service representative jobs, see highest paying customer service jobs.

13. Social Worker

IM Score: 13

The language proficiency of social workers enables them to bridge communication gaps, build trust, and provide culturally competent services to clients from various linguistic backgrounds. It is one of the happiest jobs for multilingual speakers.

12. Healthcare Professional

IM Score: 14

In settings where language barriers can hinder patient care, healthcare professionals with multilingual proficiency can bridge the gap to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. For instance, a Spanish-speaking nurse can provide crucial information to a monolingual patient about their medication regimen and thus, enhance adherence and safety. Additionally, multilingual physicians can conduct thorough medical histories with non-English speaking patients, leading to better-informed diagnoses and treatment plans.

Healthcare professions offer some of the high paying jobs for multilingual people.

11. Language Teacher

IM Score: 16

Language teaching is a career where bilinguals and multilinguals excel owing to their innate understanding of language structures and cultural nuances. Their firsthand experience navigating multiple languages equips them with unique insights into language acquisition processes, enabling more effective instruction.

You can read more about language teaching at the Highest Paying Countries for ESL Teachers.

10. Journalist 

IM Score: 17

Multilingual journalists can conduct interviews in multiple languages, accessing sources inaccessible to monolingual reporters, thereby providing a more comprehensive and nuanced perspective on a story. Additionally, they can produce content for international audiences, offering insights into global events and fostering cross-cultural understanding. It is one of the careers with languages and travel.

Journalists are also known to have one of the most underpaid jobs in America.

9. Language Technologist

IM Score: 18

Language technologists apply computational linguistics, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning techniques to analyze, understand, and generate human language. 

The average salary for a Language Specialist is $61,682 per year in US. It is one of the best jobs for multilingual speakers. 

8. Flight Attendant

IM Score: 19

Being fluent in multiple languages allows flight attendants to provide clear instructions during emergencies and assist non-native speakers more efficiently. For instance, a bilingual flight attendant can seamlessly switch between languages to convey safety protocols or address passengers' concerns, enhancing overall communication and passenger satisfaction. 

The average salary of a flight attendant in the US is $38,912. It is one of the best jobs for people who want to travel

7. Recruiter

IM Score: 21

Bilingual recruiters facilitate smoother communication between candidates and hiring managers in multinational companies, fostering understanding and cohesion. For instance, a recruiter fluent in Spanish and English can bridge communication gaps between a Spanish-speaking candidate and an English-speaking hiring team, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring accurate information exchange, ultimately leading to successful placements.

It is one of the highest-paying foreign language jobs.

6. Tour Guide

IM Score: 22

A tour guide with proficiency in multiple languages opens doors to a diverse range of clients and destinations and hence, can ultimately enhance the overall experience for travelers. It broadens the scope of employment opportunities, from leading international tours to catering to specific language-based tour groups. Multilingualism also adds value by facilitating cultural exchanges and providing personalized insights, enriching the journey for visitors. It is one of the best jobs with proficiency in multiple languages

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