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Hush-Hush Luxuries: 9 Coveted Luxury Brands of the Super-Rich

poladamonte / Getty Images/iStockphoto
poladamonte / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Beyond the usual household names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Cartier lies a world of discreet ultra-luxury reserved for those at the very pinnacle of wealth and taste.

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This is the rarefied realm where six-figure price tags are merely the barrier to entry. Their clientele spans oligarchs and royalty, titans of industry and chief executives paid in eight to nine figures annually. Shopping here is strictly by appointment or referral, with little, if any, public presence.


For the select few granted access, the rewards are matchless: access to the absolute best in materials, craftsmanship and design, elevated to the level of art. Join us as we unveil some of the most coveted and exclusive luxury brands that even most of the super-rich have never heard of, but which represent the ne plus ultra for those who can afford it.

Here are 9 luxury brands flying under the radar of the super-rich.

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The ultra rich know all about Sunseeker — the luxury brand known for being a global leader in yachts. The website doesn’t list prices, and you’re encouraged to find your local yacht dealer for additional information. One could only imagine how much a typical luxury yacht would go for. If you’re ever interested in browsing the various options, you can check out YachtWorld, where you can pick out your sports yacht for a few million dollars.

If you’re wondering if you’ve ever seen this luxury brand, chances are that you may have caught a glimpse of a Sunseeker luxury yacht in a James Bond film. Sunseeker yachts are in as many Bond films, like Aston Martin cars, so you may have spotted one in the past without realizing what you were looking at.

Brunello Cucinelli

You may have seen pictures of celebrities dressed in this luxury fashion brand, but chances are that you weren’t aware of the brand name. The Brunello Cucinelli brand is called after the Italian fashion designer who started the company in 1978 and has since gone on to dress celebrities and Silicon Valley giants. Despite dressing many famous celebrities, the luxury brand doesn’t rely on celebrity endorsements in advertisements, as it prefers to be more subtle.

You may not have noticed from the casual appearance, but many tech moguls have appeared in interviews in luxury clothing from the Cucinelli line. On top of the $5,000 blazers, the rich have purchased high-end casual clothing pieces, like $2,500 sweatpants or $800 sneakers. You may be surprised by how many notable celebrities have been spotted in this luxury brand.

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Despite being around since 1766, chances are you haven’t heard about this luxury brand, since it’s a huge auction house for those looking to buy and sell expensive art pieces. The price points at Christie’s auctions range from $500 to over $100 million, with work available from 80 art and luxury categories.

Christie’s also has a network of specialists who can assist clients with various services ranging from art appraisal to art financing. The company also offers art education for those new to the space. Even though their wares are mainly on the radar of the ultra-wealthy, there may be an auction house near you — Christie’s has a flagship location in New York City and a presence in 46 countries globally.


If you’ve ever looked into experiencing luxury travel (and are super rich), you’ve likely heard of Virtuoso. Everyone else likely hasn’t heard about this global network of luxury travel advisors. The Virtuoso platform offers luxury experiences, ranging from private yacht adventures to trips based around sporting events. The platform, with over 20,000 luxury travel advisors, has seen tourists spending up to $50,000 per trip.

With many rich folks adding wellness into their travel routine, the demand for unique private experiences has increased. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can create a “Wanderlist” on the Virtuoso website.


While everyone has likely heard of a Rolex watch, another luxury watch brand that isn’t a household name is Omega. The luxury Swiss watch brand has been around since 1848, and the company hired Zoë Kravitz and Zhou Dongyu as brand ambassadors this year to promote the Aqua Terra Shades campaign.

The Omega brand recently partnered with the more affordable watch company Swatch to bring the collaborative effort into the market with a surprising disruption. The MoonSwatch Collection was a viral sensation and the limited edition project was challenging to find in stores.


Farfetch was launched by José Neves in 2008 as an online marketplace for luxury boutiques worldwide — and it’s beloved by the mega rich. The official website touts that the company is the top global online luxury fashion platform. With over 1,400 luxury retailers and 3.9 million active consumers, the platform is growing globally, so you may start hearing about them more often.

The Farfetch platform is known for connecting creators, curators and consumers of luxury brands. You’ll likely discover new luxury brands on the platform, since Farfetch sells various products from men’s, kids’, beauty and women’s styles.


This luxury fashion retailer was founded in Germany in 2006, and the company has expanded to offer luxury children’s wear and home goods. The luxury platform has a simple user interface with a white background and basic black text. With almost two million followers on Instagram, this luxury brand has long been beloved by the ultra-wealthy and is starting to gain traction worldwide.

Mytheresa executives recently announced that it expected to increase net sales by anywhere from 8% to 13% in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2024. Most of the top spenders with this luxury brand are high-powered business leaders with limited time and don’t want to look for the perfect outfit.

Exclusive Resorts

For the jet-setting elite who crave privacy and luxury above all else, there exists a secretive high-end travel club that provides access to the world’s most exclusive destinations. Known only to those who travel at the highest stratospheres of wealth, Exclusive Resorts offers a level of luxury, convenience, and exclusivity that puts even Four Seasons and Aman resorts to shame.

This members-only utopia comes at an appropriately elite price — with membership initiation fees starting at a cool $100,000 and reaching up to $250,000. But for those who can afford it, what they get in return is the key to unlocking the world’s most coveted locales precisely when they want them. We’re talking finish-line villas in Monaco for the Grand Prix, ski-in cabins beside the Waltons’ own in Aspen for Christmas and penthouses overlooking the Champs Elysees during Paris Fashion Week.

With a $600 million portfolio of owned homes and villas globally, Exclusive Resorts can accommodate virtually any whim or wish of its select 3,000 members. Don’t expect to browse listings on their website — privacy and exclusivity are paramount. Membership is by invitation and referral only. But for those privileged few granted access to this gilded world of luxury travel, no dream is unattainable. One call to their personal travel advisors sets even the loftiest vacation desires in motion — after all, they have Jeff Bezos on speed dial. Exclusive Resorts makes the fantasy vacations of billionaires and titans of industry an everyday reality.

Frette Linens

For those who crave the ultimate indulgence between their Italian percale sheets, there is one iconic luxury name that promises unparalleled comfort and extravagance: Frette. This storied Italian linen company has been clothing the beds of royalty, dignitaries, and the wealthy elite since 1860.

One touch of their exquisite bed sheets, with a 280-thread count woven from the world’s finest long-staple Egyptian cotton, and you’ll be hooked. But be prepared to pay for the privilege. Their sheet sets start at around $4,000, while their prized Belgian linen duvet covers can fetch up to $25,000. They offer over 20 choices of fabric, including the softest cottons and silkiest linens, in the industry’s highest thread counts.

Laura Beck contributed to the reporting for this article.

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