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This adorable footage of a young girl cuddling her pet DUCK will absolutely melt your heart!

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This adorable footage of a young girl cuddling her pet duck will absolutely melt your heart.

Two-year-old Freya Rebel Stalker is a sweet little animal lover who loves nothing more than to visit her grandparents, who live on a smallholding in Ruleholme, Cumbria.

When at her grandparent's, little Freya can interact with a multitude of animals but her absolute favourite is 'Ducky,' a three-year-old Call duck who she met she was 18-months-old.

This heartwarming video shows the tender moment between Freya and Ducky. The soon to be three-year-old is seen sharing a hug with Ducky and singing to him. She is also seen sharing a kiss with dog Mabel and enquiring after the health of Mags, the family's other dog.

Grandma Mandy Mclellan, who works for the NHS in community as a home care practitioner, caught the touching moment on film.

Mandy said: "Freya is an animal lover, she's got a particular fondness for ducks. Her and Ducky met in 2019 when she was 18-month-old. Ducky was hatched in an incubator so he was always been very tame.

"We used to catch him for her to hold, she sings to him, she talks to him. She's full of empathy for such a little girl of her age.

"The comments left after I posted the video were all positive, well done to her parents for bringing up such an empathic girl.

"In the video, she's referring to Mags, it's our dog who had to have an operation. She's amazing around animals."

Mandy recently posted the video on TikTok and it has now received more than 550,000 views. 

She added: "We were not expecting this and it was my first TikTok. I decided to post it after the videos received a few views on Facebook. I didn't expect it but I can understand why, it is a combination of the duck, the dog and Freya.

"She knows how to pick him up and hold him gently, you have to hold them a certain way to keep the wings in. She's been brought up around animals.

"Freya comes and stays with us every Wednesday when her parents are at work. Whenever she's at ours she wants to spend time with Ducky.

"She would happily have him in the house all the time. We only let her have him in the house a little bit.

"Last week, before leaving she asked her dad if she could take Ducky home.

"She's only three but she really has a good understanding of how gentle to be with animals. She's like a mini Dr.Dolittle. She's absolutely fabulous with the dogs too.

"Ducky is definitely her favourite. When you ask her who her best friend is, it's Ducky."


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