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Albioma: 2020 dividend: option for the payment of the dividend in the form of new shares

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·5-min read
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Press release

Paris La Défense, 3 June 2021

2020 dividend

Option for the payment of the dividend in the form of new shares

The General Meeting of shareholders held on 25 May 2021 approved the proposal of an option for the payment of 50% of the dividend to be distributed in respect of the 2020 financial year in the form of new shares. As a consequence, shareholders may opt for the payment of 50% of the €0.80 dividend distributed (i.e. €0.40 per share) in the form of new shares; should the option be exercised, the remaining dividend will be paid in cash. This option may be exercised in the same conditions for the shares eligible for the fidelity premium dividend (€0.88 per share with an option exercisable up to €0.44).

The option may only be exercised for the entire fraction of the dividend to which the option refers (i.e. 50%).

The option must be exercised by shareholders from 14 June to 5 July 2021 inclusive, either by request to the financial intermediary in charge of the shareholder’s securities account for bearer shares and administered registered shares, or until 1 July 2021 inclusive by request to BNP Paribas Securities Services as keeper of the Company’s share registry for pure registered shares (in the latter case, the option may be exercised via the website After expiry of the aforementioned period, any shareholder failing to exercise the option shall receive payment of its entire dividend in cash.

The shares shall be listed ex-dividend as from 10 June 2021. The shares issued in payment of the dividend will be delivered on 9 July 2021, on the same date as the payment of the cash dividend.

The issuing price of the new shares that will be issued in payment of the dividend has been set at €32.59, i.e. 90% of the first share price on Euronext Paris during the twenty trading days prior to the decision to distribute, less the net dividend amount, and the amount resulting from this formula will be rounded up to the next cent.

If, on the basis of this price, the amount of the dividend to which a shareholder is entitled does not correspond to a whole number of shares, the shareholder may obtain the lower number of shares plus a cash balance.

Application will be made for the new shares to be admitted to trading on Euronext Paris as from 9 July 2021. These new shares will be subject to the provisions of Albioma’s Articles of Association. As a consequence, they will be fully assimilated to the existing shares of the Company.


This release constitutes the information document required under article 1, paragraphs 4 (h) and 5 (g) of the chapter I of the Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2017. This release does not constitute an offer to the public nor a solicitation to purchase or subscribe for securities.

This release and any other document related to the payment of the dividend in the form of new shares of the Company may not be published outside France, unless such publication complies with applicable local laws and regulations. Moreover, such publication may not constitute an offer to purchase or subscribe for securities, in any country where such an offer would break applicable local laws and regulations.

The option for payment of the dividend in the form of new shares of the Company shall not be available to any shareholder residing in Australia, in the United States of America, in Japan, in Italy or in any country where such an option would require a registration or an authorisation to be granted by local financial market authorities. Shareholders are expected to inform themselves on the applicable local laws and regulations applicable to the option.

When deciding whether or not they will exercise the option, shareholders are advised to take into account the risks associated with an investment in shares. For any further information about the Company, its business, its strategy, its financial results and position, please refer to the 2019 Registration Document of Albioma available on the Company’s Website,, with particular focus on section 1.6 “Risk management and internal control”, pages 29 et seq.

Next on the agenda: release of first-half 2021 results, on 28 July 2021 (post trading).

About Albioma


An independent renewable energy producer, Albioma is committed to the energy transition thanks to biomass and photovoltaics.

Albioma operates in Overseas France, France metropolitan, Mauritius and Brazil. For 25 years, it has developed a unique partnership with the sugar industry to produce renewable energy from bagasse, the fibrous residue of sugar cane.

Albioma is the leading producer of photovoltaic energy in Overseas France, where the company builds and operates innovative projects with storage, Albioma has strengthened its position in mainland France.

Recently, the Group announced the acquisition of a geothermal power plant in Turkey.

Julien Gauthier
+33 (0)1 47 76 67 00

Charlotte Neuvy
+33 (0)1 47 76 66 65

Albioma is listed on the Euronext Paris compartment A, is eligible for the deferred settlement service (SRD), PEA and PEA-PME plans and is included in the SBF 120 and CAC Mid 60.

The Group is also included in the Gaïa-Index, an index for socially responsible midcaps.


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