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Best induction hobs 2021 from top of the range to affordable models

·8-min read

If you’re looking to level up your kitchen then an induction hob is the ultimate add on – the sleek looking hobs add a certain luxury quality with their clean lines and flat surfaces.

Controlled by coils that create an electrical current, induction hobs are popular as they quickly heat up the pan, rather than the hob, meaning they are energy efficient and safer. Made from glass, most have touch controls – with the benefits being that they heat up incredibly quickly and can boil water in around three minutes.

Can you use any pans on them?

The metal coils which power the induction hob interact better with iron to heat up your food. But don’t throw away all your old pans just yet and start to invest in new ones, because as long as your pans are made from iron, or contain iron in them, then they’ll be compatible. Some pans have iron built into them, even though it’s not completely obvious to look at, while induction suitable pans are now quite widely available if yours aren’t compatible.

Do they need to be installed?

Most Induction hobs will need to be installed, and the supplier should have this information on the website. Some offer installation when you buy them, but you may have to pay extra. You’ll also need to check measurements to see if the hob will fit on your work surface or above your oven. Some may just sit on the work surface without installation, while other more foolproof models even plug straight into your mains.

BORA Pure Induction hob

Winner of numerous design awards, due to its style and technology innovation, we love how unique this induction hob is. It may be an expensive, but the stand out features give a clue why. There is an invisible touch control and an air inlet nozzle. There are also four cooking zones (for pans up to 24cm) that can be bridged. Quick to heat up water and food when pans are on the hobs, we were in awe of its slider-based S-Control system, which allows you to adjust the power, but they then become invisible when you’re not using the hob. Powered by gas or electricity, the extractor fan is only 20cm deep, meaning it will be space saving and won’t eat into your storage unit below, especially if it isn’t directly above an oven. If you want design and functionality then this is it.


From £2460 | Bora

Stellar Double Induction hob

This portable induction hob doesn’t need to be installed, so it can sit on your work surface, be used as an additional hob, or as a stand-alone one. We loved how it could be set up quickly with easy-to-use instructions, and it can also be plugged straight into the mains. The two hobs have precision cooking, which means it only heats the pan, and not the hob, but it gets up to 220oC in seconds. A clever extra means you’ll hear a small beep when you accidently heat up the wrong hob. We used the double hob to cook vegetables and eggs at the same time, and we loved how we could mix between the eight settings to boil and simmer - and once you have the right setting you can lock it in place. Food spills were easy to remove with a cloth and when we weren’t using it, it didn’t take up too much space in the corner of our kitchen. One of the cheapest induction hobs on the market, but it doesn’t show in its quality.


£99 | Horwood

Stoves ST H2H HIT601

This 59cm induction hob has wireless hob-to-hood connectivity as well as four hobs and nine power settings. We love its extendable cooking zone which allows you to merge two hobs for bigger pans or griddles – meaning you can cook a more hearty meal with no fuss. If you’re looking to save energy, the hob’s intelligent pan detection means it will only heat the pan, but only do so when it detects a pan on top of the hob. If you wanted to install one, the hob is compatible with cooker hoods through Hob2Hood connection- meaning you can adjust the lighting and fan speed while you’re cooking. At £400 this sleek glass hob, with its variety of extra functions is worthy of its price tag.


From £399 | AO

Bertazzoni 90cm induction hob with integrated hood

This 90cm induction hob has integrated ventilation and is made with black tempered glass. Not only does it look good, but it had one of the fastest cooking times we experienced. The digital controls made it easy to change between its nine power levels, while boosters encouraged faster cooking. Easy to clean with a simple wipe down, its extraction element meant smells and grease are automatically drawn in. If you need the hob for bigger family meals, its bridging element means you can use two hobs for one pan and it won’t affect the quality of cooking. Although it is in the more expensive price range, it’s in the Bertazzoni family so it has premium twist.


£2999 | Glotech

Hoover’s premium Collection 3 HTPSJ644MCWIFI induction hob

There are two benefits of this square hob, which make it stand out - MyChef assisted cooking via the Wizard app and its touch control. The app gives you access to 15 different assisted recipes, which gives you step-by-step instructions, while also setting the hob to the correct power level for you. Other perks of the app is the ease in which you can change controls easily to keep warm, melt, simmer, boil or fry. The melt control is perfect when making sweet dishes with chocolate or butter and you don’t want to burn them, while the keep warm function is handy if a member of your family is running late for dinner. If you decide to use the controls on the hob, you’ll be met with touch control for all four, which, due to their sensitivity, can sometimes be difficult to use, but they perform perfectly once you know how. The hobs heat up quickly and perform well, and as they’re so sleek, with clean lines, they’re easy to wipe down.


£319 | AO

Smeg Linea silver induction hobs

Smeg is known for its unique kitchen products and this induction hob is no different – the 60cm and 90cm installed hobs come with MultiZone heating systems and ECO-logic function, which will help you save on household energy consumption. We love the idea of the MultiZone heating system, which means no matter what pan size you use and wherever you position it, the hob instantly adapts to it. Clever. Controlled with a white LED touch-sensitive control panel, they can be paired with the brand’s Linea ovens to give it a sleek finish in your designer kitchen. Starting from £749, the hobs are also reasonably priced, for such extensive functions.


From £1,449 | Appliance City

Miele KM 7999 FL FlexControl induction hob

One of the most expensive hobs on our list, Miele is a well-known name and this model is not only striking but comes with some great features. Surfaced mount or flush-fit, this 90cm induction hob has eight TempControl sensor - high tech temperature technology which basically means you’ll never burn your food again. Whether you’re poaching an egg or cooking a steak you won’t need to change the temperature as the TempControl will do it for you, monitoring everything as you cook. You can also benefit from its nine power levels and 23 assisted programs – which include pre-set temperature for meat and fish. If you’re cooking a large meal on the hob, we loved how you could use five at the same time, and if you have an oversized pan, you can benefit from its PowerFlex Plus feature, which bridges two hobs together. We found we saved energy and time with this hob as the pans heated up in record time.


£4699.99 | Miele

Amzchef Induction Hob

This black and silver edged glass surface induction hob saves on installation as it can just sit on your worktop. The hob has two heating zones, with fourteen power levels between them, while the zones can also be used as a hot plate to keep food warm. We love how the hob is also compatible with an array of cookware including cast iron, iron, enameled iron and stainless steel manufactured with a magnetic bottom. It’s easy to store and has sensor touch control buttons with a timer and child lock too, which make the hob simple and efficient to use.


£129.99 | Onbuy


Relatively expensive, but with a unique design, we loved the Bora Pure induction hob - its four cooking zones that can be bridged are a big highlight, while its air inlet nozzle and slider-based S-Control system to power and control the hobs is one of the best. If you don’t quite have the budget, we also think the Stellar Double Induction hob, which doesn’t need to be installed, is a great alternative, and very reasonably priced. With precision cooking, a quick set up and an easy to clean surface its great if you want an extra hob.

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