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This is the best moment of the series according to Love Island fans

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

At this point in the Love Island season we're very ready to call the whole thing off and just give the win to the girls - led by Kaz, Millie and Faye, ofc. In fact, we've been ready to bin off most of the boys since the start of Casa Amor when the idea of loyalty became a hilarious and inconceivable concept (we're looking at you Liam). But, in last night's recoupling fan favourite Kaz Kamwi pied former flame Tyler Cruikshank in the most exceptional way, sending fans absolutely wild when she winked at him after said pie-ing. This, this is why we love her.

As you know, this whole drama began after Tyler returned from Casa Amor with new girl Clarisse Juliette after sharing a bed with her and doing some out-of-challenge kissing. Despite this, he spent the next few days trying - and failing - to keep former flame Kaz sweet, but when last night's (August 3) recoupling came around Kaz made her feelings pretty clear.

She opened by saying she had "hit it off" with this boy from their first conversation, prompting little smiles from both Tyler and new boy Matthew MacNabb who Kaz has been getting to know over the last few days.

While both boys seemed pretty confident they were going to be picked, Kaz eventually said that the person she was choosing was someone she thought was "trustworthy", causing Tyler's smile to fade to this...

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Obviously, Kaz then picked Matthew and the pair shared some giggly kisses before taking their seats, after which Kaz looked straight at Tyler and winked in the most outrageously excellent way. Fans, of course, instantly lost it.

Exceptional, truly exceptional.

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