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Brits planning to drive hundreds of miles further for UK holidays this summer

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British drivers are set to drive an average of 212 miles further for UK-based holidays than they have in previous years, according to a new survey.

The study conducted by Euro Car Parts found that a third of drivers will travel further afield this summer due to the restrictions of international travel. A third of respondents also said that they were happy to spend more on their UK holidays than normal, too.

Over a quarter of the 2,000 people surveyed said that they would be visiting different parts of the country more often than usual while 27 per cent admitted they were planning to go on multiple UK-based holidays.

However, less than one in ten drivers said that they’d be staying close to home this summer, with 11 per cent saying they’d be visiting the same destinations that they would normally.

Owners of hybrid vehicles were the ones who planned to travel the furthest this summer, with drivers saying they’d be willing to drive 268 extra miles compared to usual. This was followed by electric, diesel and petrol car owners with extra mileages of 225, 211 and 208 miles respectively.

Across the UK, it’s Londoners who expect to make the longest drives with close to half of those from the capital saying they’d be happy to drive further than usual. This was followed by those from Southampton and Newcastle.

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