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Celebs who have spoken out about the Amazon rainforest fires

Elisabeth Edokwe
·2-min read

The world reacted in shock and horror after seeing photos of Brazil's Amazon rainforest in smoke and flames. The Amazon is the largest rainforest on the planet, and is often referred to as the "earth's lungs" because it produces 20% of the oxygen in our atmosphere. These disturbing images combined with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's recent announcement that July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth have left many feeling panicked and outraged, celebrities included. In fact, a number of high-profile celebs have spoken out about the Amazon crisis in attempts to raise awareness, and call their fans to action.

Ariana Grande shared the tweet below on her Instagram story along with multiple other images. Kendall Jenner,Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Demi Lovato and Sofia Richie all shared the same tweet with similar images.

Leonardo DiCaprio, a historically outspoken climate activist, shared multiple photos of the burning Amazon on his Instagram, including one with a quoted caption that read, "Terrifying to think that the Amazon is the largest rainforest on the planet, creating 20% of the earth's oxygen, basically the lungs of the world, has been on fire and burning for the last 16 days running, with literally NO media coverage whatsoever! Why?"

Kim Kardashian later added a screenshot of DiCaprio's post to her story, writing, "Does anyone know what we can do to help???" Along with a screenshot of another post of DiCaprio's indicating that July was the planet's hottest month on record. Kardashian wrote, "Ok does this not scare the sh** out of you???????"

Camila Cabello reacted to the news by sharing an Instagram post with a caption of her own:

R&B singer Miguel contributed to the conversation with a post as well, asking that his fans tag the United Nations:

Bobby Berk of "Queer Eye" was also moved by the crisis, and shared a lengthy instagram post letting his fans know what they could do to help the Amazon, and where they could learn more:

If you're interested in learning more and doing what you can to help save the Amazon rainforest (even if your favorite celebrity didn't post), visit