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Roast potatoes voted the best part of Christmas dinner

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
The nation has ranked their favourite Christmas meal components. [Photo: Getty]

With Christmas just over a week away, it’s likely you’re looking forward to a festive meal with all the trimmings – whether that’s ordering in the ingredients for a meal you’re cooking yourself or simply salivating in expectation of the feast.

In the run-up to the big day, frozen potato company McCain has ranked the nation’s favourite Christmas dinner components.

They asked 2,000 Brits to reveal their favourite part of the festive meal.

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In the McCain ranking, roast potatoes came top, with 58% voting them their favourite – which seems just about plausible, despite the source seeming a little biased (!).

Both roast turkey and pigs in blankets were a tie for second place, with 43% of the voters favouring them respectively.

Top 10 best parts of the Christmas dinner

1. Roast potatoes (58 per cent)
2. Roast turkey (43 per cent)
3. Pigs in blankets (43 per cent)
4. Stuffing (23 per cent)
5. Gravy (21 per cent)
6. Yorkshire pudding (20 per cent)
7. Sprouts (17 per cent)
8. Parsnips (14 per cent)
9. Christmas pudding (11 per cent)
10. Cauliflower cheese (8 per cent)

However not everyone opts for turkey on Christmas Day – with over 40% of Brits eschewing the festive meat this year.

Some are opting for a ham, a leg of lamb, or a chicken, instead, while others have opted out because they are vegetarian or are catering for vegetarians.

Mark Hodge from McCain, said: “For many, Christmas dinner is one of the biggest events of the year, a chance to catch up and celebrate around the dinner table with friends and family alike.

“Our latest findings, as part of our Nation’s Conversations research, has also shown the differences in people’s preferences over the favourite part of the festive dinner plate.

"And although it’s not really that different to a typical Sunday roast the Christmas menu gives people culinary licence to include sides you might not typically have, indulging in their favourite spuds and all the trimmings.

"And why wouldn’t you? It’s truly a time of year to feast and be merry.”

While McCain identified just 10 crucial components for a Christmas dinner, households are divided on certain additions to a festive meal.

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For instance, there’s the Christmas mashed potato debate – with around a third of households serving it up alongside roasties on the big day.

McCain also failed to include some favourite condiments in their ranking – including bread sauce and cranberry sauce.

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