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Martin Lewis launches Twitter tirade against 'disgusting' scam companies using his name

Martin Lewis has taken aim at businesses ‘leeching’ off his reputation (Andrew Matthews/PA Images)

Financial guru and founder of Martin Lewis has taken to Twitter to denounce a raft of “scam” businesses seeking to make money off his name.

In a two-minute video tirade, Lewis laid into “dodgy companies” using sneaky practices to dupe consumers into believing he approves of various schemes.

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He branded sites using his image or implying support from him as “liars” and “leeches” and urged consumers to be wary.

He said: “There’s a host of dodgy companies, whether scam firms, misleading firms or name-alike firms, that are trying to leech off the hard-earned reputation of me or this website to sell you things with an implied recommendation which is an absolute unmitigated lie.”

Lewis – wide-eyed with anger – goes on to say he never does Facebook adverts, insisting that if anyone sees them on their Facebook feed, they are “not true”.

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Lewis explained that if he ever did lend his name to something, it would most likely be for a charitable cause, with a link back to his website,

“If you don’t see that, don’t trust it, it isn’t true,” he said.

Lewis highlighted a cloud trading scheme that “pretends” he has invested £500,000 in.

“It is a con, it is a scam. It’s about binary trading, it is a brilliant way to lose money, do not touch it,” he said.

“Do not touch it, do not smell it, do not go near it. It has nothing to do with me.”

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Lewis added that he has become aware of a number of sites that use his picture to imply his backing for boiler cover incentives, heating incentives or PPI schemes.

“Anyone who knocks on your door saying they represent me or this site is a liar,” he said. “Anyone who calls you up saying they represent me or this site is a liar.

“Any adverts on Facebook with my picture on saying that I recommend it is almost certainly a liar.”