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Coronavirus: Top tips to save money when working from home

Piggy bank on floor concept for saving, accounting, banking and business account
These tips could save you £496 a year when working from home. (Getty)

In the past month, online searches for ‘budgeting tips’ have risen by 39%, showing that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is pushing Brits to be more careful with their money.

Financial experts, thinkmoney, looked into how you can save when working from home.

Here are some top tips that could save you £496 ($617) a year:

Boil the kettle only when needed

Every time you boil the kettle, it costs you 2.5p. How many times have you got up to boil the kettle to make a cup of tea, only to forget and have to re-boil? Re-boiling the kettle three times in a day adds up to £27 across the whole year so boil the kettle only when needed to avoid an expensive cuppa.


Turn your heating down by one degree

Spending more time at home might mean you’re also spending more on energy bills as you keep the house warm all day. Turning the heating down by just one degree below your usual temperature can save you a huge £80 per year.

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Turn off one unnecessary plug

Every time you leave a plug on that is not needed, you are wasting 27p, so having a different plug on for all your electronics adds up. Just one unnecessary plug left on adds an extra £99 to your bill each year. With five plugs left on every day, that shoots up to £491. Double-checking what needs to be left on when you’ve finished work is a quick and easy way to save cash.

Enjoy natural light

Leaving a light on in your house costs an average of £170 per year so switch off any unnecessary lights or lamps and enjoy natural light where you can. Switching from a regular bulb to LED could also help you save a massive £152 on your annual bills.

Stop leaving items on standby

Leaving electrical items on standby could cost you £30 per year. So fully turning off any unnecessary electronics could help you save.

Switch internet tariffs

Looking for the cheapest internet deal could save up to £69 each year so it’s definitely worth reviewing your household bills and switching providers.

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Switch off your laptop

A laptop is essential for most people working from home. But leaving it on standby for 10 hours a night uses £7 per year — a cost of £365 over your working life.

Leave your hair to dry naturally

A low-power hairdryer uses 73 kilowatts of energy for just 10 minutes’ every day which adds up to £13 a year. So drying your hair could cost you £150 over your working lifetime. If you’re working from home and have more time when getting ready for work, letting your hair dry naturally could help you save.

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