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Dominican Republic's Refidomsa to buy 800,000-2.3 mln bbl of fuel oil for 2014 -tender

HOUSTON, Oct (KOSDAQ: 039200.KQ - news) 14 (Reuters) - The Dominican Republic's 34,000 barrels per day refinery Refidomsa has launched a tender to buy 800,000-2.3 million barrels of fuel oil, to be received during 2014 at its Rio Haina harbour, according to a document seen by Reuters on Monday.

This is the second tender launched by Refidomsa in the last month to import fuels, after awarding a similar offer to buy 1.27-4.1 million barrels of gasoil, to be received from November to December.

The refinery, which has been owned by the local government and Venezuela's state-run PDVSA since 2010 after the Royal Dutch Shell (LSE: RDSB.L - news) left the facility, uses Venezuelan crudes to produce a portion of the 120,000 barrels per day of fuels demanded by the Dominican domestic market, but it also imports finished products.

Refidomsa expects to receive six different types of fuel oil in 90,000-100,000 barrel-cargoes, including 3 percent-sulfur fuel and intermediate fuel oil, a blend of gasoil and heavy fuel.

The first cargo must be delivered on January 17-19. Bidders must relate its prices to the U.S. Gulf Coast residual fuel oil number 6.

"Bidders are encouraged to quote for all grades. However, Refidomsa reserves the right to award in full or partial volumes and grades of the tender to one or more bidders," the invitation says.

Offers will be received by the company until October 31.