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Employees reveal their most embarrassing moments in the workplace

The survey revealed some cringe-worthy workplace moments (Paul Bradbury via Getty Images)
The survey revealed some cringe-worthy workplace moments (Paul Bradbury via Getty Images)

We’ve all done or said something at work that we wish we hadn’t; perhaps you said something that caused a commotion, or got caught in a compromising position.

In honour of those moments that still haunt us, YouGov Omnibus asked consumers to reveal the worst mistake they’ve ever made at work.

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Responses ranged from the mundane (forgetting someone’s name) to the truly bizarre (involving mouldy food, fire engines and, in one instance, a sex doll).

Some of the most cringe-worthy situations included assuming a woman was pregnant when she wasn’t, mistaking someone for the opposite gender, and complaining about someone whilst they were within earshot. By far the most common mistakes revolved around sending emails to the wrong recipient, and the devastating consequences of an accidental “all staff” email.

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These are some of the best (and worst) of the answers submitted to YouGov.

Some employees suffered wardrobe malfunctions…

“Catching my skirt in my knickers after going to the loos before a client presentation…”

Quite literally…

“Dropping a wardrobe off the top of a fire escape while moving it”

Others simply said the wrong thing…

“Mistook a photo of my colleague’s dead father for Nigel Farage, on her final day after losing her job.”

“Accidentally being rude about a customer whilst I thought they were on hold. They were not.”

“While serving a customer with carvery turkey I told them I had a nice couple of breasts”

“Forgetting to turn my microphone off before visiting the toilet.”

Public sector workers suffered some unfortunate mishaps…

“Giving an enema to the wrong patient”

“Mixed several old people’s dentures up as a student nurse when washing them”

But one was just a bit sad…

“Accepting the job offer in the first place.”

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