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Europe Gasoline/Naphtha-Crack fall on low exports

LONDON, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Northwest European gasoline refining margins fell to around $4.80 a barrel on Tuesday amid low transatlantic exports. * So far in February, some 288,000 tonnes of gasoline and blending components have been delivered from Europe and the Mediterranean to the United States, Refinitiv Eikon data showed. * The exports last month were 710,000 tonnes and in February 2019, they were 730,000 tonnes. * Motiva Enterprises began restarting the cat feed hydrotreater at its 607,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) Port Arthur, Texas, refinery on Tuesday, said sources familiar with plant operations. * The 50,000 bpd hydrotreater removes sulfur from feedstocks going to the gasoline-producing fluidic catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) and was shut along with that unit earlier this year as part of a planned overhaul, the sources said. * Banks are suspending the credit lines for some Chinese independent oil refineries amid rising concerns about overall industrial defaults and as the coronavirus outbreak has eaten into the processors' fuel sales. * At least three independent refiners have had $600 million in credit lines suspended by international banks. * Saudi Aramco will shut its largest oil refinery for five to six weeks from June 1. The 550,000 bpd Ras Tanura refinery supplies over a quarter of the kingdom's fuel supply. * The company is undertaking a $2.4 billion overhaul of Ras Tanura to reduce the sulphur content of the gasoline and diesel the refinery produces. Gasoline (in tonnes) Trades Bids Offers Prev. Sellers Buyers (vol.) Trades Ebob $510 Barges MOC Platts E5 (fob ARA) <EUROBOB- ARA> Ebob $516 Barges E10 Platts(fo b ARA) Ebob $522 Barges (6KT) Argus E5(fob AR) Ebob $523-$524 Barges .50 (4KT) E10 Argus (fob AR) March. $512 swap fob ARA Premium $521 Unleaded (fob ARA) <PU-10PP- ARA> Cargoes (fob MED) Cargoes (cif NWE) Naphtha (cif NWE) <NAF-C-NW E> Ebob crack (per barrel) $4.806 prev. $5.206 Brent futures Rbob Rbob crack <RBc1-CLc1> (Reporting by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin; Editing by Jan Harvey)