Expert advice in how women should handle anger in the workplace

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One emotion women and men are expected to express very differently at work is anger.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance UK on the award-winning Global Change Agents with Lianna Brinded video series, a leading careers and industry expert Sue Unerman revealed what her top tips would be.

Unerman is the co-author, alongside Kathryn Jacob, of The Glass Wall, a book that offers advice for women seeking success at work. In the book, she and Jacob gathered interviews and case studies with over 100 men and women to determine “easy-to apply strategies for success.”

In the book they wrote that “men exploit their inner bastard; women hide the inner bitch.” However, the way women are expected to apply to anger at work is different.

Unerman, who is also the chief transformation officer at the UK’s largest media agency, Mediacom, gives her advice in the video about what is the best way for women to deal with anger at work.

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