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The Fruity April Aldi Finds You Need To Bring Spring Into Your Kitchen

Aldi spring selection
Aldi spring selection - Static Media/Getty

Warmer weather is fast approaching, and we just can't wait to get our spring on. While April is known (at least proverbially) to be on the rainier side, if we want May's bounty, that's something we have to get through. Although the temperature where you are may not yet reflect your increasingly sunny disposition, Aldi has a slew of fruity new products hitting the shelves this month that are sure to get you in the spring spirit.

While March's Aldi finds helped us spring out of winter, April's Aldi finds sends us buzzing further into spring. This list is loaded with several ready-to-drink cocktails and fruity frozen treats that will be hitting Aldi stores over the next few weeks. With citrusy beers, a sweet and savory goat cheese and fig pizza, and a strawberry-print wine tote, there's a little fruity something to suit every preference.

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Oh Me, Oh My! Pineapple Mimosa

Pineapple mimosa
Pineapple mimosa - Static Media/Getty

While brunch is a worthy event all year round, it's undeniably better during spring when you can comfortably enjoy your morning cocktails in the garden or on a balcony. Aldi regularly carries a selection of pre-made cocktails that make rendezvousing outdoors a breeze, but this one is all that and a bag of crumpets. On April 12, Oh Me, Oh My! Pineapple Mimosa is joining the ranks of fruity bottled mimosas Aldi shoppers love. Made with real fruit juice, a bottle of the low-ABV wine (containing 8% alcohol) is priced at $7.99.

Specially Selected Pizza

specially selected pizza box
specially selected pizza box - Static Media/Getty

Even pizza is getting a fresh spring makeover with Aldi's new Specially Selected stone-baked pizza offerings. The Goat Cheese and Fig variety is topped with mozzarella, goat cheese, sliced red onions, and pieces of sweet fig, while the Spinach and Goat Cheese pizza combines Emmental cheese (like Swiss) and goat cheese and is sprinkled with cherry tomatoes and spinach. Both will be added to Aldi's highly underrated frozen pizza section on April 3 and cost just $4.29 a pop.

Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Strawberry

sweet strawberry wine bottle
sweet strawberry wine bottle - Static Media/Getty

Country music might have you associating strawberry wine with summertime, but why not break it out a couple of months early? Sweet Strawberry wine by Pacific Fruit Vineyards will be making its way onto Aldi shelves on April 12. For $3.99, the sweet and slightly fizzy wine is the perfect springtime addition to an Aperol spritz.

Sundae Shoppe Oat Milk Fruit Bars

Sundae shoppe banana freeze pops
Sundae shoppe banana freeze pops - Static Media/Getty

April 2023 Aldi finds included plenty of plant-based desserts for spring, and this year is no different. On April 17, you can find Sundae Shoppe's Oat Milk Fruit Bars in the frozen aisle. Made with real fruit puree and no artificial preservatives, the non-dairy treat will be available to Aldi shoppers in two flavors: banana and blueberry. A four-count package costs $3.39.

Zarita Blueberry Margarita

Blueberry Margarita bottle
Blueberry Margarita bottle - Static Media/Getty

Aldi's Zarita grapefruit paloma may have had Instagram vibing last spring, but this year, it's all about blueberry. Because you should get all of your Cinco de Mayo tasting out of the way in April, Zarita's Blueberry Margarita will become available on April 12. The ready-to-drink, multi-serve margarita is priced at $12.95.

Bake Shop Lemon Frosted Sugar Cookie

Lemon frosted cookies box
Lemon frosted cookies box - Static Media/Getty

Frosted sugar cookies are pretty much always in season, but Bake Shop Bakery's Lemon Frosted Sugar Cookies, coming to Aldi on April 24, undoubtedly scream spring. Reminiscent of the beloved Lofthouse sugar cookies, the cakey cookies, topped with a thick layer of sweet, lemony icing and sprinkles cost $3.95 for a 10-count package.

Vistosa Sangria

Vistosa sangria bottle
Vistosa sangria bottle - Static Media/Getty

There's no better way to welcome in warmer weather than by sipping on a glass of chilled sangria. On April 12, Aldi is adding Vistosa Sangria to its ready-to-drink cocktail selection, so you can kick back and relax with no preparation required. Imported from Spain, each bottle costs $6.99. With a price like that, it's easy to gussy it up with fresh fruit, additional juices, and purees.

Clancy's Pretzels

Clanceys strawberry pretzels bag
Clanceys strawberry pretzels bag - Static Media/Getty

There are plenty of snack foods you should be buying at Aldi, but this one takes the (birthday) cake. Available on April 12, Clancey's Yogurt Covered Pretzels are a must-have snack for spring. Aldi will carry two flavors of dairy-dipped pretzels, Strawberry and Birthday Cake, each of which will cost Aldi's shoppers $2.99.

Petit Coconut Wine Specialty

coconut flavored wine bottle
coconut flavored wine bottle - Static Media/Getty

If skipping spring and rolling full-steam ahead into summer is more your speed, Petit Coconut Wine Specialty is a creamy wine cocktail that can help you do just that. Hitting Aldi shelves on April 12, Petit Coconut combines white wine with coconut flavor and cream for a perfectly sweet sipper. For just $7.99 per bottle, it can be enjoyed over ice or blended with frozen pineapple juice for a frozen, boozy smoothie.

Zarita Lemonade Freeze Pops

Zarita boozy lemonade freeze pops
Zarita boozy lemonade freeze pops - Static Media/Getty

Alcoholic Ice pops had TikTok in a tizzy last summer. On April 12, Aldi will keep the party going with Zarita Lemonade Freeze Pops. Not suitable for little ones, these adult freeze pops have all the sweet, fruity flavors of spring, with a nice boozy bite. Each 12-count box contains three flavors, Mango Lemonade, Original Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade, for $12.99 each.

State Of Brewing Dragonfruit Imperial Seltzer

Dragonfruit hard seltzer cans
Dragonfruit hard seltzer cans - Static Media/Getty

State of Brewing is one of the various brands behind Aldi's beer selection, and on April 12, the grocery giant is adding a seltzer to its roster. Flavored with dragon fruit, pineapple, and soursop, each 12-ounce can of State of Brewing's Dragonfruit Imperial Seltzer is bursting with tropical flavor. Get a four-pack of the carbonated beverage (which is notably not gluten-free) for just $8.99.

Baker's Corner Pie Filling & Topping

blueberry pie filling can
blueberry pie filling can - Static Media/Getty

Making a fruit-filled pie for your next spring fling just got a whole lot easier. Baker's Corner Pie Filling & Topping, available in Strawberry and Blueberry, is coming to Aldi stores on April 12. For just $2.99, you can cut the prep time for your favorite blueberry pie recipe in half!

Limaveza Lime Lager

Limaveza lime beer can
Limaveza lime beer can - Static Media/Getty

Adding to Aldi's impressive beer section, Limaveza Lime Lager, which costs $7.99 a pack, will be hitting stores on April 12. The lime-flavored beer is the perfect pairing for your favorite fish taco recipe. And with cans that cute, why throw them out? Up-cycle the cans by using them as planters to make a windowsill herb garden.

Burmans Assorted Citrus Hot Sauces

Burman's blood orange hot sauce
Burman's blood orange hot sauce - Static Media/Getty

With Burman's Assorted Citrus Hot Sauces, it's as if we said, "Give us hot sauce, but make it on brand for spring." The brightly flavored sauces will make their way to Aldi's shelves on April 12. Available in Key Lime Habanero, Blood Orange, and Lemon Lime, each bottle brings the heat for just $2.99

Locken's Tropical Pineapple Kolsch

Locken's Lemon blonde ale can
Locken's Lemon blonde ale can - Static Media/Getty

Perhaps a pineapple mimosa isn't quite your speed, but what about a pineapple-flavored beer? Moderately sweet and mildly hoppy, Locken's Tropical Pineapple Kolsch is an American-made, German-style beer coming to Aldi on April 12. Similar to the brand's grapefruit counterpart (also sold at Aldi), a pack costs $7.99.

Serra Wine Dispensing Tote

Wine dispensing tote
Wine dispensing tote - Static Media/Getty

Because spring is the season for picnicking, the Serra Wine Dispensing Tote is another must-have. Perfect for tailgating, the insulated tote with a hidden exterior spout discreetly holds up to 10 glasses of wine.  Coming to Aldi on April 17, the bags cost $12.99 and will be available in four designs: Strawberries, "Drink Wine," Black White Vineyard, and Turquoise Leaf.

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