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Furious mom demands Walmart answer for ‘horrifying’ baby toy: ‘Explain why this is still on your shelves’

A mom was shocked when she heard the “jokes” her baby’s toy remote came with, and now TikTokers are demanding the toy be pulled from shelves.

Mom Ashley Lynn (@mommabearash) gained over 13 million views, 1.7 million likes and 46,000 comments when she uploaded the inappropriate toy’s recordings to her account.

Now, much like the mortician mom who shocked TikTok when she revealed the toys she’ll never allow her children to play with, Ashley is inspiring parents around the world to double-check their kids’ toys.

As Ashley explains in her now-viral video, her 9-month-old was gifted the Linsay toy remote by his great-grandmother, who purchased it from Walmart.


Despite being recommended for ages 3+, a baby is depicted on the box, giving Ashley’s grandmother the impression that it was an appropriate gift. And because the remote did not come with batteries, she was unable to play with the remote ahead of wrapping it.

However, judging by the “jokes” stored in the toy remote, the gift is clearly not appropriate for children of any age.

“Let me show you the joke that actually got me upset,” Ashley said in a follow-up video. “Because my 3-year-old was playing [with it] with her brother.”

Ashley plays through the jokes until she finds the correct one: “The Easter Bunny, an honest lawyer, Santa Claus, and a drunk find a $50 bill together. Can you guess who gets to keep it? Of course it’s the drunk, because the other three don’t exist.”

This was just one joke that infuriated Ashley — and millions of other TikTokers.

“That’s horrifying,” one user commented.

“This is not funny at all wtf,” another user wrote.

“Okay how does this actually happen though?” asked one user.

“Whoever did the programming was definitely quitting soon and knew there wasn’t quality control,” speculated one user.

In an update, Ashley informed her followers that she emailed Linsay about the toy and demanded they do something about it.

“They got back to me in a very timely manner and responded that they had opened an investigation, and that toys would stop being sold,” Ashley explained.

After reading their email, Ashley checked online and saw that the toy was no longer available on the websites of Walmart, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Office Depot and Military Exchange.

TikTokers applauded Ashley for her efforts, and for getting the toy pulled.

“I actually got this for my niece I am glad I seen this before I gave her the present so now I got a buy something else no way this is crazy😏,” one user wrote.

“Thank you so much for emailing them and getting them off the shelves,” commented another user.

“Thank you for speaking up!!! Glad they discontinued them,” wrote one user.

Ashley’s video proves that it’s always good idea to double-check kids’ toys, even if they claim to be age-appropriate.

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