ICG Enterprise Trust Plc: Portfolio Update - ICG Enterprise Trust committing to Green Equity IX

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ICG Enterprise Trust plc

2 September 2022

Portfolio Update

ICG Enterprise Trust committing to Green Equity IX

ICG Enterprise Trust plc (ICGT) is pleased to announce that it has made a $20m commitment to Green Equity Investors IX, managed by Leonard Green & Partners (LGP). This is the first commitment by ICGT to a fund managed by LGP.

LGP is a leading private equity investment manager, founded in 1989 with over $75bn of assets under management. Headquartered in Los Angeles, LGP is predominantly focused on the US market. LGP seeks to invest in market leading companies, with defensive market positions, multiple drivers of growth and strong management teams.

Green Equity Investors IX will primarily focus on investing in companies that provide services in Consumer, Healthcare and Business Services where it has strong domain expertise.


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Oliver Gardey, Head of Private Equity Fund Investments, ICG        
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About ICG Enterprise Trust

ICG Enterprise Trust is a leading listed private equity investor focused on creating long-term growth by delivering consistently strong returns through selectively investing in profitable private companies, primarily in Europe and the US.

As a listed private equity investor, our purpose is to provide shareholders with access to the attractive long-term returns generated by investing in private companies, with the added benefit of daily liquidity.

We invest in companies directly and through funds managed by ICG and other leading private equity managers who focus on creating long-term value and building sustainable growth through active management and strategic change.

We have a long track record of delivering strong returns through a flexible mandate and highly selective approach that strikes the right balance between concentration and diversification, risk and reward.


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