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Ipsos Mori and DIAL Global to launch white paper into 500 of UK's biggest firms' D&I practices

Lianna Brinded
Head of Yahoo Finance UK
A new review is to create a blueprint of D&I which is relatable and relevant to all. Photo: Getty

Major polling firm Ipsos Mori is partnering with global membership diversity and inclusion membership organisation DIAL Global and a number of others to eventually launch a white paper that delves into the diversity and inclusion practices at the 500 largest companies in Britain (^FTSE).

Its partners are also UN Global Compact, social mobility charity UpReach and consultancy giant EY. Last month, Yahoo Finance’s parent company Verizon Media was a strategic partner for DIAL Global’s digital conference on D&I.

The report will look at 10 facets of workplace diversity and inclusion — ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, mental health, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, disability, religion, parenthood — and will be published in the McKenzie-Delis Packer Review in October 2020.

“The current crisis and subsequent recovery will mark a new era for organisations. In this challenging new world we cannot falter in our shared mission to foster D&I and ensure the painstaking progress that we have collectively achieved is not reversed,” said Leila McKenzie Delis, founder and CEO of DIAL Global.

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“CEO’s, leaders and their respective organisations must seize this opportunity to place D&I at the forefront of their recovery, as a powerful enabler of innovation, positive workplace culture and financial performance. The McKenzie-Delis Packer Review will create a blueprint of D&I which is relatable and relevant to all.

“By exploring multiple facets in one report, we can provide organisations with a diagnostic tool to guide their internal D&I efforts and help them learn from their peers. The responses to this survey will provide an insight into how to support future progress and celebrate current success.”

Ipsos Mori is contacting the 500 largest companies in the UK and asking for a representative to complete the questionnaire to gather the data.  

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The data will be used to create a comprehensive set of benchmark data which will be measured on an annual basis. 

“Progress in making the senior ranks of major institutions more representative of the country they serve is glacially slow,” said Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos MORI.

“Ipsos MORI believes that it can help play its part with its partners in measuring progress, to help us all have informed conversations about what sort of country we want to be.”

In 2020, society is being forced to confront the systemic racism that permeates every part of life for black communities, as well as for other people of colour. There is an urgent need to collectively bring about change in our societies to create a better future.

The world of work is no different. Bosses of companies, middle managers, co-workers are being confronted by the need to step up when it comes to listening, learning, and taking action to fight racism and inequality in the workplace.

Consultancy giant McKinsey recently published a report that showed that the greater the representation of diversity was at the company, “the higher the likelihood of outperformance.”

It showed that companies with more than 30% women executives were more likely to outperform companies where this percentage ranged from 10% to 30%.

“In the case of ethnic and cultural diversity, our business-case findings are equally compelling: in 2019, top-quartile companies outperformed those in the fourth one by 36% in profitability, slightly up from 33% in 2017 and 35% in 2014. As we have previously found, the likelihood of outperformance continues to be higher for diversity in ethnicity than for gender.”