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JetBrains Presents 2023 Annual Highlights — Its Community Reaches 15.9M Developers Across the Globe


JetBrains’ revenue grew by 11%: 90 out of The Fortune Global Top 100 companies use its products, and every day 392 new organizations and 3,654 individuals become its customers

Prague, Czech Republic, March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JetBrains, the company that created an extended family of integrated development environments (IDE) for various programming languages and team collaboration tools, today presents its 2023 Annual Report. Over the year, JetBrains shared the public preview of its next-generation IDE; introduced a new UI for its IDEs; announced the return of KotlinConf in 2023, and grew its community to over 15.9 million developers globally.

90 out of The Fortune Global Top 100 companies use JetBrains’ products. Every day 392 new organizations and 3,654 individuals become JetBrains customers. The numbers increased by 45% and 11% accordingly, compared to the previous year. JetBrains also experienced remarkable growth in the number of users, which increased by 24% – adding more than 3.1 million users- and its revenue grew by 11% in 2022, with balanced growth in both the Americas and the Asia-Pacific regions.


Over 5 million developers worldwide used Kotlin, while JetBrains released four new products

Founded on a single product, JetBrains' portfolio now boasts more than 30 tools. In 2022 the company released four new products:

  • Aqua: a powerful new IDE for test automation

  • Writerside: an IntelliJ Platform plugin that helps to create and publish beautiful online docs

  • RiderFlow for Unity: a new Unity editor plugin for scene management, navigation, and searching your Unity assets

  • Toolbox Enterprise: a tool to provision IntelliJ-based IDEs to your developers’ machines securely and consistently

In 2022, over 5 million developers worldwide used Kotlin, a modern programming language designed by JetBrains and adopted by Google as the preferred language for Android development. According to the StackOverflow Developer Survey 2022, Kotlin is the sixth most wanted programming language. Over 200+ universities have Kotlin in their courses, and over 150,000 students have enrolled in the Android Basics in Kotlin course. In 2022, Kotlin appeared as the primary language in 1M+ open-source GitHub repositories.

Over 115,000 companies joined Space, while JetBrains significantly updated its functionality

Space is a unified platform covering the entire software development pipeline, from hosting Git repositories, automating CI/CD, publishing packages, and orchestrating cloud dev environments, to managing issues, documents, and chats in one place. In 2022, JetBrains released Space On-Premises from Beta: it allows developers to manage, maintain, and upgrade Space entirely on their end. The company also introduced Space Marketplace Beta, a place to browse, create, and share applications.

JetBrains partnered with leading tech companies — Google, Gitpod, GitHub, Amazon, and more

JetBrains partnered with the biggest cloud development environment providers. Developers can now use JetBrains Gateway to work remotely in their favorite IDEs in Google Cloud, Gitpod, GitHub Codespaces, or Amazon CodeCatalyst, enjoying the familiar JetBrains IDE experience. The company also introduced a new feature called AWS Connection in TeamCity, which makes it possible to work with AWS credentials more flexibly and safely, and partnered with Checkmarx to ensure greater software security with Package Analysis in IntelliJ IDEA.

JetBrains continues to support students, teachers, and the open-source community, granting over 2 million free subscriptions and extending its Academy 

JetBrains has always been a proud supporter of students, educators, research professionals, and seasoned developers looking to expand their knowledge and skills. In 2022, 1,762,956 students and 91,787 teachers in academia received a JetBrains Educational Pack free of charge, and 871,960 students received a special discount for their JetBrains license renewal upon graduating. 2,098 schools and universities received 191,462 educational subscriptions for classroom assistance, and 42,475 students from 577 training courses and bootcamps received free subscriptions for a JetBrains IDE of their choice to use in their studies.

JetBrains also supports the open-source community. In 2022, 6,148 open-source projects from the community received 11,370 complimentary licenses for non-commercial open-source development, while 1,532 committers from The Apache Software Foundation and 55 Drupal core contributors received complimentary licenses for their work on open-source projects as a part of their special partnership with JetBrains.

JetBrains added 13 new tracks to its Academy in 2022, bringing the total to 29 tracks, now you can learn Scala and SQL, as well as explore the field of data science. JetBrains also supports scientific groups researching in various domains, from particle physics and intelligent collaboration tools to biolabs and neurodevelopment. In 2022, its team published 22 scientific papers.

JetBrains opens new offices in Europe to accommodate new team members

JetBrains’ team now comprises 1,800 employees in 12 offices across the US, Europe, Asia, and remote locations. It continues to expand and has 160 open positions. In 2022 the company opened its offices in Berlin, Yerevan, Belgrade, Paphos, and a coworking facility in Limassol, while its Munich office was expanded and remodeled to accommodate new team members.

You can read the full report here.

About JetBrains

JetBrains creates intelligent software development tools used by over 15.9 million professionals and 90 Fortune Global Top100 companies. Its lineup of more than 30 products includes IDEs for most programming languages and technologies, such as IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and others, as well as products for team collaboration, like JetBrains Space. JetBrains is also known for creating the Kotlin programming language, recognized by Google as the preferred language for Android development. The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, and has offices throughout the world. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Tatiana Grin PR Manager JetBrains