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Jobseeker Aims To Take On 52 Posts In 52 Weeks

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A 29-year-old has decided to take on 52 different jobs in as many weeks in the hope of finding his dream role.

A life-changing accident forced Matt Frost, from Liskeard, in Cornwall, to reassess his circumstances while at home.

Mr Frost, who previously worked as a retail manager at a shop in London, is to follow in the footsteps of Canadian Sean Aiken who completed a similar challenge in his home country.

"An email and a chat later" - Mr Frost was inspired by Mr Aiken to embark on his own job adventure across the UK.

He will blog about any role he lands, donating any earnings he makes from each week-long job to youth charity, The Prince's Trust.

And he is prepared for all manners of work and job offers - from farming, to working for The Prince's Trust itself, as well even trying his hand as a stuntman.

Mr Frost said: "The injury woke me up to the fact that maybe this wasn't what I really wanted to be doing with my life. I'm sure many people suffer such crises, but this one was more than the usual itch.

"I hope to not only find a job that I will love, but that my experiences will help others to find their own penchants.

"Where I'm from lots of people tend to avoid risks. They'll tend to take the safe road. Happiness at work? For many that's a fairy tale, and only the lucky few enjoy their employment.

"I've decided to explore the possibilities ... to take a leap and see if I can discover something I'm truly passionate about."

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