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Katy Perry just publicly thanked Orlando's ex for helping clear her acne with this product

Kate Pasola
·2-min read

Our gal Katy Perry has been on an authenticity kick of late, opening up about everything from how her body hair habits have changed since giving birth to showing off her real hair and admitting "everything is fake", to flashing her spanx and even contributing to opening up the conversation around mental health.

Her latest stint of keeping it majorly real came via an Instagram live with Miranda Kerr, who ICYMI is her fiancé Orlando Bloom's ex-wife.

She joined the live to gush about Miranda's skincare line Kora Organics, particularly Kerr's new launch, a Turmeric Glow Moisturiser, which she credits as overhauling her skincare game and clearing her acne.

She appeared on the live fresh-faced and post-shower, in her words "little-to-no makeup... maybe just a little under-eye [concealer]", because she wanted to "show off her skin", after its progress using Kerr's skincare.

My favourite part of the conversation was when Katy divulged how she came to be using the moisturiser ahead of its launch date, saying:

"One of the great things about about being close with Miranda is that I get to try out all her products, especially when her son who's 10 years old comes with them and I look through his little backpack... and you gave me this new moisturiser!"

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She then explained that the moisturiser has overhauled her skin, saying:

"It has changed my skin game so much. I was like Miranda, if you ever wanna do a live about it? I have no investment, nobody's paying me...I've used everything on my skin. I've used La Mer, I've used all of the amazing dermatologists in LA, all of their lines, and this one has changed my skin so much. People are like 'you're glowing! you've got rosy cheeks!'"

Since using it she says she's seen "no zits", and a rosy glowing complexion, continuing:

"I have had adult acne in the past, and that's why I have been not leaning into heavy moisturiser, because I'm going to get these cystic zits underneath my skin that I can't even pop...I was a little bit scared of heavy moisturisers."

Perry says she uses it morning and night, and doesn't feel the need to use primer since bringing it into her pre-makeup prep.

Hilariously, she also commented that Orlando is equally obsessed with the product, which took Kerr 2 years to develop, sharing that the pair "fight over the [refillable] pods".

If it's good enough for PerryBloom, it's good enough for me.

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