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Landlord accused of advertising corridor as London flat for £845 a month

This flat appears to be just a corridor with a door at each end. Photo: Zoopla

A landlord has been accused of re-purposing a corridor as a London flat and advertising it for £845 a month.

The flat in South-Brixton, near Brixton Underground Station, was listed on Zoopla until earlier today, before being removed.

It was initially listed for £901 per month in August, but was reduced by the landlord in September.

The flat doesn't seem to have room for a bed – just a sofa that can be folded out to sleep on. Photo: Zoopla.

It was advertised suitable for a single or professional couple. But it isn’t clear how much space there is in the apartment, especially as the listing did not provide a floor-plan.

Vice journalist Joel Golby, who shared the flat, said the first thing that stuck him as odd was the placement of the radiator. One of the images showed a radiator halfway up the wall, at eye-level, near the front door.

While he didn’t at first think it was the worst place he’d ever seen, the radiator was a “subtle clue that there is far more amiss in this flat that initially meets the eye”, he explained.

The kitchen showed no sign of an oven. Source: Zoopla

Noticing there was no bed – just a sofa near the front door that can be pulled out to sleep on – and that there appeared, from the images, to be no oven, Golby finally realised, "It isn’t a flat, is it? It’s a corridor someone put two doors in.”

A small cooker hood, a microwave, a sink, a cabinet and a washing machine can be seen in the kitchen images – but no oven.

Meanwhile, the bathroom, which comes with a shower, toilet, mirror cabinet and sink, was supposed to have been recently been refurbished – yet a clear gap can be seen between the wall and the sink.

There is a clear space between the sink and the wall. Photo: Zoopla

Despite being advertised as available with or without furniture, the images didn’t show any space for a bed or additional items.

Golby wrote: “If your housemate left a sofa in the hallway of your share-house, you’d be annoyed, wouldn’t you? But if you do it and you’re a landlord and you can lock the door either side of it, then somehow you can charge £845 a month for that.”