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MacBook Pro: Apple reveals new, bigger laptop with updated keyboard

Andrew Griffin

Apple has unveiled a new MacBook Pro, featuring a new keyboard and vastly improved specs.

The new computer replaces the old 15-inch MacBook Pro, while costing the same despite coming at a bigger size and with much higher specs. That means it starts at £2,399 in the UK, though it be configured to cost much more.

The new MacBook Pro will be followed by the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR in December, Apple announced. The MacBook Pro will also be able to use that display, and is able to power two of them at once.

Apple made a variety of changes to the new computer, though most notable are alterations intended to address complaints about the old version of the MacBook Pro. The company has redesigned the keyboard as well as adding a new thermal architecture that should allow for improved performance.

The old MacBook Pro keyboard has caused significant controversy, with users complaining that keys will get stuck and not type properly. Apple says that it altered the redesign to use a different mechanism and more robust keys that should avoid it breaking, as well as improving the feel of pressing keys.

Apple has also increased the amount of battery in the computer. It says that it added the maximum capacity it could, because battery sizes are limited by airline regulations and the computer would not otherwise be allowed on planes.

The battery will now last for up to 11 hours under normal browsing. It also has a more powerful charger that should allow it to fill up more quickly.

Apple improved almost every spec in the new computer. It can come with up to 2TB of storage, as much as 8GB of RAM and improved GPUs and CPUs.

Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing boss, spoke to The Independent about the choices that went into the new laptop – and how the feedback of frustrated professionals had helped inform the redesign.

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