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Maltesers Is Launching Orange Chocolate Bunnies For Easter 2021

Marianna Gould
·1-min read

From Delish

What saved 2020? Well, that's easy: orange chocolate. In case you haven't noticed (and have been living under a rock for the past few months), orange-flavoured chocolate has been doing the rounds. We're talking about the likes of Cadbury, Galaxy, Magnum and more, having all introduced orange chocolate editions.

And so this news might not come as a surprise to you, but it's definitely worth sharing. Maltesers is set to launch an orange chocolate Maltesers Bunny by Christmas, ready for Easter next year, and we're pretty pumped.

We first caught wind of this news via Kev's Snack Reviews on Instagram, after he posted an image of the Maltesers orange Bunnies and captioned it with: "Orange Maltesers Bunnies are coming next Easter! 🐰 (But will be out by Christmas 🤫)."

Fans have been loving the announcement, leaving Kev's post with over 2000 likes and 300 comments. One fan commented, "My life is made🤤." Whilst another even said, "[The] orange chocolate train just does not stop!"

We can't help but daydream about how amazing Easter will be next year. Just think of all the orange chocolate Easter eggs! Not to mention, the launch of Mini Eggs-stuffed chocolate bars! Yep, Cadbury is launching a sharing bar that will be made up of delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate (we assume) that’s been stuffed with the iconic Mini Eggs. Yes, yes and yes.

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