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McDonald’s New Value Meal Gets You 4 Items for $5

Here's what's included.



Summer is officially here, which likely means so are your family vacations and road trips. With so many prices at an all-time premium, it shouldn’t feel like breaking the bank just trying to get a quick meal on the road or at the airport.

After an $18 Big Mac meal sparked outrage among its customers, McDonald’s is responding by releasing a summer filled with deals. That’s right: the value meal we were promised, which caused so many competitors to get their own cheap meals on menus, is finally here.

McDonald's Introduces $5 Meal Deal

McDonald’s is adding its $5 Meal Deal to menus nationwide on June 25. The long-awaited deal gets you your choice of a McDouble or McChicken, small fries, four-count chicken nuggets, and a small soft drink—for just $5.



That’s cheaper than combining basically anything on the “$1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu,” which hardly has anything for $1 at all.


With customers complaining about fast food price hikes, it’s clear McDonald’s is hoping the new deal will have people flocking to the Golden Arches. And while the deal is great—and you don’t have to order online or download the restaurant’s app to get it—there is still a catch. The $5 Meal Deal is only available for a limited time.

We were hoping Mickey D’s would take a page from Wendy’s book, which offers $5 Biggie Bags and $4 “444” meals all the time. For now, it seems like a limited-time promotion, but maybe if it’s a successful deal, McDonald’s will consider adding it to the menu full-time.

McDonald's Free Fries Friday Deal

But that's not all. We’ll happily take a summer filled with deals. McDonald’s is also bringing back its “Free Fries Friday” deal. Every Friday through the rest of 2024, customers can get a free medium fry with any purchase of $1 or more. However, for this deal, you will need to order via the McDonald’s app.

And, it’s sweetening up National French Fry Day, too, by giving away free any size fries on July 13 with no additional purchase necessary.

McDonald's Local Promotions

Lastly, following the franchise drama in which customers found major price discrepancies between McDonald’s locations mere miles apart, the brand has a solution. This summer, your local franchisee will run special deals unique to the location.

You’ll have to head to your local franchise or check the Mickey D’s app to see what deals your restaurant is offering. But you can look for things like Buy One Get One for $1 breakfast sandwiches in Memphis, Tennessee, a Double Cheeseburger and small fries pairing for $3.50 in Columbus, Ohio, and a McChicken and McDouble deal for $3.99 in Western New York, according to McDonald’s press release.

Let the summer of savings begin!

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