Most popular time for property searches revealed

Wednesday evening at 8.48pm is the most popular time for people to look for their next home, according to a property website.

Visits to Rightmove tend to peak between 8pm and 9pm each day as many people settle down on the sofa after dinner.

The website, which has 141 million visits per month on average, said that December is usually the quietest month for home hunting.

A couple look at homes in an estate agent's window
Online searches for homes peak between 8pm and 9pm, according to Rightmove

However, traffic tends to increase from around Boxing Day.

Last Christmas, Rightmove page views increased by 231% between Christmas Day and January 2.

Rightmove property expert Miles Shipside said: “It may be that the Wednesday peak of 8.48pm coincides with the final advert break of many TV shows.

“A few years back the busiest time of day was lunchtime but as mobile usage increased this has changed.”