NFL BIOSCIENCES (Euronext Growth Paris – FR0014003XT0 – ALNFL), a biopharmaceutical company developing botanical drugs for the treatment of addictions, announces it has submitted a new patent application to protect the administration of NFL-101 in association with other smoking cessation treatments, and particularly nicotine replacement therapies. The application was initially submitted in the United States and will be extended to cover other countries in line with the intellectual property protection strategy put in place by NFL Biosciences.

NFL Biosciences intends to demonstrate the benefits of associating NFL-101 with other smoking cessation treatments and particularly nicotine replacement therapies: with the launch of dedicated clinical trials, NFL Biosciences has submitted a patent application to protect the administration of NFL-101 before an attempt to stop smoking at the same time as commencing another smoking cessation treatment and especially nicotine replacement therapies.

Nicotine substitutes include transdermal patches, tablets, chewing gums, inhalers and nicotine sprays. They are used as a substitute for cigarettes after stopping smoking or reducing the number of cigarettes consumed in order to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms due to reduced or zero nicotine intake.

The global market for smoking cessation drugs is estimated at nearly USD 6 billion (source: Coherent Market Insights); with an estimated growth of 6% for the coming years. The market potential is nevertheless limited by a lack of more effective treatments without side effects. Despite a modest level of efficacy after six months, at around 15.7% (source: EAGLES1), nicotine replacement therapies make up 80% of the market. They are the leading treatments, because they do not have any significant side effects, while other drugs such as Champix®/Chantix® and Zyban®, which have slightly higher efficacy levels (also after six months and according to EAGLES: 21.8% for Champix/Chantix and 16.2% for Zyban), are sometimes poorly tolerated.

Bruno Lafont, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of NFL Biosciences: Improving the efficacy of smoking cessation treatments and specifically nicotine substitutes without generating side effects represents a major challenge. In addition to the CESTO 2 clinical trial that is underway for NFL-101 administered alone, this patent application represents the first milestone with our commitment to demonstrating the benefits of associating NFL-101 with other treatments and particularly nicotine replacement therapies. Once on the market, NFL-101 would then have a major competitive advantage because it could be prescribed either on its own or in association with other treatments in order to increase their efficacy”.

About NFL Biosciences

NFL Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company based in the Montpellier area which develops botanical drug candidates for the treatment of addictions. NFL Biosciences' ambition is to bring new, natural, safer and more effective therapeutic solutions to the entire world population, including low- and middle-income countries. Its most advanced product, called NFL-101, is a standardized, nicotine-free tobacco leaf extract protected by two patent families. NFL Biosciences intends to offer smokers who want to quit a natural, safe, easy-to-administer and personalized alternative. NFL Biosciences is also developing NFL-301, a natural drug candidate for the reduction of alcohol consumption and has a drug development project for the treatment of cannabis use disorders.

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1 EAGLES (Evaluating Adverse Events in a Global Smoking Cessation Study) is one of the biggest studies carried out on smoking cessation treatments. Multinational, randomized and double blind, it covered 8,058 smokers. The findings were published in 2018 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.