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Olympian Won't Be 'Defeated' by Zero-Scoring Failed Dive: 'I'm Allowed to Make Mistakes'

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Olympian Won't Be 'Defeated' by Zero-Scoring Failed Dive: 'I'm Allowed to Make Mistakes'

Canadian diver Pamela Ware didn't have the Tokyo Olympics she envisioned, but that hasn't stopped her from looking ahead to what's next.

On Saturday, Ware placed last in the semifinals of the women's 3m springboard event because while attempting her final dive, which was supposed to be her most difficult, she slipped and ended up too far forward on the board.

She aborted the attempt and went feet-first into the water. The judges awarded her zero points, drastically lowering her overall score.

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"Honestly, I think I'm still in shock right now," Ware, 28, told reporters after. "I'm kind of emotionless, which is really weird for me because I usually act on my emotions really quickly. But I think that if I would have done the dive, I could have possibly hurt myself."

On Sunday, Ware grew visible emotional as she reflected on the end of her Games in a video on Instagram.

Pamela Ware
Pamela Ware

Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

"I am very proud of myself. This has been really difficult," she said. "What you guys see in the competition is just a tiny factor of what we actually do to get to where we are."

"I was so ready for this competition and I made a mistake," Ware continued. "It could have happened to anybody but it happened to me at the wrong time. But I am proud because I have done everything possible to make it to where I am. And I'm human."

She said she was grateful for the widespread support: "so many beautiful messages of encouragement and I appreciate it so much."

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Pamela Ware
Pamela Ware

Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

And she said she had no plans to stop going for Olympic gold.

"I hope you guys are gonna get used to having me around, because I'm not going anywhere," she said.

"I'm not letting it defeat me."

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