Platinum Jubilee: 10 most expensive ‘royal streets’ to buy a home

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Platinum Jubilee London, UK - 8 July, 2018: Affluent street Queen Anne's Gate
Platinum Jubilee: Affluent street Queen Anne's Gate has been home to several famous residents over the years including Sting. Photo: Getty

As Britons celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, research shows that living on a street with a royal connection can add thousands to the value of properties, with some houses in these ‘royal streets’ commanding a king’s ransom in price.

Queen Anne’s Gate has been crowned the mot expensive ‘royal street’, with average house prices £17,563,000 between 2016 and 2022, more than £5m higher than the next street name on the list, Halifax revealed.

The street has been home to several famous residents over the years including John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher, former Admiral of the Fleet, writer Elizabeth Bowen, and former Police front man, Sting.

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The ‘royal street’ ranked fifth in Halifax’s annual list of “most expensive streets” in December last year.

The next street name on the list is Queens Grove, where homes averaged £12,050,000 over the same period.

Russell Galley, managing director at Halifax, said:While homes on a Queen Anne’s Gate may bring a king’s ransom, and those on a Queen’s Grove will cost a princely sum, other ‘royal’ avenues attract slightly more modest prices, though still somewhat above the UK average house price on £286,079.

“Beyond those areas we expect to see dominate house price comparisons in the South East, we see royal streets in North Yorkshire, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, and Wales all above the UK average.

“And although Coronation Road ranked highly in our review of house prices there was no sign of Coronation Street in our list, which would no doubt disappoint the residents of Weatherfield!”

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Royal street names house price Top 10. Table: Halifax
Royal street names house price Top 10. Table: Halifax

While the very top of the list is taken by streets in London, Surrey, and Berkshire, two streets in Bath: Royal Crescent and Queen Square, and one in Bristol, Royal Park made the top 11, with average property sales above £1.3m.

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The northern most ‘royal streets’ in the most expensive list were Queen’s Road (£1,246,200) and Queen Parade (£1,048,000) both in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, which ranked 13th & 17th respectively.

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