Ready to change your life? Meet the coaches who can help you do it

Life Coaches

Ready to change your life? Meet the coaches who can help you do it
Ready to change your life? Meet the coaches who can help you do it
Ready to change your life? Meet the coaches who can help you do it

London, Apr. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) // The pandemic has shown so many of us what really matters to them — and as such a vast number of people are looking to make big shifts in their priorities to create the lives they want to live.

That can be easier said than done — which is why finding the right coach to guide you on your journey is of the utmost importance according to Bloom Communications.

Take a look at the life coaches leading the way in 2021.

Hayley Forbes (@hayleyforbescoaching)

Hayley Forbes helps female coaches to live their most extraordinary lives by using a mix of intuitive mindset coaching and business mentoring to take them to a place of depth and soul-based healing while helping them implement clear, effective strategies — connecting them back to their purpose and passion whilst expanding their business.


Based at her home in Aberdeenshire, the purpose and success coach works with her clients in both 1:1 and group programmes to help them to get visible, grow their businesses and launch their online courses.

Hayley explained: “I take people on a deep journey of healing inner work, dissolving any resistance and escaping society’s pressure and expectations so they can easily move towards their goals and live their best life possible.

“When my clients start working with me, they’re often feeling stuck or coasting and feel unsure about which step to take next. Our work together is all about helping them to stop working for a living and start to live for a living instead.”

Hayley’s passion for her work was born from her experience of feeling as though she was stuck in survival mode, struggling to reach the things she wanted and always having an intuitive feeling that there was something more to life — and that it must be easier to achieve than we are led to believe.

Hayley added: “My life changed when I said yes to me! I delved into personal development and worked through 1:1 coaching, group programmes, books and training courses. I started to achieve everything I’d been striving for — as well as feeling deep inner happiness at the same time. Now, I’m all about sharing this amazing gift with anyone who’s ready to embark on their own journey of learning to become their true self and level up in life.”

Joelle Phua (@joellephua_)

London-based life coach, Joelle Phua, helps women and women of colour to stop doubting themselves, eradicate burnout and ditch toxic productivity.

Joelle said: “My work is all about my mission to make the world a fairer place for everyone. I think this comes from my academic background in sociology — and after initially getting the wheels in motion for my own personal development journey, I’m now hugely passionate about helping other women too.”

Joelle works with her clients through a variety of online sessions and packages to help them embrace their whole selves so they can build restful and grounded lives. She combines life coaching and NLP to guide them to create systems that work for them, cultivate sustainable self-love and finally feel lit up in every area of their lives.

She also recently launched the Transformative Coaching Fund© to financially support women of colour to give them access to coaching services.

Joelle finished: “My impact didn’t start with me — and it won’t end with me either. I really see my coaching business as a way to sow seeds of confidence into women across generations so they can, in turn, impact their communities for years to come. This is more than coaching — it’s a movement!”

Shari Angelina (

Shari Angelina is a Berlin-based Intuitive Life Coach + fully-qualified NLP Practitioner specializing in all things mindset and manifestation, helping ambitious women and aspiring female entrepreneurs to holistically manifest their dream life by connecting them to their higher selves.

Shari said: “I’ve seen so many talented women who know there’s more to life fruitlessly investing time, money and energy in strategy and courses to get their dream life and business without doing the groundwork of connecting with their true potential and authentic selves first.

“Without this crucial foundation to feel complete and worthy on the inside, it’s incredibly difficult to experience a thriving business, career, relationship — the list really is endless. I truly believe that we are most magnetic to what we desire when we’re being our most authentic selves, so it’s the foundation of anything you’re building and creating”

Shari uses Neuro Linguistic Programming to disconnect her clients from limiting beliefs and old negative emotions, and then helps them to embed new more empowering beliefs in their subconscious mind as well as achieve more balance, trust, love and abundance within themselves

Shari added: “I left my career in fashion as I wanted to reconnect to my values and follow my vision of helping people live happier and more fulfilling lives, but I could have never dreamt off a more rewarding job than being an intuitive Life & Mindset Coach and there truly is nothing better than seeing my clients experience major transformations as early as one week into working together. It’s such a privilege to witness them finally feel like the best version of themselves — free, aligned, abundant, loved externally and internally. It means the world to me.”

Clients can work with Shari in 1:1 VIP strategy days or through her program, Herhigherself, combining 1:1 and group coaching calls with an online course. We recommend readers to take a look at Shari’s social media pages - here you can keep up to date with all of Shari’s content and resources including her 21 Day Manifestation Journal that is available for download.

Loni Nelson (@theworthywitch_)

Trauma-informed mindset practitioner, Loni Nelson, specializes in helping her clients to re-build their self-worth after living through difficult events in their lives.

Loni commented: “So many female entrepreneurs experience burnout which in turn can have a huge impact on their confidence and how worthy they believe themselves to be. Usually this happens to those of us who identify as people pleasers or therapy friends, or maybe just someone who finds it really hard to say no.

“We work together to re-establish that confidence, put healthy boundaries in place and work through the trauma that might have led to these habits or blocks.”

Loni works with her clients in a 1:1 coaching container as well as one-time hypnotherapy sessions.

Loni concluded: “This is about much more than just me — it’s about a movement of female entrepreneurs learning how to be strong, compassionate and financially abundant in their lives and relationships with others. When we do the hard, inner work consistently, that’s when we can start to show up as leaders in our spaces and create safe communities and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Maiko Rogers (@coachmaikomichelle)

California-based Maiko Michelle helps women and their partners to shield themselves and their children from an unhealthy co-parenting dynamic with the other parent. Her main focus is on women in the stepmom role and biological mothers because she believes women are often the force of change within unhealthy relationship dynamics.

Working with her clients on a 1:1 basis, Maiko uniquely tailors her Freedom From Chaos program to each individual’s situation and covers the core areas of inner wellbeing, conscious partnership and dysfunctional parenting dynamics.

Maiko said: “Society pressures us to believe that we should all be able to co-parent cooperatively for the sake of the kids — but regular rules of co-parenting can’t be applied to dysfunctional or high-conflict cases like the one I found myself in when I met my partner.

“It’s such a unique and difficult situation to find yourself in. When I meet them, my clients are often drowning in stress and feel like they’re losing control of their lives and future. They’ve probably read all the books, listened to podcasts or even sought professional advice but none of it’s helping. No one seems to understand and expect you to just ‘get on with it’ — when behind the scenes it feels like your life and relationship are imploding.

“I understand what my clients are going through because I’ve lived it, and I’ve since studied under the guidance of some of the best therapists, psychologists, life coaches and high-conflict specialists. I know it’s possible to have a peaceful life and a happy relationship after this because that’s my reality now — and I’m all about helping my clients to achieve the same thing in a much shorter amount of time.”

Maiko’s program is focused on alignment first and foremost. Helping her clients to tune into their inner guidance system and live their lives with integrity from the inside out, her work is all about guiding them to peel away the shallow layers to connect with who they truly are and set the real them free.

She added: “This is such a beautiful process because what we do in one area of our lives, we do everywhere — and that means the positive effects of the work we do together are so far reaching. The changes my clients create in their co-parenting often sees them transform in their other relationships, their careers — the sky’s the limit.”

You can keep up with each of these inspirational coaches curated by Bloom Communications on their journeys by following them on Instagram.

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