Customers of $5.5bn fintech Revolut hit by payday problems

One of Revolut's cards. Photo: Revolut
One of Revolut's cards. Photo: Revolut

Customers of UK fintech Revolut faced delays getting their salaries paid on Friday, with users complaining of being left in the dark by the $5.5bn (£4.1bn) company.

Revolut was hit by “technical difficulties” on Friday that delayed the payment of salaries into users accounts. Customers took to Twitter (TWTR) to complain and question the company about what was going on.

“Seems like loads of people including me haven't received their salary today via Revolut,” Twitter user Jessica van der Oever wrote on the site.

van der Oever’s message was echoed by many others.

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“Seem to have the same issue as most with salary not coming through even through employer confirmed its been sent,” Adam Zabinski tweeted.

“Revolut has not paid any UK customers their salaries today!! Issue ongoing since 3am,” Christel van Rijn tweeted. “They have not provided an ETA and offered no support to any customers for covering bills.”

A spokesperson told Yahoo Finance UK: “Unfortunately, we encountered a technical issue which caused a delay in some payments being credited to customer's accounts. The issue has now been resolved, and all payments have since been credited. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

A similar message was posted on Revolut’s official Twitter account mid-afternoon on Friday.

However, for much of the day the company’s official blog and Twitter account carried no mention of any problem and its status page said all systems were operational.

Customers complained about the lack of communication from the company.

“I, and many others, have not received my salary,” Kev Harrison wrote on Twitter. “And I cannot contact anyone on the chat. Not acceptable!”

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Revolut urged individual customers on Twitter to use its chat feature in the app to speak to a customer service. Several complained they were unable to get through to an agent. In response to another Tweet about the issue, Revolut said it was “having a heavy demand of chats and requests” that was creating delays.

The salary issues are an embarrassing slip up for Europe’s most valuable financial technology businesses. The company was valued at $5.5bn earlier this year.

While not an official bank, Revolut offers customers features that allow them to pay their salary into a virtual “e-money” account that can then be used to pay direct debits, bills, or be spend using one of Revolut’s cards. Revolut has over 13m customers in around the world and customers held £2.2bn in its accounts at the end of last year.

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