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Sandra Lee Says She's Taking a 'Solo Health Week' at Special Clinic in Germany: 'Can't Hurt to Triple Check'

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Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee

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Sandra Lee is doing everything she can to make sure she's healthy.

The Food Network star, 56, announced on Instagram Sunday that she's taking a "solo health week" and traveling to Baden-Baden, a town in Germany known as a popular healthcare destination with high-level medical specialists and clinics.

"On our last night in Santorini, I had to take a picture of Ben's reaction when I told him I was not coming home with him and that I was going on a solo health week to Baden-Baden, Germany," Lee wrote alongside a photo of her boyfriend Ben Youcef's reaction to the news.

"But yes, I'm off to Baden-Baden because I heard it was the best, with the most advanced medicine and medical practitioners in the world," she continued. "I want to see if there is any benefit for me given everything that's gone on these last few years. It can't hurt to triple check everything. Blood, hormones (ugh), other organs, 😳."

"I'll be sure to share what I find. Love to you all, wish me well!! Safe travels home honey—See you in a week! Love to u all-Xoxo SL," Lee ended.

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The Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee star has been very open about her health journey over the years.

In March, Lee underwent a hysterectomy and shared details about her experience and recovery on social media.

"Surgery is never fun but the third day for me is always the worst day for me. Yesterday (my 3 day) was quite aggressive," Lee wrote.

"All I can remember is I threw up all day," she continued, describing how she was "so sick, I threw up and cried" and how her boyfriend did his best to care for her, "trying to get me to drink or eat or anything."

"Was not an easy day for either of us," Lee added. "So by 5 I was on my way to the hospital — of course. The head of ER (who I love) said I had some kind of infection and my kidneys were only working at 30% (from being overly dehydrated I guess)."

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Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee/instagram

She went on to say she was waiting for culture and blood work to be done and that being treated at the hospital made her feel "much better."

"Surgeries are so brutal but I'm still glad I did it. Once they got the IV in, wonderful anti-nausea meds I felt much better," she wrote at the time. Days earlier, she admitted the surgery was "a bit rough" but that she's feeling "grateful that this is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another."

The procedure comes seven years after Lee underwent a double mastectomy, which resulted in an infection that initially put off reconstruction surgery. She underwent a double mastectomy in May 2015 after being diagnosed with breast cancer in March of that year.

In August 2015, Lee was rushed to the hospital with an infection following the mastectomy, for which she was treated with antibiotics. "She has tried hard to avoid surgery, but with no luck," her rep said at the time. "She just wants to finish this part of her life and be healthy and well. She would like to fast forward to the future."

In a Facebook message to fans at the time, Lee said: "I did my very best to avoid this (when I tell you I did everything, I mean everything – modern, Eastern and holistic) but infection is an incredible monster."