Snoop Dogg Buys into Ice Cube’s Big3 League Basketball Team With NFTs

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Key Insights:

  • Snoop Dogg and Ken Howery plan to buy into Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball team with NFTs.

  • Last week, DeDogsDAO, a Solana NFT project, purchased 25 NFTs to buy BIG3 team, the Killer 3s.

  • Basketball’s love affair with NFTs continues to blossom, supported by the NBA and the BIG3 League.

Snoop Dogg and Ken Howery, co-founder of PayPal, jump into Ice Cube’s BIG3 league with plans to purchase Bivouac. In partnership, they will buy 25 Fire-Tier NFTs to acquire the team.

Basketball is at the forefront of innovation and Web3 adoption. The NBA’s Top Shot was among the first sports NFT marketplaces launched in 2020.

Snoop Dogg is particularly active within the NFT space, which continues to draw in big names.

Snoop Dogg and Ken Howery buy Ice Cube’s Big3 team Bivouac

On Saturday, BIG3 announced the news of Snoop Dogg and Ken Howery’s plans to purchase all 25 Fire-Tier NFTs of Big3 League team Bivouac.

According to the announcement, “today, the BIG3 announced that Snoop Dogg – the legendary entertainer and member of Mt Westmore – and Ken Howery – co-founder of PayPal and successful venture capitalist – have teamed up to purchase 25 Fire-Tier editions of Bivouac, receiving ownership-like value and utility in the team.”

Ice Cube said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Snoop, Ken, and their communities on board with the BIG3.”


“Having someone with Ken’s knowledge and experience wanting to be a part of our league demonstrates that we are moving in the right direction. Snoop is an undisputed legend who has jumped headfirst into the Web3 space and clearly understands the importance and the value of what we are trying to create.”

Snoop Dogg hit Twitter, saying:


On April 23, Big3 tweeted a Whitepaper on Big3 team ownership.

The announcement said:

“The owners of Big3 Ownership NFTs will receive rights and deliverables of high actual value and utility in five areas: Ticketing, Merchandise, Experience & Activations, Direct Communication, and Voting Rights.”

Snoop Dogg and Ken Howery form part of a growing list to purchase teams in the BIG3 League.

Ice Cube’s BIG3 League draws in a big crowd of Web3 advocates

Following the news, Ice Cube announced another group buying all 25 Fire-Tier NFTs for the BIG3 League’s TriState.

Taking to Twitter, Ice Cube tweeted:

“Group led by @sundeep @VunnyLingham and @Kevinrose have purchased all 25 Fire-Tier NFTs for @BIG3_TriState and have secured @moonbirds as the community sponsor behind it.”

Last week, Solana blockchain NFT project DeGods purchased the Big3 basketball team, the Killer 3s. DeGods bought the team for around $625,000, by purchasing 25 “fire tier” NFTs.

Through BIG3, Ice Cube is building an even stronger link between basketball, fans, and Web3.

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