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'Strictly's Mike Bushell hits back at critic who says he can't dance

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Mike Bushell has hit back at comments that he'll 'never' be a dancer (Credit: BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing’s Mike Bushell has hit back at criticism that he’d “never be a dancer”.

The sports presenter sparked controversy again this weekend when the judges chose to save him over Viscountess Emma Weymouth, but insisted he is taking part in the dance show to inspire others to take up a new sport and get fit.

Bushell responded on Twitter: “Hi Pam. Thanks for this. It’s great everyone has their favourites and I respect opinion but for 12 years I’ve tried to inspire people who think they can’t do sport or are rubbish to try a new sport to get fitter. Let’s not tell anyone they can’t do or never will be this or that.”

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The BBC breakfast presenter was replying to Twitter user Pam Salmon who had told him: “You do your best but you’ll never be a dancer ,sorry ,you should have gone this week. [sic]”

Bushell has landed in the bottom two as a result of the public vote for three weeks running, but each week the judges have chosen to save the BBC presenter in the dance off - sparking some viewers to brand the show a “fix”.

Mike Bushell is practising 'standing still' for the Paso Doble (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Bushell and professional dance partner Katya Jones are rehearsing the Paso Doble to perform this week and the TV presenter quipped he will be ‘standing still’ in order to impress the judges.

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Bushell told Strictly: It Takes Two presenter Rylan Clarke Neal:  "Well, it's a completely new dance, it's a completely new week, it's a new language.

"It's very early days. There are times when I've got to be still, and moody... sitting still and standing still doesn't come easy to me."