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These 10 UK cities have the 'laziest workers'

A young employee sleeps in the office hiding with posits in the eyes

Southampton, Norwich and Nottingham are home to the “laziest” workers in the UK, research suggests.

A survey of 2,000 UK workers by job board CV-Library found four in 10 (38%) regularly slack off in the workplace, with one in five (19%) believing that they can easily get away with it.

The poll also revealed which UK cities are home to the laziest workers in Britain.

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Southampton wins the title of laziest city in the UK, with more than six in 10 (64%) workers in admitting to slacking off regularly.

But Norwich is close behind, with a whopping 56% of workers confessing that they are “lazy”.

And Nottingham steals the third spot, with a half of Brits admitting they don’t work as hard as they should.

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Meanwhile, Edinburgh is the fourth-laziest city in the UK, with 46% of workers slacking off from time to time.

The sun sets over the Edinburgh skyline. (Photo by Jane Barlow/PA Images via Getty Images)

It was closely followed by Sheffield and Brighton, with 45% of workers in both cities saying they could work harder.

And Oxford and London aren’t far behind, with 43% of workers in these cities making similar confessions.

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Two in five York workers admitted that they do not put as much effort into work as they could.

And Liverpool rounds out the top 10, with 37% of workers calling themselves “lazy”.

The 10 laziest cities in the UK

  1. Southampton (63.6%)

  2. Norwich (55.5%)

  3. Nottingham (50%)

  4. Edinburgh (46%)

  5. Sheffield (45%)

  6. Brighton (43.8%)

  7. Oxford (42.9%)

  8. London (42.5%)

  9. York (40%)

  10. Liverpool (36.6%)

Almost half (49%) of Brits said the reason they slack off is because they don’t feel motivated at work, while another third (36%) said they are simply bored.

A third (32%) of Brits said they are lazy when they don’t feel challenged in their role.

Almost a third (29%) said they slack off when they achieve as much as they can in a day.

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Lee Biggins, CEO of CV-Library, said: “Sometimes when we lose our motivation to do a good job it’s a bigger sign that we need to shake up our career and possibly find a new role.

“We spend the majority of our time at work so it’s important to do something you enjoy and where you feel like you’re adding value.”