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The Best Guesses About What Apple's iWatch Will Look Like

What will the iWatch look like?

A lot of illustrators and designers have been doing their best to figure it out.

People are getting excited about Apple doing something in the smart watch space because, it's been three years since Apple released the iPad.

The world is waiting for the next industry defining Apple gadget. For a long time, people thought it was going to be a television. But lately, the rumor mill has been pointing to a smart watch.

We've put together some of the best illustrations of an iWatch we've seen from around the web.

It's a little bulky for our taste, but we like the big display on this one.

In this iWatch render it also acts as a little screen projector.

The iWatch is said to have curved glass, so this design tries to envision what that would look like.

Here's a render of what an iWatch might look like on someone's wrist from MacUser.

These MacUser renders come from Martin Hajek. He envisions a mini iPad on the wrist.

And here it is from the side, it looks a little thick.

This is a minimalist take on the iWatch that uses Siri exclusively.

Here's another one from the same designer, Federico Ciccarese, that's a bit crazier.

Here's a take from Yrving Torrealba on what a clear iWatch would look like.

Another look at it, this might be the best, most realistic of the bunch.

And finally, this is a patent illustration from Apple, which may or may not have a hint about the real design.

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